King Sunny Ade Joins Hard Rock Hall Of Fame

King Sunny Ade Joins Hard Rock Hall Of FameMusic icon, King Sunny Ade, A.K.A KSA, has recently become the first Nigerian to receive a special honour by Hard Rock.

KSA has consistently wowed many with his music and dexterity on the guitar as well as showmanship that has endeared him to many, both home and abroad.

His beautiful performance has earned him two Grammy award nominations and three features in Hollywood flicks.

The multi-instrumentalist, today stands as a world music legend in his own right, making his induction into the Hard Rock Hall of Fame, something of little surprise.

At the ceremony which took place in Lagos, Mark Redguard, a curator, giving his citation said: “KSA who came to Lagos in 1963, bought his first guitar from Victor Olaiya, also a legend musician, for one pound and nine shillings.

“The journey had continued for over 50 years and still soaring, Redguard stated.

Sunny Ade donated one of his world cherished acoustic instruments, a Fender Telecast guitar to the Hard Rock Hall of Fame.

The guitar which is known for its commercial success dated back to the 1950’s.

According to him, he used the same guitar for his Synchro-System album in 1983, which nominated him for his first Grammy Awards.

Describing how priceless the instrument was to him, KSA said that he communed with it like a human and stated all musical desires to be accomplished by it.

Handing over the autographed vintage Fender Guitar to the Hard Rock Hall of Fame, he was supported by various Nigerian musicians such as Don Jazzy, Iyanya, Tiwa Salvage, film maker, Kunle Afolayan, and comedian, Bovi who equally eulogized him.

Redguard believes that all Sunny Ade’s past accomplishments landed him the first Nigerian to be honoured at the Hard Rock Hall of Fame among other notable mentions like Carlo Santana, Jimmy Hendricks, Michael Jackson, Elton John, and many more.

Tiwa Opens Up: ‘I Knew This Marriage Was Not Going To Work’

Tiwa-Savage-TeebillzA day after the rumour that Tiwa Savage’s husband, Teebillz, attempted suicide, Tiwa gave an account of her troubled marriage, narrating all she had been through.

In an exclusive interview with an online TV, a sober Tiwa said she was apprehensive when she was told what had happened.

“I was in my bedroom when my friend walked into the room, with a couple of other people and woke me up and basically just started narrating what had happened.

“When someone wakes you up from your sleep, the honest truth… I thought maybe they found him dead. And when they said they didn’t know where he was. My thought and everybody’s thought was that we need to find him and make sure he is okay and that he is alive. I couldn’t respond to anything because I did not know the extent what he had said.

“Someone actually took my phone because they didn’t want me to see what was said online.

“I was just scared for his life. I was just panicking.

“At about 10:00/11:00am we got the call that he’s been found on Lekki Bridge and that he was okay,” she said.

According to the popular Nigerian artiste, she had wanted to take her marriage away from public light, with a decision that she would not post anything related to her marriage online.

“My marriage and my relationship has been very public and at one point I decided that I didn’t want to make it public any more.

“I am always nervous when it comes to his birthday because if I post, they read meaning into what I post but if I do not post, it means that we have broken up or there is problem in our relationship.

“I knew that the anniversary was coming and I knew that I was either going to have to post happy anniversary, or not post,” she stated.

On her marriage status, she said: “The honest truth is that TJ and I have not been together and it was something that we were trying to walk through.

“For me I knew that this marriage was not going to work and it has been like that for the past two months”.

“I am done”

Tiwa, who denied allegations of infidelity, said she had covered up for a lot of hurts in her relationship, narrating her ordeal when she lost a second pregnancy and had contacted her husband whom she claimed was with another woman he had an affair with.

“I have covered up for a lot of hurts in our relationship and I was in Jamaica recently and just before I went to Jamaica, I found out that I was pregnant again and we both discussed it and we were just trying to find out how we can manage the situation.

“I have covered up for so long because I wanted people to believe this story of… TJ is the one that takes care of me, TJ is the head of the house, TJ is a loving husband, TJ is the one that made me, took me from nothing to something. I wanted people to believe that and I wanted him to feel like a man,” she stated.

“I am done,” she said.

Tiwa further alleged that she had been the one taking care of the family’s expenses.

On the claims by the husband that she does not cook for him, she said: “I am the same person that works and puts the money in the house. I am the same person that works long hour to make sure that we have a roof over our head”.

“I have never cheated on my husband and I am willing to take a lie detector test on that.

“There is never a time that when I make something that I do not make for TJ. I hired a cook to cook for us because of my tight schedule,” she said, dismissing her husband’s claims in the interview with Pulse Tv.

Tiwa’s husband had earlier denied reports that he attempted suicide on Thursday, saying his Instagram account was hacked.