FEC approves new city for Nigeria’s centenary celebration Reviewed by Momizat on . The Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday approved a proposal for a new city for the celebration of the country’s 100 year anniversary in 2014. According The Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday approved a proposal for a new city for the celebration of the country’s 100 year anniversary in 2014. According Rating:
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FEC approves new city for Nigeria’s centenary celebration

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday approved a proposal for a new city for the celebration of the country’s 100 year anniversary in 2014.

According to the Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, the new city will serve as a memorial for the future generation of Nigerians.

He said the new city which will be located near Abuja will have modern features including a conference centre that will be the first of its kind in Africa that can host all global events within Nigeria.

The new city is a recommendation by a committee headed by the secretary to the government of the federation.

He said the celebration of the centenary is significant to Nigeria as a country.


N478 million for two rail gauge  

Meanwhile FEC also on Wednesday approved feasibility studies for two new standard gauge railway lines in the country at the collective sum of N478 million.

The approved contracts for feasibility studies in railway are in accordance to the railway modernisation programme of the present administration.

The Minister of Transportation, Senator Idris Umar, stated that rail-lines covering 673KM will run from Benin to Obudu Cattle Ranch.

It is expected to cost N334 million while the second rail line is from Ajaokuta to Abuja covering 280KM at the cost of N144 million.

He said that the scope of work will include the design for connection to urban settlements along the routes and prepare the evaluation for appropriate private public partnership

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  • http://twitter.com/foreighner1 foreighner

    why always nigeria government embarked on a project to be viewed by out side world not to the benefit of it’s citizen,they haven’t finished with the areas with out pipe borne water and electricity,they want to begin another unplanned project to steal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=624130158 Kingsley Osasuyi Edo Osagie

      You most be very  ignorant which money? yours? when have you paid tax in your life, if Nigeria have to live or exsit as a Country do to what others say then we are not a country you need to go and renew your mind again, and who told you it is not possible to build a mere 673 km of rail line, in Germany and western Europe use train with diesel Engine I take them many times and it is better than Electric engine because it is stronger, the problem with people like yourself is that you so not know who you are, if chinese have wait for the west to approve things for them they would have remain poor and bankrupt.

  • ObiErnestO

    Hope these projects will not become abandoned projects? Hope the projects are not avenue to drain public funds? All previously approved projects how far like Onitsha second bridge over the River Niger, the power plants, the road projects, the SURE programme projects etc?

  • LarryOladepo

    Honestly our government officials are mad (no slur intended)! At the end of the day, you may ask, who are the contractors and promoters of this insane ideas? You will find out is either to compensate one former leader or a stalwart who could pose a threat to their ambition! “Future general” my foot! Is it not going to be powered by generator and manned by lack of security and that is  what you want to leave for future generation. Where is 50 billion Abuja stadium? Where is National Stadium Surulere? Totally insane idea!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kay.adeniyi Kay Kolawole Adeniyi

    Great Idea, however Nigeria lacks the Maintenance  culture, we build great projects but no funds allocated to keep it up, then few years down the line we want to rebuild again, I think its time for Nigerians to start maintaining existing infrastructure, this will save money on the long run and would reduce reasons to build new things all the time, with that said I still believe this is a good idea, but we really need to focus on maintenance. I would love to set up a program if I was ever approached, and I don’t mind if other states copy my ideas because at the end of the day its for the nation and our children not for one man. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TQZF3RUUEG6SHAWJHLC26PUZM4 Travis William

    Anytime they wanna embezzle fund they will will come up with one stupid idea, quote hug amount of money, at the end it will become an abandon project , like my friend ( Kay Kolawole Adeniyi said ) all the once they build before how many of then are been maintained

  • itse ajuyah

    This is utter insanity. A new city to serve how many persons? There’s about 170 million persons in this country the majority of which reside in states and LG’s (periphery) and this idea of concentrating over 52% of the National budget on the center/federal (Abuja) seems absolutely inappropriate. This democracy can’t continue this way & we must begin to address pertinent issues such as LGA financial autonomy and how to strengthen the government at the periphery and that which is closest to the people. Only then will there be increased motivation to improve the local and generating capacities of communities (financial viability) and better their lot in the long run.

    As for the rail line, why not just learn the PPP concept properly & draft a proper concessions which one can market as opportunities for potential investors as opposed to draining most of our meager resources on a project that may not live beyond an administration.

  • Teddy83

    why must it be near Abuja when northen economy is going down to zero due to crises in the north. meanwhile the country lack so many things including sunstable power supply, pipeborn water, roads, railway infact all current infrastructure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.aigbogun David Aigbogun

    This project is another source of looting the nation’s scarse resources. What are we celebrating that cannot be done in the present conference centres and hotels that we have in present day Abuja?  If the Federal Government does not know what to do with its enormous fund, which is being accrued from a disproportionate revenue sharing formula, let it use it to intervene in the provision of water to our rural and even urban Nigerians who are presently finding it difficult to have access to portable drinking water.

  • nawao

    Any body that
    sees any good in this proposal is simply naive or is an accomplice to loot our
    economy again. Whose money are they going to use for this project? The Petroleum
    money of course. How many of these our so called leaders pay tax for all the
    money they loot. In this country, only poor man pays his due or over valued
    tax. It is so simple for these criminals to plan for and announce the stealing
    with out fear because we can not even protest. FELA, I miss u so much. Na only
    u fight and prophesize this problem wey we de inside today so. Many contracts
    have been abandoned with out explanation and no body was arrested to refund the
    money. They are planning a new town in Abuja area while I heard that a dam ( ADADA WATER DAM ) at Nsukka ,Enugu State has not even been started after 3 years it was awarded and that 1/2 fn the construction fund has been disbursed to the contractor. What about the federal
    roads and electricity. They are only planning to steal. May be Jonathan should park his things and go and live in Sokoto so that he would please the Northern Mafias and BH bandits

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TRNQXIYXUUUMPC6FFTI3KNPOYQ dan

    let say my own now first lagos was new city for nigera after abuja so why not east or are we that is from their also were all this oli money is coming form not nigerias too mr Jonathan if that is not in the east this time no agree

  • http://www.facebook.com/otoika Otoika Tunde Afehikhu

    Let Nigerians decide how to spend their money. The government’s job is to ensure there is fairness and equity in all public spheres of interaction. That means their job is regulation so that the common man will not be disadvantaged by the rich,connected and businessmen. FEC has gone wrong because what they should think is about engendering a feasible National rolling plan with the contribution of all Nigerians.

  • http://twitter.com/Smith0195 same same

    It` s just an avenue to STEAL MORE MONEY, (LOOT) yet again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/emmanuel.ebeh Emmanuel Ebeh

    Please Mr. President it will be so good if and ur team can as well build the lives of the Nigerian Citizens so that together we all can conform with the centenary life come 2014, God Bless Nigeria.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M6CSU6R2RDQFJ3JMEWKNDLXS74 onochie Osumuo

    It is painful when the leadership tries to make and implement policies that are not well thought out, but it even more painful and disappointing when the followers make remarks that are unguarded, pointless and out context just to be heard. I believe this Centenary Celebration is quite needful regardless of how much we plough into it. 100 years is not 100 days. Critics of the government take note. 

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