Police Ask Tuface Idibia, Opposing Group To Cancel Protests

Force PRO, Jimoh MoshoodThe Police have advised Nigerian pop star, Tuface Idibia and other opposing groups to suspend their planned protests scheduled for February 5 and 6, 2017, in Lagos and other states.

In a statement on Friday by the Force PRO, Jimoh Moshood, the Police said it is in possession of credible intelligence reports that other interest groups were planning to hold a counter protest on the same days at the same places as the Tuface Group.

He reckoned that if these various planned protests are held as scheduled, there may be breakdown of law and order, with attendant loss of lives and property.

The statement reads: “Nigeria Police Force is deeply concerned with the security implications with regard to the planned protest/demonstrations, and as the lead security agency in the country, is fully aware and recognizes the constitutional rights of every citizen (including Tuface and his group) to assemble and move freely in any part of the country.

“In this regard, the Force is also cognizant of its constitutional responsibilities of taking any proactive/preventive security measures in the interest of public safety, public order, public morality or public health and for the purposes of protecting lives and property, as well as the constitutional rights and freedom of other citizens.

“The Nigeria Police Force is currently in possession of credible intelligence

Police Ask Tuface Idibia, Opposing Group To Cancel Protests
Force PRO, Jimoh Moshood

reports that other interest groups are equally planning to hold a counter protest/matches on the same days at the same places/cities as the Tuface Group.

“If these various planned protests/demonstrations are held as scheduled, that there may be breakdown of law and order, with attendant loss of lives and property.

“To this end, the Nigeria Police Force deems it imperative to issue this press release that Innocent Idibia (a.k.a Tuface) and his group are hereby advised strongly to shelve their planned peaceful protest/demonstration in the interest of peace and security.

“That the other opposing groups are equally advised strongly to shelve its planned counter protest/demonstration in the interest of peace and security.

“That the Nigeria Police Force is prepared to employ every possible legal means for the maintenance of law and order; and for the protection of lives and property.

“Consequently, members of the public, parents and guardians, religious/opinion leaders and other interest groups are strongly advised to prevail on their children and wards, followers and adherents not to allow themselves to be used by any group to cause disturbance of public peace and break down of law and order.”


I Never Said Tuface Idibia’s Rally Cannot Be Held – Lagos CP

I Never Said A Rally Cannot Be Held – Lagos CPAnyone planning to join the anti-government rally planned by Nigerian music star, Innocent Idibia popularly known as Tuface Idibia will be protected and free to do so.

That’s the assurance from the Lagos Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, in reaction to an earlier report of a police ban on the protest.

He told Politics Today on Channels Television: “This Commissioner of Police did not at any time say a rally cannot be held. The CP is not the convener of the rally.

“Its the people that are planning the rally that can decide based on advisories as to whether they need to go on with the rally or not.

“I must emphasise here that the policing philosophy of the Inspector-General of Police that he has set out is for us to ensure that our policing conforms with international best practices, with observance of rule of law and of course to know that we are in a democracy.”

Mr Owoseni said that the organisers and the protesters are free to exercise their fundamental human rights by engaging in the planned peaceful protest expected to take place in Lagos and some other major cities of the nation

“If they must exercise their rights, ours is to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order.

“We are assuring the members of the public there won’t be any breakdown of law and order. Everyone in Lagos will be able to go about his or her business without hindrance,” he promised.

He added that both the planned pro and anti-government protests would be given the needed police protection without any breakdown of law and order.

“Pro (or) anti-government rally, the Police will ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order and that we manage it properly.

“This is not the first rally. There was one last month when another group marched from Yaba at the NLC secretariat to Ojota and it was done peacefully and well managed.

“We will continue to make sure that whoever wants to express his or her opinion does that under a peaceful atmosphere.”


Impersonating Pastor Chris Okotie Brought Me Fame – AY

Popular Comedian, Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has disclosed that his impersonation of popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Okotie got him his fame.

Popular Pentecostal Preacher, Chris Okotie is well known for his passionate sermons which are usually filled with complex mix of English and Latin vocabularies to the amazement of his large church and television audiences.

Speaking on Channels Television Saturday breakfast programme, Sunrise, AY said that his line of comedy focuses on stand-up, skit and impersonation as he is known to have also successfully made popular jokes by mimicking several Nigerian entertainers including D’Banj and Tuface Idibia.

