$3million bribery: Police release Farouk Lawan Reviewed by Momizat on . The former chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc Committee on the managemnet of fuel subsidy, Farouk Lawan, has been released on bail by the Nigerian The former chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc Committee on the managemnet of fuel subsidy, Farouk Lawan, has been released on bail by the Nigerian Rating:
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$3million bribery: Police release Farouk Lawan

The former chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc Committee on the managemnet of fuel subsidy, Farouk Lawan, has been released on bail by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).

The embattled lawmaker was released on Saturday, at about 4PM.

The Public Relation Officer for the NPF, Frank Mba, confirmed to Channels television that lawmaker was released on the condition that he will appear before the Police’s Special Task Force team on Monday, 18th of June 2012 and subsequently until the matter is disposed of.

Mr Farouk, who has been in police custody for the last two days, was detained by the police Special Task Force team on Thursday night, to answer questions bordering on allegations of $3million bribe, raised by a major oil marketer.

The CEO, Zenon Oil ad Gas Limited, Mr Femi Otedola had alleged that the lawmaker demanded the sum of $3.5 million as bribe and received $620000 as down payment from him, in a sting operation, allegedly coordinated by the State security services.

The bribe according to Mr Otedola was solicited by the lawmaker, who offered to remove the name of Zenon Oil from the list the companies indicted for receiving fuel subsidy but failed to deliver the fuel.

Mr Otedola showed up and provided evidence to corroborate his allegations, to the police force on Thursday, while Mr Farouk turned himself in, late in the night, after an ultimatum was issued by the Police, threatening to arrest him if he failed to show up.

Mr Farouk Lawan, a lawmaker from Kano state, has since been suspended as the chairman of the ad hoc committee and House of Representative Committee on Education.

The House in a unanimous decision at an emergency session on Friday, agreed on the suspensions and called for further investigation, as it also urged the executive arm of government to ensure that the fuel subsidy report is fully implemented, despite the bribe allegations.

The House also returned the name of Zenon Oil, back to the list, a move strongly condemned by the oil mogul.


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  • UsaveOne

    Can’t believe this, even you Mallam Farouk Lawan?

    Check.. http://usaveone.blogspot.com

  • PardonYnot

    Nigerians should not be disappointed with Ferouk. He is still a virgin when it comes to fraud that’s why he was not smart enough to notice that he was being videoed. besides, professional security men where used to execute the game so he failed for it. I believed that despite what happened to Lawan he can still be useful to Nigerians. Pity . Money is just evil.

  • Davo

    Farouk Lawan is a big dissapointment. I used to think he was different from the rest of the corrupt group called the National Assembly.

  • Alkalim

    Am really sad dat Farouk fell for dis.he use to be my man in d house and I tot he would become the gov of Kano state someday, but wat can I say now? Well in my opinion I stil think there is some gud still left in him.am really sad.

  • Mike O. Tucson AZ


  • Gima120182008

    Crimi is Crimi either by masterminding’ reciving, or giving.
    Let all face what the common man faced in Nigeria.


    I wonder why my fellow commentators are expressing amazement on the character of MALLAM Farouk Lawan! Every man has a price! QED. How many days lapsed between when OBJ slighted the NASS and when this Farouk- Otedola saga commenced? Was OBJ right? Your asnwer in not in doubt as Mallam lawan’s act has gone a long way to corroborate that assertion.

    Now, on to why I am actually here today. Why are we taking long to bring the Oil thieves in the report to book? Is the House panel waiting for another version of Facrook and Otedollar?

    It is a smoke screen, this. A tactical approach to make Nigerian loose sight of the report.

    We nor gree.

  • Poposkii

    Otedolllar Na Obj boy! remove the curtain and you will see clearly. Obj already in the plan and know their trap has caught big fish with respect(Farouk). This set-up will not work, we no go gree.
    We nigerians shall pardon first time thieves. Farouk only need to apologize and we shall forgive him, but the big time theives no way for them again.


      Honestly, you just made a great revelation! Baba would have already made this set-up or be in the know right from the get-go! Or did Facrook play into their hands unwittingly?

      Hhmmmnnn.But can we forgive Facrook? NO. His punishment should in the least, if at all, serve as a deterrent to aspiring Legislathieves.We nor gree. 

      • Poposkii

        Accepted he should be punished, it was minute part of the stolen money, just like worm on hook in the river, smart fish will always know and see iron worm. Facrook play into their hand simple! Which truthful businessman will part with his HARD EARNED money?
        They knew they had shits all over their body, now they want to perfumed it. I bet w’ll know the difference. They will not get way, we no gree ooooooooooo

  • Abiodun

    Money dey said is d root of all evil, Farouk has fall in to der trap all bcos of wat he wil eat. It is a shame dat he can be so ship. All of dem must be punished 4 d act of bribery. shikena

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