Kenyan Authorities Deport Riek Machar’s Spokesman

Kenya, Riek Machar's SpokesmanKenyan government spokesman, Eric Kiraithe, has said that a spokesman for the former Vice-President of South Sudan was deported after his “visa was cancelled”.

Kiraithe told the BBC that James Gatdet Dak, was deported to South Sudan’s capital, Juba, on Thursday evening.

The deportation was said to have been agreed upon by both the Kenyan government and Sudanese authorities.

Other reports also confirmed that the he was picked on Wednesday afternoon in what appeared to have been a coordinated operation organized by the Special Service of Kenya and South Sudan.

Thereafter, “he was taken to the airport where he was allowed to speak to some of his family members and relatives,” the reports said.

Although the motive behind Dak’s deportation remains unclear and speculative, some have attributed the cause to the statement in which he welcomed the sacking of the force commander of United Nations mission in South Sudan who hails from Kenya.

According to the AP news agency, Mr Gatdet was kicked out of the country for posting comments on Facebook that supported the sacking of the commander.

A few others, who are high ranking members of the government, however, blamed the South Sudanese government for allegedly engineering Dak’s deportation.