Wimbledon Chiefs Outlaw Federer’s Orange Soled-Shoes

Channels Television  
Updated June 26, 2013

Wimbledon have called a foot fault on their most illustrious member Roger Federer and demanded that he changes his grass court tennis shoes for his second round match this afternoon.

Dailymail reports that the seven-time champion has fallen foul of the All England Club’s clothing police by wearing orange soled shoes that contravene strict rules about players being clad from head to toe in gear that has to be almost totally white.

Despite Federer being a revered member of the club no exceptions are being made for him as Wimbledon sticks.

For Wednesday’s match against Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky, he will have to switch what is the most vital part of a tennis player’s apparel along with several other players who have breached regulations.

Federer, who numbers Vogue Editor Anna Wintour among his friends and takes his fashion sense very seriously, always has a special Wimbledon outfit made up for him by giant clothing manufacturers Nike, who are believed to pay him around $10 million for the privilege.

This year’s line – a successor to his famous ‘sailor-boy’ outfit of a few years ago – involves orange trim around his personalised tracksuit with the famous RF logo that the shoes are meant to match. Serena Williams, who also has custom made shoes, is believed to also have been similarly told to change to something more conventional.

Tournament regulations state that manufacturers must submit all clothing designs for inspection 90 days before the start, but there is often not quite the same formal scrutiny of footwear.

An All England Club spokesman declined to comment but it is understood that there will be no fine involved, just a request that they expect to be adhered to.


Women’s number one Serena Williams may also have to rethink her attire to avoid falling foul of Wimbledon’s draconian dress rules. 

She took to Centre Court yesterday against Luxembourg’s Mandy Minella sporting Nike trainers with orange trims, heels and logo. 

Culled from Dailymail.co.uk