Rape Allegation: Dbanj, Seyitan Reach Private Non-Monetary Agreement


After weeks of rape allegations that trailed Nigerian singer, Dapo Oyebanji popularly known as D’banj, involving one Ms Seyitan Babatayo, both parties appear to have sheath their swords.

One of the organisations which has been at the forefront of the case, Stand To End Rape (STER), disclosed in a statement on Friday, that both parties had earlier in the month, reached a private non-monetary agreement.

In the wake of series of allegations of rape months ago, a Twitter user claimed D’banj had raped Seyitan, (who is a friend of his), years ago in a hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, after she refused his advances at a party.

According to him, D’banj traced the lady to the hotel, where he allegedly collected a spare key from the receptionist, accosted her in the room and had his way.

But after weeks of silence, the ‘Fall in Love’ crooner, reacted, describing the allegations as ‘lies from the pit of hell’.

He also said his legal team was fully involved and will address the matter with the necessary actions.

He also demanded that Seyitan pays the sum of N100 m within 48 hours of his response, or would risk legal action.

He also demanded that she writes a letter of apology and retracts her statements which would be published in four national dailies.

Meanwhile, a fresh twist to the whole story emerged after news surfaced that Seyitan had been held in police custody and eventually released days later.

It also appeared that her Twitter handle retracted some of the allegations and stated that she was done with the case and simply wanted to move on with her life.

The new development has left many puzzled and has also raised more conversations about how rape victims seem to always be humiliated into silence.

Days later, in a new statement, Seyitan confirmed that D’banj and his team had indeed coerced and intimidated her into retracting the statements.

She also hinted that the case had been pushed to the Inspector General of Police who according to her, ordered further investigations.

But in the statement by the STER on Friday, the agency said that despite all the available evidence, the singer was yet to be invited and investigated.

However, while awaiting a report from the police, STER noted that one Mr Segun Awosanya a.k.a Segalink, reached out to Ms Babatayo, asking her to attend a meeting with the accused at an address which he (Segalink) had sent to her.

“We learnt that the meeting was in view of negotiating a private settlement of the criminal case.

“The meeting was also confirmed by Ms Babatayo’s legal counsel who was scheduled to be in attendance.

“STER was also invited to the same meeting but we declined,” the statement read in part.

“On the 13th of July 2020, Ms Babatayo informed STER that a private non-monetary agreement was reached with D’banj’s team,” the statement added.

So far, nothing has yet been heard from D’banj’s team but STER assured the public that it remains committed to supporting survivors of sexual violence in Nigeria.