NMA Proposes Five Years Health Strategic Plan

NMA Proposes Five Years Health Strategic PlanThe Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has proposed a five-year strategic plan focusing on improving healthcare delivery across the country.

The NMA President, Professor Mike Ogirima, made the appeal on Tuesday in Abuja, at a conference to present a draft copy of the strategic plan to stakeholders in the sector.

Professor Ogirima noted that the strategic plan, which pushes for the operationalisation of the 2014 National Health Act, if implemented would help to reduce the burden of diseases among rural dwellers in Nigeria.

The Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Health, Mohammed Usman, admitted the failure of government to implement some policies targeted at improving the healthcare system.

On the sideline of the event, Chairman of the National Immunisation Financing Task Team, Ben Anyenele, urged the NMA to harness its potentials and save the health sector.

The Federal Ministry of Health’s facility census for 2011 indicates that over 80 per cent of Nigeria’s 34,173 health facilities are located in the cities. In 2014, the NMA puts the ratio of hospital beds to a patient at 10,000 patients to a bed.

Experts believe that the implementation of a national strategic plan aimed at strengthening the health sector will reduce the challenges in the sector.

Medical Association Push For National Health Act Implementation

Resident DoctorsThe Nigerian Medical Association has staged a walk, demanding the implementation of National Health Act enacted in 2014 which it says is yet to be in operation due to nonchalant attitude of the Federal Government towards the Act.

In a message from the President of Nigerian Medical Association, Professor Mike Ogirima, the Federal Government was urged to immediately start the operation of the National Health Act without further delay in order to address the numerous challenges of healthcare delivery to Nigerians.

Members of the Nigerian Medical Association, Plateau State Chapter joined their counterparts across the nation in a nationwide walk to call on the government at all levels to implement the provisions of the National Health Act, 2014.

Medical Doctors and other medical allied workers staged walked major streets in Jos metropolis, carrying placards with various inscriptions, demanding that the government should implement the National Health Act for the benefits of the citizenry.

The walk took the medical workers to the Plateau State House of Assembly where the state chairman of the association, Dr. Daniel Menshak, presented the national president’s message to the legislatures.

Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Honourable Peter Azi, assured the association of its commitment to mediating in the matter.

He also made a demand, urging the association to consider treatment of victims before obtaining police clearances.

He said the decision could save lives just as the chairman of Nigerian medical association in Plateau State explained the importance of the National Health Act.

Considering the numerous advantages that are accrued to the citizens with the implantation of the National Health Act, government’s action on the implementation will in no doubt go a long way in providing adequate healthcare delivery to the people.

NMA Decries Neglect Of National Health Act

Health, NMA, Nigerian Medical AssociationThe leadership of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has decried the non-implementation of the National Health Act by the Federal Government since the bill was passed in 2014.

The NMA President, Professor Mike Ogiri, raised the concern at a press conference in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

The gathering was convened on Monday to draw the attention of the government to issues affecting the nation’s health sector.

Professor Ogiri said that members of the association would stage a nationwide protest to demand for the implementation of the health act.

He expressed optimism that the demonstration would address most of the challenges facing the sector and proffer solutions for possible implementation by the government.

He also mentioned the slow progress of universal health coverage through the National Health Insurance Scheme as a major factor facing the health sector in Nigeria.

“As part of this year’s NMA week, the NMA and her 37 branches and affiliates have agreed to stage a walk on October 26.

“This is aimed at demanding for the implementation of the National Health Act as passed in 2014 by the federal government.

“It is our belief that the implementation of that act will address some of the aforementioned challenges being experienced in this economic recession,” Prof Ogiri said.