He noted that while most Nigerian comedians are social commenters who know how to observe their environment and make jokes from everyday happenings, he had chosen a path that works best for him and which also helps him to maintain his originality.

He further attributed his fast rise in the business to the influence of the one popularly known in Nigeria as the ‘King of Comedy’, Ali Baba, stating that he was a mentor that helped him find his bearing in the art of comedy.

Speaking about moving forward, AY, who has consistently displayed an appreciable level of creativity with his production of TV shows, drama and comedy concerts, revealed that his next project would be working on a movie.

He revealed that the new movie would feature ageless Hollywood star, Vivica Fox.

Davido’s Skelewu Is Not Music – Waconzy

Nigerian pop singer, Waconzy has emphasized the need for fellow musicians to create music that has meanings and positive messages.

The good looking ‘Celebrate’ crooner, while appearing as guest on ‘Rubbin’ Minds, spoke about his life, the businesses  he is involved with outside the entertainment industry and his music in comparison with other artistes.

Waconzy is most popular for the track ‘Celebrate’, and when asked about his view on being tagged a “one hit wonder”, he replied, “everybody has his mouth and you can say whatever you want to say…when there is no news then it’s bad news but it’s wrong when you say I am a one hit wonder because I’ve got so many hit songs”.

He went on to list several songs he had recorded as hit songs including his recently recorded collaboration with American singer ‘Truth Hurts’. He claimed: “a lot of times I have got this challenge of knowing which song I’m going to perform on stage”.

The Port-Harcourt raised artiste went further to declare himself as “Super Man” in an industry that has many artistes with similar lyrics. This was in response to a question about how he distinguishes himself among other artistes.

He claimed that his songs had good lyrical content and would live after him. “I don’t want to do my music because I wanna make all the money out of my music. I can as well make money from my company. My music must be there even when I’m gone.”

He further said: “I don’t believe in all these stuff these little children do these days. They do songs they don’t have meaning, they just wanna make noise, this is bull sh*t you know.”

With Ebuka probing further into the identity of the little children he considers as noise makers, Waconzy responded by mentioning Olamide, Timaya, Davido among some of the artistes who make hit songs but do not make music.

He advised artistes to embrace hiring song writers if they could not do the job themselves.

The interview wasn’t all about condemnation of his colleagues though as he commended artistes like Tiwa Savage, Waje, Bez, Tuface Idibia He stated that their music contained good lyrics and would remain evergreen.

Watch the video for more on Waconzy’s personal opinions about Tonto Dike, Terry G, D’Banj and many other Nigerian artistes.

I Made Mistakes; I Did Anything A 21 Year Old Would Do – Muna

Musician and former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abii is no doubt a very beautiful and talented young lady who has got many sides to her personality.

On ‘Rubbin Minds’ this Sunday she let it all out on several controversies that have trailed her career and relationships with fellow artistes, especially the men.

From her relationship with P-square, to the other celebrity men she has been reported to have dated, her issues with Mode-9, being friends with Waje and Omawunmi, plus a little about the current happenings in her love life, Muna spoke about life in the limelight.

With Ebuka probing deep, she held firm to her resolve not to reveal the identity of the man in her life at the moment. She however could not escape screening Ebuka’s shortlist of suspects or contenders with a variety of answers ranging from outright denial to sarcasm.

When asked if she had dated D’banj, she responded “D’banj, who’s that”?

The young lady appears determined to enjoy her return to the industry, and she has sent out a warning:

“I’m not about to diss anybody, I’m not about to make sure that somebody dies before I can (rise), I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. I’m on my lane, when you come to my lane then it’s a problem”.

Muna is currently working on an album due for release in 2014. Having just shot a video in Atlanta US, she says she is back wiser, and with a better understanding of the industry. The album will be released on her record label called ‘No Conscience Entertainment’.

Speaking on the sustainability of pageants globally, she said “the pageants will continue until plastic surgery is normal. When it (plastic surgery) becomes very normal there’s nothing to contest in anymore because everybody is beautiful”

Watch the video to find out if she really didn’t know who the Koko Master is.

Dammy Krane Releases Three New Singles

Hypertek’s very own superstar Dammy Krane makes a huge splash with the release of three exciting new singles – “Lobatan”, “Gratitude” and the previously leaked “Xteristics.”

