We’re sorry for increasing the price of bread – Bakers

The President of the Association of Master Bakers and Caterers, Lagos State Chapter, Jacob Adejorin, on Monday, appealed to the public over the hike in the price of bread.

Mr. Adejorin said in Lagos that the increase is unavoidable because bakers can no longer run the business at a loss.

“It is not our desire to make life uncomfortable for members of the public. We have seriously considered them before increasing the price of our products,” he said.

He said that ingredients used in the production of bread have become too expensive for bakers.

The master baker said that a bag of wheat is now being sold for N7, 100 as against the previous price of N5, 750; while a bag of sugar is now N9, 000 from N5, 000.

“Many of our members have gone out of business. Some of them have been forced to return to their villages, while others have taken to other businesses,” he said.

Bread vendors said a loaf of Val-U bread and UTC bread, which used to cost N180 no sells for N220 while loaves that used to cost N100 and N120 now cost N120 and N150 respectively, and the N150 loaf now sells for N200.