New Clashes Erupt in Mogadishu

Channels Television  
Updated December 8, 2011
Fighters in Mogadishu, Somali Capital

The government of Somalia is suffering from a major setback as Mogadishu the country’s capital is witnessing one of the fiercest fighting ever recorded in the city.

The clashes began shortly after dawn between Islamist al-Shabab militants and government forces, backed by African Union (AU) troops.

The AU forces are reported to have used tanks and heavy artillery. The government had declared that it had taken control of the city after Al-Shabab withdrew their forces in August.

Reports of casualties are yet to be disclosed as the fighting continues to occur in the northern district of Karan and Huriwa on Thursday December 8, 2011. Al-Shabab attacked a camp run by the military in Wadajir to the south of Mogadishu on Wednesday.

That area had previously been considered relatively safe. Since the Islamists made their “tactical withdrawal” from Mogadishu, there have been several suicide attacks in the city.

The most recent happened on Tuesday in the Hodan district – at least five people were killed. Earlier this week al-Shabab announced that it was changing its name to Imaarah Islamiya.