Organisers frown at appearance of rogue condoms in Olympic Village

Brand endorsement can be said to be one of the major issues the Olympic organisers have taken seriously as the recent appearance of a bucket of rogue condoms inside the Olympic Village forced the organisers to begin investigation.

The investigation is to seek how the condoms came about as they were not the ‘official’ condom of the Olympics.

Talking of ‘Official’ condom of the London 2012 Olympics, Durex paid to be the official supplier at the London Games.

The company sent 150,000 free condoms to the Olympic Village as part of the deal which will be shared amongst an average of 10,490 athletes. It is expected that there will be enough condoms for every athlete to have sex 15 times over the Olympics’ three weeks.

But if this supply has already been depleted with five days before the end of the games then it might confirm the news which made rounds that the Olympic Village is a hotbed of hook-ups among athletes.

Condoms has always been provided free of charge at the Olympic Village since the 1992 Barcelona Games. They are distributed in progressively copious amounts to athletes.

Some 100,000 condoms were provided for Beijing’s 2008 Games.

This whole condom gist in the London 2012 Olympics started with a tweet from Olympian Caroline Buchanan, an Australian who is a BMX rider, posted a picture of a bucketful of “Kangaroo condoms” with tagline: “for the gland down under”.