Tom Cruise; Ghost Agent for “Ghost Protocol”

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Updated December 20, 2011
Tom Cruise; Ghost Agent for "Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise was spotted for the New York Premiere of the next M:I movie that has been on the airwaves with little flicks and movie buffs anxiously waiting for the release of Mission Impossible:”Ghost Protocol”.

It is now the fourth sequel to the popular franchise since the 90’s.

The film follows four agents, framed for the bombing of the Kremlin.

The team must work under Ghost Protocol to clear their names, after being severed from the service.

The Actor walked the red carpet with Katie Holmes who is also an actress and the his wife who rushed into the premiere avoiding any form of interview but Cruise attended to reporters answering questions on their daughter and the speculations of a second baby.

The action flick is on IMAX screens and Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol full release is scheduled for December 21st.