I Am The Craziest Musician In Nigeria- Terry G

Ace music producer and musician, Terry G on Sunday said he likes courting controversy to keep him relevant in the new and conventional media.

Displaying two controversial school bells on Rubbin Minds, the Apako master said “controversy sells” and highlighted the fact that he is an “industry where most people form or act up this controversy of a thing.

He however noted that due to man’s nature to make mistakes, his controversial moments are as a result of his mistakes and “brings me loud to people’s mouths too, because apart fro your music, you should be in people’s tongues; every week you should be in the papers” whether for the bad or good reason.

Terry G who reiterated the fact that he is “an entertainer and the craziest musician in the country”, urged people not to “get it twisted” as they will find out “over time that this is is an act”.

Terry G also buys into the saying that change is constant,said he continues to be relevant in the music industry because he follows the market urging Nigerians not to be surprised if he comes up with slow and ‘uncrazy’ songs in the future like his newly released Sexy Lady.