Trump Willing To Work With Russia And China

Trump Willing To Work With Russia And ChinaU.S President-elect, Donald Trump, says he is willing to work with Russia and China, providing they both co-operate with the United States.

Mr Trump also said that the newly-imposed sanctions on Russia will remain, “at least for a period of time” but it can then be lifted.

Furthermore, he stated that the ‘One China’ policy, in which the U.S no longer acknowledges Taiwan, is up for negotiation.

Meanwhile, a U.S Senate committee will probe claims Russia attempted to meddle in the presidential election.

The President-elect, on Wednesday, said for the first time he believes Russia was behind hacking ahead of the election.

They will examine Russia’s cyber activity and intelligence practices.

Trump’s New U.S Envoy To Israel Seeks Jerusalem Base

Trump's New U.S Envoy To Israel Seeks Jerusalem Base David Friedman has been appointed by U.S President-elect Donald Trump, to serve as America’s ambassador to Israel.

The 57-year-old is a legal practitioner who advised Mr Trump on U.S-Israel issues during the campaign.

A statement by Trump’s transition team said Friedman’s “strong relationships in Israel would form the foundation of his diplomatic mission”.

Friedman on the other hand expressed that he is looking forward to working “from the U.S embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem”; a move that would anger Palestinians.

Mr trump had promised during the presidential campaign to move it to Jerusalem, one of several overtures he made to Israel.

Trump Dismisses Wisconsin Recount Drive As ‘Scam’

Trump, wisconsin recountU.S. President-elect Donald Trump, has described an impending recount of votes in Wisconsin as a “scam”.

Mr Trump, who narrowly won the state, said the results “should be respected instead of being challenged or abused”.

Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, who initiated the recount, also wants the same for Michigan and Pennsylvania, citing “statistical anomalies”.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, has confirmed that it would participate in Wisconsin’s recount.

Results would need to be overturned in all three states, to alter the outcome of the November 8, presidential election.

Republican Candidate, Donald Trump, emerged as winner of the United states presidential election, with 270 votes, beating his counterpart, Hillary Clinton.

It is the first time a businessman, would contest for the elections, more so, one whose election campaign as well as transition exercise into the presidency, has been described as the most unconventional in U.S history.

Outgoing President, Barack Obama, has urged all Americans to support the president-elect. 

However, he has also stated that he would not hesitate to comment as a citizen if Trump threatens core American values when he steps into power.

Activists Challenge Trump On Paris Deal

donald-trump-winsShortly after his emergence as the U.S. President-elect, climate activists are urging Mr Donald Trump to honour the Paris agreement which he had promised to withdraw if he won the elections.

More than 100 countries, including the U.S., have formally joined the agreement, which seeks to reduce emissions and help vulnerable countries adapt to rising seas, intensifying heat waves, the spreading of deserts and other changes.

The deal is also aimed at keeping global temperature below two degrees Celsius.

Only few days after the historic Paris agreement officially came into force, climate denier Donald Trump’s victory, has however thrown the global deal into uncertainty and raised fears that the U.S will reverse the ambitious environmental course charted under Barack Obama.

International environmental groups meeting at the 2016 UN climate change conference in Morocco, said it would be a catastrophe if Trump acted on his pledge to withdraw the U.S from the deal, which took 20 years to negotiate, and to open up public land for coal, oil and gas extraction.

Trump had called climate change a practical joke, a statement which placed him virtually alone among world leaders on the validity of the science.

In May, he had promised to embark upon a four-year process of withdrawing the U.S from the Paris deal and has targeted the funds given to UN climate programmes and clean energy development.

He had also promised a “complete American energy independence”, giving prominence to coal as well as infrastructure projects.

While some groups have warned that any attempts by Trump to ditch the Paris deal would be an act of “economic self-sabotage”, others also urge the President-elect to act in the interest of the world.

May Boeve, head of climate campaign group said “the new president must protect the people he serves from climate chaos.

An environmental law professor at the Stanford Law School, Michael Wara, said although Trump could use his office to issue an executive communication removing the United States from Paris, the United States would still be a party for four years and could be subject to its legally binding procedural commitments.