Security Experts Advise On The Need For Joint Effort In Curbing Insurgency

A Security Analyst, Ona Ekhomu, says that efforts need to be put in place in the fight against terrorism because “some leaders in the Northern part of the country have come to realize that Boko Haram is a grave threat to the nation” and previously the leaders of the north didn’t know that it was a big challenge to the society.

Painting a scenario, he said that the issue is “like using a wrong drug to treat a particular illness or defining the wrong problem entirely” and policy makers have a misinterpretation of the happenings in the north and said until these issues are identified the insurgency will remain.

On Channels Television Saturday breakfast programme, Sunrise, another security expert, Patrick Keku said that the northern leaders have identified their mistakes and stated that if all join hands together, the Boko Haram issue will be a past thing.

Mr. Ekhomu noted that these terrorists don’t go into hiding when they want to attack, and explains how they can be curbed.

On logistics, Mr. Ekhomu stated that if the government can put 60-70 vehicles full of armed soldiers on the road during an attack , it will curtail attacks by the insurgents.

He also explained that there should be checks in bushes and on high ways, stating that where there is more concentration on the high way, these insurgents could make their way into the bush and hide.

Both security experts advised that our security should be “re-architectured” for better performance.

Rivers Assembly: Police Received Letters From Two ‘Speakers’

A member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Kelechi Nwogu, on Saturday told Channels Television via a telephone interview that Police had received two letters from two different Speakers, notifying them of their intention to resume session.

Speaking on Sunrise, Mr Nwogu who had initially denied the existence of factions among lawmakers, said that Evans Bipi, who he (Nwogu) referred to as ‘Speaker’ “had issued a statement that the house was supposed to reconvene on Friday and sent a letter to the Police” but the Police informed Mr Bipi that they received a letter from another party also claiming to be Speaker.”

According to him, this caused the Police to barricade the House of Assembly as a means to avoid the repetition of violent acts which led to the National Assembly take-over in the first instance.

Nwogu also said the “National Assembly took the Rivers State job in a hurry” and added that the authenticity of the recognised Speaker, Otelemaba Amachree, must be ascertained before progress can be made.

In July, mayhem broke following an attempt by 5 members of the House, led by Hon. Evans Bipi to impeach the Speaker, Amachree.

5 months later, Justice Ahmed Ramat of a Federal High Court in Abuja declared the National Assembly take-over of the Rivers State Assembly as ‘unconstitutional, null and void’ based on NASS’ failure to produce evidence that the State Assembly could not transact legislative business.

On Thursday, and barely 24 hours after the court ruling, the lawmakers gathered for session in front of the State Assembly but were dispersed by the Police.

Speaking on Sunrise, Chairman of the Civil Society Network Against Corruption, Olanrewaju Suraj, said that the crisis which has engulfed the state is as a result of the competition between two political opponents which the judiciary and the (presiding) judge pretended to be “completely oblivious” of.

“The only thing that judge (and the judiciary) has done with the decision on that Wednesday is to bring about the total collapse of Nigeria” because “what you had in Rivers State prior to the intervention of the National Assembly was a dangerous trend.”

The President, Leadership Watch, Martins Nwayawu, agreed with Mr Suraj’s assessment of the situation and added that the ruling of the judge showed that “he is living in a different planet.”

He continued by saying “no judge in his right senses would sit somewhere and give a judgment that the members of Rivers State House of Assembly can go back to resume their legislative functions.”

Security expert, Oladeinde Ariyo, faulted actions of men of the Police in barricading the State Assembly Complex on basis that it did not receive instructions to permit the lawmakers to enter.

In light of the unresolved issues amongst the lawmakers, a peace meeting should have been called to help reconcile their difference in order to avoid violence.

Boko Haram: Expert calls for increased border security

Combating the security threats in Nigeria will require not just a better patrol of the nation’s borders but a proactive approach from the law enforcement agencies.

This suggestion is coming from a security expert, Ona Ekhomu.

Mr Ekhomu was speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast program, Sunrise Daily.