Produced by TinTin, “Lobatan” sees Dammy Krane excellently fusing his modern Fuji vibes and sensibility with what can only be described as a mixture of synth-heavy Dance instrumentals and a Dubstep musical milieu, to resounding results.

“Gratitude” on the other hand is 21st Century Fuji music from Dammy Krane with Spellz providing the befitting production with lush drum patterns, talking drums and synthy keyboard arrangements, over which Dammy Krane waxes lyrical in his trademark Fuji vocal cadence and commanding flow.

Dammy Krane and Spellz link up once again on the mid-tempo “Xteristics” which has already become a fan-favourite after leaking on the internet a few days ago and being supported by all the leading online tastemakers. For good reason too, Dammy Krane shows his smooth and sultry side to perfection on “Xteristics”.

Whatever your tastes and preferences are, Dammy Krane does more than satisfy them with these three new singles. Not only that, he shows his vast repertoire and versatility in delivering excellent hit singles over several musical styles. Whether it is “Lobatan” or “Gratitude” or “Xteristics”, you can expect for Dammy Krane to be a constant fixture on your favourite music websites and radio stations for the Summer and rest of 2013 – be prepared for the Dammy Krane Take Over!!! 

Akpabio Defends Controversial Wedding Gifts To Tuface

The Governor of Akwa Ibom, Dr. Godswill Akpabio has defended his controversial wedding gifts to Tuface Idibia and his wife, saying the gifts were “only a gesture of love and goodwill” to commend the wife for standing by her husband from his days of humble beginnings.

The governor however denied the speculated amount of gifts stating that only members of Mrs Idibia’s family will be sponsored to the couples wedding in Dubai and not members of the government.

The governor, who hosted a lavish traditional engagement ceremony for the celebrity couple in Eket, was reported to have declared a gift of two brand new Toyota Prado SUVs for the couple and also vowed to sponsor 29 people to their forthcoming nuptial in Dubai.

The state’s Commissioner for Information, Aniekan Umana, on Thursday, confirmed to Channels Television via a phone conversation that the state governor decided to “assist Annie Idibia so that her family members and close friends who are citizens of Akwa Ibom, who cannot afford the trip will be with her on her wedding day.”

According to the Commissioner, “if anything the Governor should be encouraged because the galaxy of stars and people that Annie and Tuface’s wedding brought to Akwa Ibom state is good for the state’s economy and this could never have happened even with an advertisement of N3million”, making reference to the sum of money the government is expending on the return tickets for Annie’s friends and family to Dubai.

“I wonder why they (mischief makers) like taking on Governor Akpabio. Is it because he is a nice man” Mr Umana asked.

A statement by the Commissioner on Wednesday stated that the Governor only approved a car, and not two, for the couple.

He also said he only promised to sponsor 20, and not 29, wedding guests to Dubai for the couple’s white wedding.

The statement explained that state government is “only sponsoring the travel expenses of twenty of her family members at an estimated cost of roughly Three Million Naira (N3,000,000.00) only.”

The statement reads as follows: “following spurious and false speculations in the social media concerning the wedding gift by Governor Godswill Akpabio to Mrs. Annie Innocent Idibia, née Macaulay, I wish to state as follows:

“That the Governor of Akwa Ibom State Chief Godswill Akpabio, donated ONE Prado jeep to Mrs. Annie Innocent Idibia, nee Macaulay a daughter of Akwa Ibom State and renowned artist during her traditional marriage at Eket.”

“That the State Governor as a token of support for the couple promised to fund the traveling expenses (economy return tickets) for ONLY TWENTY relatives of Mrs. Annie Idibia Macaulay to Dubai, where the couple have chosen to wed.”

Standing By Her Man

Explaining what warrants the gift to Mrs Idibia, the statement claimed that Mrs Idibia exhibited the true attribute of the Akwa Ibom women by staying with her husband from his days of humble beginnings till his global stardom despite the series of controversies that trailed their relationship.

“That looking carefully at the surrounding events in perspective, Mrs. Annie Idibia, nee Macaulay is a daughter of Akwa Ibom State and the gift of a Prado SUV from her governor is only a gesture of love and goodwill” the statement read.

“Her resolve to stand by her husband on his journey right from his days of youthful beginnings to stardom even in the face of challenges was commendable and a true attribute of the Akwa Ibom women.”

The governor blamed mischief makers and enemies of progress for inflaming the social media with incongruous reports that the State Government is sponsoring an entourage of party supporters to the wedding in Dubai.

