Seven years after, no report on Bellview, ADC plane crash

Channels Television  
Updated June 20, 2012

 Seven years after the Bellview plane crash, the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) is yet to conclude investigations into the cause of the crash.

Speaking at the continuation of the public hearing into the Dana plane crash, the Commissioner and Chief Executive officer of the AIB, Captain Muktar Usman said the Bellview and the ADC plane crashes are still being investigated.

Committee members were alarmed when they learnt that there has not been any interim report released on the cause of  the plane crashes which occured in 2005.

Ike Ibeh who lost his wife, daughter and a close relative in the Dana plane crash early this month, told Channels Television that he is not confident that anything would come out from the ongoing  investigation by the National Assembly into the Dana plane crash.

His lack of confidence in the investigation might not be misplaced seeing that the AIB has admitted that it has not concluded investigating the cause of the plane crashes which occurred in 2005.

However the United States Government had concluded it’s own investigations into the Bellview and ADC plane crashes and found out that they occured because the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) failed to enforce safety regulations and oversight.