PIB Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To Nigeria- Activist

PIBThe Coordinator, Network of Progressive Activists, Timothy Ademola on Tuesday advocated for the signing of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).

Lamenting about the way Nigeria’s petroleum sector is being run, Mr Ademola also called on authorities t revisit the laws governing the sector so as to put to check those running the sector.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast show, hosted in Abuja, Mr Ademola said “the Petroleum Industry Bill is the way to go” insisting that “we need better laws to guide ourselves here”.

The PIB, he added, will be the best thing that can happen to Nigeria at the moment, noting that the “oil industry can do better than what is been done right now”.

Ademola praised the National Assembly for the investigations into some reported corrupt practices but urged them to look at some peculiar cases that need their utmost attention “particularly the case of the petroleum minister, Mrs Dieziani Allison Madukeke” wondering why “the minister has appeared before the House committee 200 times” which he added is “more than the time she has spent in her office.

“She has work to do; she has a job to do and she should be given space to do it, but where there are real issues, she should be invited to do it” he pleaded.

He berated the change in figures the suspended CBN Governor had claimed was not remitted to the federation accounts by the NNPC saying the governor should have stood his ground on a particular figure.

He shared President Jonathan’s sentiment over the matter during the Presidential Media Chat that no one can embezzle “$20 billion and hide it under his carpet” without being found.