Mavins thrill the audience at Industry Nite

Everyone was taken by surprise when the Mavin crew performed at the last Industry Nite . The Mavin crew  wowed  and thrilled the audience with their delectable and second to none  performances.

The best part of their performance was when they  displayed their version of  the Azonto  dance steps.

Mavin crew is the new record label of Producer Don Jazzy and it comprises Tiwa Savage, D’Prince, Dr Sid and Wande Coal.

Industry Nite is an event that is held every Wednesday at the Grand Ball of the Oriental Hotel, Lekki.


Hit or miss? Don Jazzy fires out Solar Plexus

Everyone, well, almost everyone,went gaga when Don Jazzy announced the launching of his new record label, Mavin Records on Monday on the micro blogging website, Twitter.

It trended even more when it was announced that ‘kele kele’ crooner, Tiwa Savage has been recruited into the new Mavin family.

The imprint’s debut offering ‘Solar Plexus’ is a 12-tracker compilation LP released on the imprint’s official web page on Tuesday May 8, 2012. While all erstwhile members of the now defunct Mo’ Hits Records including Dr. Sid, Wande Coal and D’Prince provided three solo tracks each, newbie Tiwa Savage contributed a single track to the new LP.

Although the album is impressive, it still comes across as a body of work hurriedly put together. Deviating a little from his trademark dance oriented  productions, Don Jazzy spiced ‘Solar Plexus’ with elements from different genres but still maintained enough dance tracks which by the way misses D’Banj’s  effective contributions.

A poll conducted by a Lagos based radio station revealed mixed feeling from fans.

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Don Jazzy launches new record label – signs Tiwa Savage

Former producer and god-father of Mo’hits Michael Collins, popularly called Don-Jazzy has launched a new record label which he called “Marvin Records”

The multiple award winning producer also announced that Tiwa Savage would be joining the new Mavin family.

The signing of Savage, one of Nigeria’s leading vocalists, is seen as a major coup for the budding record label and Don Jazzy promised fans that there are many more exciting faces to be “activated” by the label in the near future.

Don Jazzy, who broke away from his former Mo’hits partner D’banj has made effort to prove his competence to music lovers.

“I know that there are questions unanswered, mysteries unsolved and wounds to heal,” the producer said. “But I would really appreciate if we allow time to heal the wounds for us all instead of digging them up again.”

Don jazzy broke the news on a micro blogging quarter, twitter.

He twitted “‘Hey people. Need your help on this one once again. pls help me tell a friend to tell a friend. #MavinRecords God bless’

CEO of the new label has spent the last three weeks locked in the recording studio along with the fellow “Mavins” as they finalize plans for their debut compilation album, Solar Plexus to be  released 8th May.

The album has been a collaborative labor of love which has traversed five countries.

In the same vein as the previously released Curriculum Vitae by the Mo’Hits All Stars, Solar Plexus will be an exclusive window to showcase the prowess of the Mavin family.

D’banj was a 419er – JJC (Skillz)

JJC (Skillz) has responded to Dbanj’s allegations that he cheated Don Jazzy while both of them were with the 419 Squad calling the “Koko master” a 419er (a name for fraudsters which was coined from section 419 of the Nigeria constitution dealing with laws on advance fee fraud and related matter).

Skillz who disclosed this in an interview with Nigezie (Video of the interview was published on social media site – Youtube) said that he was the brain behind the career of both Dbanj and Don Jazzy.

“Within my team, were people like Dbanj and … whatever other names were 419ers. And I didn’t accept it, that was why we had so many clashes,” he said.

He said the reason why the JJC and the 419 Squad wrote the ‘mobolowo’ was because at that time Dbanj “was running from the police.”

Mo’hits records collapses: D’banj, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal trade words

Don-Jazzy to D’banj: “You must pay all Mo’hits debts”,  D’banj’s response, “Will you return the Bentley I bought for you?” , Wande Coal reacts: “saying that he bought a car for donjazzy is wrong and untrue. come onnnnnn. well i dont think he said it sha until i see a video of it’…‘God please don’t let the success you have given me get to my head to the extent that I will forget my humble beginnings”     

 It appears there is more to the incredible break-up issue between D’banj and Don-Jazzy of the Mo’hits records, as the pair which parted ways some weeks ago, are now at loggerheads over the ownership of Mo’Hits records.  The two rivals, D’banj and Don Jazzy who were formerly best pals are no longer on speaking terms, neither do they see eye to eye, as a matter of fact, they  now communicate via email only when necessary.  

