From Akindoju To Omojuwa, Top Quotes From #SMWLagos

From left: Channels Television Presenter, Chamberlain Usoh; Social Media Influencer, Japheth Omojuwa, Anchor of the session, Claudine Moore; Nkechi Ali-Balogun; and Charles O’Tudor at one of the sessions on day one of Social Media Week Lagos, 2018.


Social Media Week is here again, with more fun and power-packed conversations.

The event that seeks to explore opportunities in the digital space as well as how social media can serve as a catalyst for change kicked off its 2018 edition on Monday, February 26.

This year’s edition themed: ‘Closer’, brought together top influencers, business owners, as well as individuals who are seeking ways to improve their brands.

While there were several sessions ranging from broadcasting and social media, journalism and social media, comedy and fashion blogging, beauty and wellness among others, here are a few key points from some sessions at day one.


Chairman/CEO of Channels Media Group, John Momoh (OON): The Future Of Broadcast Media

Consumer experience is changing so we are leveraging the digital space by digitizing our content.

Fake news is not news. For reliable and balanced reporting, look out for brands you can trust.

Because the world is changing, we (Broadcasters) cannot do things the same way.


Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju – Actress/ Film Maker: How To Effect Change With The Content We Produce

The CEO of KrasTV, Femi Bakre: TV presenter, Bolanle Olukanni; Nollywwod Actress Kemi Akindoju and Mr Marcel Mbamalu at the Social Media Week, Lagos, 2018.


In order to win your audience over, avoid constantly throwing out ‘preachy’ content that directly tell the audience what to do.

The onus rests on the content creators to package the content in a way that allows the audience choose what lesson they want to learn from it.

It is our duty as content creators, film makers or story tellers to set the agenda for how we want to be perceived.


Japhet Omojuwa: Leveraging Communications To Challenge Africa’s So-Called ‘Shit-Hole’ Narrative

Social Media Influencer, Japheth Omojuwa at Social Media Week Lagos, 2018.


President Trump is not the problem; he is the consequence/effect.

Our duty is not to try to counter the negatives by merely throwing out positives only. The key is to create balance.

The most powerful force in the world is the media. Africa can be defined outside the narrative of Africa.


Chamberlain Usoh: Leveraging Communications To Challenge Africa’s So-Called ‘Shit-Hole’ Narrative

Bad news makes good news but it is not all the news that there is.

We need to deliberately look inwards. We have young Nigerians that are intelligent and can things.

Nigerian writers, bloggers should choose one Nigerian who has done something good and celebrate them by writing about them.


Nkechi Ali-Balogun: Leveraging Communications To Challenge Africa’s So-Called ‘Shit-Hole’ Narrative

Many countries have created a unique identity for themselves; we must do same rather than constantly copying them.

As long as we are unable to stand up to them, we will continue to be subdued by them.

To project ourselves in positive light, we must begin to change the way we think. Be sensitive to your environment and be proud of who you are.


Charles O’Tudor: Leveraging Communications To Challenge Africa’s So-Called ‘Shit-Hole’ Narrative

Charles O’Tudor one of the speakers at the event.


Africa is a passive brand. This is because we have no global strategy in place to communicate who we are.

A brand is not just an image; a brand is who/what you build from the core of your inside.

Stop complaining, change the system and narrative from your point of view.

Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Broadcasting, Not Create Unemployment – Momoh


The beehive of activities for the sixth edition of Social Media Week Lagos kicked off on Monday, February 26 with various interactive sessions, speeches, workshops, master classes, presentations and networking.

One of the interactive sessions was a conversation with the Chairman and CEO of Channels Media group, John Momoh (OON), where social media enthusiast had the opportunity to ask questions bordering on use of social media in Nigeria media.

The veteran broadcaster and media entrepreneur during the session which was titled Future of Media: A Conversation with John Momoh went down memorable lane digging out lessons learnt on his career journey.

Explaining how he started out as a presenter in 1977, he revealed how he worked as a radio presenter for five years, to later work in Television Station. As a young broadcaster, John Momoh was not only hard working; he was restless and curious making him garner a wealth of experience in different departments.

“After five years, I crossed to Television. I joined National Television Authority of Africa (NTA). I was reporting, directing, editing and even worked in engineering,” he said.

The interactive session with the media mogul was not only about learning from his life experience. Mr Momoh also seized the opportunity to talk to the attendants on digital disruption and leveraging on artificial intelligence.

“The biggest disruption to media landscape is that now, you have to go after the consumers. To ensure they get what they want. We have to cast our contents on all mobile devices. Because the world is changing, you cannot do things same way,” he said.

On how to avoid the spread of fake news, Mr Momoh said the responsibility is on the great number of people who mean well for Nigeria media space, adding that consumers should lookout for trustworthy media outlet.

“Fake news is not news. The onus is on the great number of people who mean well. Lookout for brands you can trust. Networks built on trust.”

Artificial intelligence according to Mr Momoh needs to be maximised to  improve broadcasting and journalism and not necessarily render people jobless. He said there is the need to breed young and creative Nigerian broadcasters coupled with the use of artificial intelligence to increase quality.

“Artificial intelligence is to improve our work and not to add to the problem of unemployment,” he said.

SMW Lagos is scheduled to hold from February 26 till March 2, 2018. It focuses on ideas, trends, insights, business practices and policy that leverage technology and digital tools to transform industries and communities across Africa.


Experts Challenge Africans To Share Stories Using Technology

Social Media, INECExperts believe technology has the power to give Africans home and abroad, the ability to start controlling the narratives of the African stories being told.

Speaking during the Social Media Week Lagos, tech enthusiast and former CNN Anchor, Zain Verjee, said technology is a viable tool to aid Africans; including those living in rural areas, in telling the world about themselves.

Co-Founder and CEO Of Akoma, Zain Verjee

She said this is achievable through the use of open platforms and apps to wrestle the narrative from European and western media and to ensure Africa tells its own story in its unique way.

The only way to fix the situation of western media telling our own stories, according to her, is to harness the talents in our country.

“There are millions of diasporans all around the world that want to share their story, that want to remain connected to Africa that have something they want to say.

“Anyone around the world who is interested in sharing their African story can come on to an open platform and share it”.

She believes that if various categories of content creators such as writers, video editors and photographers come together, Akoma exists as a canvass for them all to tell their stories in their own way.

African Social Media Week Kicks Off In Lagos

The first ever Social Media Week to be held in Africa kicked off in Lagos on Monday with its first forum; “Enterprise Creative Presents: My Journey” which will be followed by a series of 17 other events holding at different centres in the metropolis today.

The event dubbed #SMWLagos, according to the official site of the event, is put together to explore how people and organizations are connecting to share new ideas and information.

The different forums are set to host thought leaders, bloggers, musicians, activists, entrepreneurs and everyday citizens from Nigeria -and throughout the continent and the diaspora.

The Full #SMWLagos daily event schedule can be found here:

The event is produced by Dragon Africa and AFRIKA21.