Medical Association Push For National Health Act Implementation

Resident DoctorsThe Nigerian Medical Association has staged a walk, demanding the implementation of National Health Act enacted in 2014 which it says is yet to be in operation due to nonchalant attitude of the Federal Government towards the Act.

In a message from the President of Nigerian Medical Association, Professor Mike Ogirima, the Federal Government was urged to immediately start the operation of the National Health Act without further delay in order to address the numerous challenges of healthcare delivery to Nigerians.

Members of the Nigerian Medical Association, Plateau State Chapter joined their counterparts across the nation in a nationwide walk to call on the government at all levels to implement the provisions of the National Health Act, 2014.

Medical Doctors and other medical allied workers staged walked major streets in Jos metropolis, carrying placards with various inscriptions, demanding that the government should implement the National Health Act for the benefits of the citizenry.

The walk took the medical workers to the Plateau State House of Assembly where the state chairman of the association, Dr. Daniel Menshak, presented the national president’s message to the legislatures.

Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Honourable Peter Azi, assured the association of its commitment to mediating in the matter.

He also made a demand, urging the association to consider treatment of victims before obtaining police clearances.

He said the decision could save lives just as the chairman of Nigerian medical association in Plateau State explained the importance of the National Health Act.

Considering the numerous advantages that are accrued to the citizens with the implantation of the National Health Act, government’s action on the implementation will in no doubt go a long way in providing adequate healthcare delivery to the people.

APC’s Azi Emerges Speaker Of Plateau State Assembly

PlateauThe candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Honourable Peter Azi, has emerged the Speaker of the assembly.

In spite of having majority in the state House of Assembly, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) conceded the position of Speaker to the APC in the rescheduled election of the Speaker and Principal Officers on Wednesday.

Honourable Azi was elected unopposed, as the PDP rival, Istifanus Mwansat informed the Clerk of the house that he had agreed to step down after consultations with his party and in the interest of moving the state forward.

The Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong, had earlier directed that the inauguration of the state eight house of Assembly be postponed, owing to the deadlock in the emergence of the Speaker and security challenges.

Reading the Governor’s message on Tuesday to the elected members following the deadlock, Clerk of the House, Ayuba Gonku, explained that Governor Lalong was acting under the compulsion of duty and on security advice as to the likelihood of breakdown of law and order, had directed an adjournment of the session indefinitely.

Election of principal officers and the Speaker to the Plateau State House of Assembly had never generated much interest, with a sharp division between the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In the Wednesday election, while the PDP has majority members, 13 of them, the ruling party APC can boast of 11, which made the APC trailing with three vote margin.

After the proclamation for the dissolution of the 7th assembly by Governor Lalong through the Clerk, the House convened for the purpose of the election of the speaker and other principal officers to precede the inauguration.

Two nominees were presented for the Speakership seat – Peter Azi from the APC and Istifanus Mwansat from the PDP. After their nomination, the 24 members went into voting to elect the Speaker.

After voting, both candidates polled 12 votes each, which was a tie.

However, with the Clerk commencing proceedings for the rerun, Mwansat informed the House of the far reaching decision to step down for the APC candidate.

Similarly in the other election for the Deputy Speaker, Yusuf Gardi of PDP emerged winner over his fellow party man, Amos Kumtul which paved way for the two parties to share the spoil.

With the emergence of the Speaker and his Deputy at the state House of Assembly, observers are looking forward to seeing how the ruling party would manage its minority posture against the opposition numerical strength.