Details of the breakup which borders around the ownership claim of Mo’hits records, has been unveiled in  a confidential email corrsepondence between the former collaborators, obtained by E-Punch. According to source,  Don Jazzy is claiming that D’banj should own up and pay all the debts of Mo’hits records since he is publicly declaring that he owns 100% of the songs under Mo’hits imprint.

Mo’hits records which comprises all D’banj’s albums (No Long Thing, Rundown Funk U Up and The Entertainer), Wande Coal’s Mushin to Mo’Hits and The Mo’Hits Crew All Stars’ album, Curriculum Vitae among others is on the verge of collapse as the two rivals, Don-Jazzy and D’banj alledgely trade words over its ownership.  So far, the Mo’Hits crew has been divided, as the two main figures in the crew split ways with their different disciples, that is, D’banj’s younger brother, K-Switch, leaves with D’banj while Wande Coal, Dr Sid and D’Prince choose to take sides with Don Jazzy.

D’banj must pay all the debts of Mo’Hits – Don Jazzy

In regards to D’banj’s claim for 100 percent ownership of all songs recorded under the Mo’Hits label, Don-Jazzy declared in an email on March 17th “…Note that Mo’Hits Records only owns 60 per cent of the songs and 40 per cent belongs to the individual artiste. So, 40 per cent of the songs is not mine to give…the catalogue I am releasing to D’banj only consists of songs already released in album exempting new singles and unreleased materials…So, songs like Wande Coal’s Go Low and Been Long You Saw Me are not part of the catalogue he is receiving…It is important to note that any unreleased songs done by any artiste (including D’banj and K-Switch) must not be released and is not part of the catalogue I am giving away.”

Also, “With these few points, I do hope that you all realise that I have been generous enough to facilitate the End of the “D’banj & Don Jazzy” era as a team. After this new deal has been signed and sealed, I do NOT look forward to seeing an email whatsoever or hearing from the DKM (D’banj, K-Switch, Mo’Hits) crew…again.”

Will you return the Bentley I bought for you? – D’banj

D’banj on responding to the email, stated that, ““What do you mean by any bills or loans would be cleared by Mr. D’banj? That will never happen because when I ran the company, I ran it perfectly and well. So, if I give him my shares he is left with 100 per cent liability.. My catalogue is everything that has been done with the Mo’Hits system and under the normal agreement we have, that means everything I have recorded or that has been recorded whether new or old, or even classic, whether beat with concept or even idea without beats, anything we did as a team and sponsored by me throughout, then, it is mine. Including K-switch clause and all mine and even Wande’s singles and all till the date of signing even today…In case he (Don Jazzy) forgot, this is the arrangement! 50/50—–song writer/ production, which means for a song X for artiste Y, 75 per cent as per production is fully owned by Mo’Hits and writing is shared 25/25 with the individual artiste co- writing. So, that’s the deal! So him (sic) saying 40 per cent is not his to give away is more like 75per me and 25per each artiste.”

Continuing, D’banj said, “And now, (I) wanna clear the air on this Samsung deal! I would expect by now that you understand that me keeping quiet is being GENEROUS because this is a deal structured under Mo’Hits Records, (and it is) the first deal and income you would ever bring into the company in  eight years. We shared the first 150k (One hundred and fifty thousand dollars) the right way, 1/3 down and that was cool. But after you collected another 130k and did not say anything (that) is and could be described as theft! I only refused to contact them (Samsung) directly because of your reputation. But please don’t call me a fool and let’s know who is generous…Please, please, will he (Don Jazzy) return the Bentley because I bought it for him and it was N5.2m more than mine?… So, let’s get the facts straight, I AM BEING MORE THAN GENEROUS.”

Wande Coal’s reaction to the issue

Meanwhile, more reactions to the leaked e-mail correspondence between the warring partners has not stopped pouring in and this time Wande Coal, the star singer discovered and raised by the duo has shared his thoughts on the issue via his Twitter account.

As much as I would like to be quiet on this issue. seeing peoples responses to this so called leaked emails i can’t take it any longerSaying that he bought a car for Don Jazzy is wrong and untrue. come onnnnnn. well i dont think he said it sha until i see a video of it’…‘God please don’t let the success you have given me get to my head to the extent that I will forget my humble beginnings’, he tweeted.

To wrap it all up, he pledged his alliance to Don Jazzy. ‘@Donjazzy baba I hail you dieeeeee. will be back from dubai tomorrow’.