Mr. Umana therefore urged members of the public to “discountenance the misrepresentations made out of a well-intentioned act of the governor.”

Fela, Tuface, Others To Be Inducted Into Broadcasting And Performing Art Hall of Fame

Members of the organising committee of the Hall of Fame for Broadcasting and Performing Arts (HFBPA) on Saturday listed the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Innocent Idibia popularly called Tuface among those to be inducted into the hall of fame this month.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s weekend programme, the deputy chairman of the organising committee, Patrick Doyle said the purpose of the Hall of Fame was to recognise the work of distinguished broadcasters and performing artists.

“Annual awards where this year you win it; next year somebody else wins it, it not a true testament to the contribution of some people to either the performing art or broadcasting,” Mr Doyle said.

He added that “The idea of instituting a Hall of Fame for broadcasters and performing artists appealed to me because it is a more permanent way of recognising and celebrating their contributions to these two very important aspects of human existence.”

Africa stands up for Felabration

The 2012 edition of the annual Felabration was held at the African Shrine, an event which grew from a day’s celebration of the icon Fela Anikulapo-Kuti to a week-long of events.

Felabration has over the years been themed ‘Baba 70’, ‘the Black President’, ‘Viva Africa’, ‘Buy Africa’ and the 2012 edition was themed ‘Africa: Centre of the World’; a title of one of the masterpieces of Fela released in 1979 which featured Fela and Roy Ayers, a renowned jazz artiste and it is centered on his heartfelt call to Africans to take their place as the core of the world affairs.

It has also become an international tourist attraction, attracting music lovers all over the world.

The event started Tuesday October 16th and ended on Sunday October 22nd 2012.

Tuface Idibia, Asa, Omawumi, Mavin Crew, YQ, Burna Boy, Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti and other African artistes graced the week-long event which took place at the African Shrine, performing and paying respects to the afro-beat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

Below is the video of some performances.


Kenny Ogunbe steps out with his TV channels

On air-personality and radio host Kenny Ogunbe is getting set to launch three new Tv channels.

The star some weeks ago launched one of the channels; he called it Kennis Music Channel 127, a 24 hour entertainment, music and event station.

Kenny Ogunbe founded the popular kennis Music Record with his friend and partner Dayo Adeneye popularly called D1 in the late 90s.

The record label has produced great talents like Tuface Idibia, Kenny St- Best, Essence, Jay-won, Goldie amongst others.

2face welcomes sixth baby on Easter day

Pero Adeniyi, one of 2face’s baby mamas has dropped another baby for the talented musician in faraway Washington DC on Easter Sunday where she is based with two other kids which she earlier had for the musician.

Tuface’s manager also confirmed the news.

Tuface as we hear is yet to visit mother and baby boy in the United States where he presently is with his fiancée Annie Macaulay after he proposed to her on the 14th of February this year at one of the clubs in Lagos.

Annie Macaulay happens to also be one of the Tuface’s baby mamas and with the arrival of the new born baby boy; the African Queen Talent now has children to show as his gain of fatherhood.

Pero Adeniyi the daughter of Jide Adeniyi who was once married to Tunde Borokini has been receiving congratulatory messages from family, friends and loved ones both from Nigeria and America via the social networks.

Tuface tribute song for Trayvon Martins

Innocent Idibia popularly called Tuface has dedicated a song to Trayvon Martins, the 17 years old African American boy that was killed recently.

Tuface titled the song “One Love”.

The late Trayon was killed by George Zimmerman on his way to 7-Eleven to get candy, after being suspended from school.

It was the third time Trayvon Martin had been disciplined at school, so this time his parents sent him to a quiet, racially mixed gated community in Sanford, Fla., with his dad to get his priorities straight.

According to Zimmerman 28year old volunteer who routinely reports to the police on any strange activity in the neighborhood, George told the policed operator “Hey, we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy.

“This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining, and he’s just walking around looking about.”

The late Trayvon noticed he was being followed he started running and George followed him alongside talking to the police operator on the phone and giving directions.

Trayvon and George met in the dark, had exchange of argument and fight at some point George brought out his pistol and did what he did.

Zimmerman meanwhile had been questioned by police and released without charges.

This is the first time tuface is doing a song for an African American in solidarity, to show his concern and plea for love and unity, irrespective of your color or race.

“All we need is one love”