Where Presidency Says Other Chibok Girls May Be, As Boko Haram Last Camp Falls

femi adesina on Chibok girlsThe last camp of Boko Haram insurgents within Sambisa forest called camp zero may have fallen, but it remains to be known where the remaining girls abducted from Chibok in Nigeria’s Borno State are.

It is a major breakthrough and seen as the last straw on the Islamic group’s stronghold in northeast Nigeria, but it leaves questions about the whereabouts of the remaining abducted Chibok girls taken from their school’s dormitory on April 14, 2014.

Over 200 girls were abducted but less than 70 of them have been rescued since then.

The remaining girls are thought to be held in Sambisa forest, but the Presidency thinks there are chances they were not held in the forest after all.

After a statement by President Muhammadu Buhari announced the fall of ‘camp zero’, a spokesman for the President, Mr Femi Adesina, told Channels Television that “there is no single place which we can say is the bulwark of the Boko Haram”.

“You know their last stand was within Sambisa forest which they had occupied for some time.

“The military entered into it fully, a while back, and they gave the target that by the end of December they wanted to be done with the issue of insurgency and on Thursday, December 22, camp zero fell and that is very significant”.

He said the news was brought to the President by the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai.

President Muhammadu Buhari in October received 21 of the Chibok girls released by their abductors

A statement from the presidency had said that members of Boko Haram group were on the run, a situation critics had said was of concern, as the terrorists could run to other states in Nigeria, creating more security issues.

Hidden Away In Different Parts

The president’s spokesman, however, dismissed claims that it could pose security threats, saying that a good number of the terrorists had been killed.

“Those who naturally are alive and escaped would be scattered in different places. Some would likely have gone out of the country and some would have infiltrated into camps and cities.

“That is why the President said we must not let down our guards. He has appealed to Nigerians to blow the whistle against anyone they suspect,” he stated.

Mr Adesina expressed optimism that people in the northeast could sleep with their eyes closed.

He said that what had happened in 2016 was a mop-up process, claiming that the terrorists group had been thoroughly decimated in 2015.

chibok girls, boko haram
There were speculations that the Chibok girls were held in Sambisa forest

On why more Chibok girls were not rescued as camp zero falls, he said: “Naturally, as the soldiers advanced into Sambisa, they were on the lookout for the girls, but it turned out that till that last camp fell, they did not see any of them. What it therefore means is that may be the girls were not being kept in the forest.

“It is likely they had been spirited out and hidden away in different parts either within or outside the country”.

Not less than 14 camps of the terrorists were destroyed within the forest that was a safe haven for the group that has in the past seven years terrorised communities in Nigeria’s northeast and communities of neighbouring countries along the northeast border.

In the last phase of the mop-up operations, the military said it rescued 1,180 persons.

The Presidency did not say what efforts would be made to free the remaining girls, but Boko Haram had, days after they were taken, said they have been married off.

The last batch of 21 girls among the abducted Chibok girls rescued in October will be in Chibok, their ancestral home for the first time since their abduction to join their families and friends in celebrating the 2016 Christmas.

The girls, who have now become international figures, arrived Yola International Airport secretly and under tight security were received by the Adamawa State Governor, Senator Mohammed Jibrilla.

Obasanjo Says His Choice Of Successor Was Not Poor

Olusegun Obasanjo on choice of successor Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has refuted views by some critics that he may have exercised poor judgement in choosing a successor before he left office.

The former President made the statement on Wednesday while giving his opinion about some views of persons who reviewed the book, “My Watch” that he may have subtly alluded to his poor judgement by the way he criticised those who came after him.

Mr Obasanjo, however, maintained that contrary to the sectional views, his administration was guided by facts available and that the best judgement was made in the choice of members of his team and successor.

He added that those who engage in such criticism usually do not have all the facts.

“Do Better”

The former President made the assertion in an exclusive interview with Channels Television at his hill top residence in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

“Even if you take your son as your successor, you are not sure of what he will do when he gets there. Don’t ever kid yourself.

“What do I know about any successor? What he presents. When he gets there he presents it differently.

“We did our best, but if you say our best is not good enough, I will say, when it comes to your turn, do better.

“With all the people that are available, for successor, what we came up with was about the best that, at that time we could think of,” he said.

The former President further stressed that he could not have selected someone he knew was corrupt for the position of a President.

“Is it the one that we know are corrupt that we will now go and take? No!

“If I give the job to the corrupt, will I be able to defend myself before God and man?” he questioned.

Groups Pledge To Ensure Buhari Fulfils Promises

Muhammadu Buhari APC Presidential candidateMembers of some civil society groups, say they will ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari fulfils his campaign promises to Nigerians.

The statement was made by the groups in reaction to President Buhari’s inaugural speech delivered in the eagles square in Abuja.

According to them, the President should walk the talk especially his promise to be a President for Nigeria and not for some individuals.

Security, economy and cross border cooperation to fight terrorism and other criminal activities took prominence in President Buhari’s inaugural speech at the eagle square.

A rights activist and the Head of Research, Youth Initiative for Advocacy Growth and Advancement, Samson Itodo, said his speech reflected his perfect understanding of some of the root causes of some challenges currently confronting Nigeria.

While some support the President’s decision to relocate the Army Service Command to Maiduguri, others wish such attention would be given to the power sector during his tenure.

Having been sworn in as Nigeria’s President, all eyes, including those of the international communities, are now on President Buhari’s administration and how he would deliver his promises to Nigeria.