Iraq Crisis: IS Is Beyond Just A Terrorist Group – US

Channels Television  
Updated August 25, 2014

IS_IraqThe Islamic state militants in Iraq are believed to have been defeated over the weekend while they tried to take over a major oil refinery in Iraq.

The Baiji refinery, north of the country, has been the site of several battles between Iraqi forces and militants, since the offensive began.

A few days ago, the United States said the militants were more dangerous to America than anything else and poses a threat to every interest, of the united states in Iraq or elsewhere.

US Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel, told journalists last week, that the IS militants were as sophisticated and well-funded as any group the US had ever seen while chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, said the group could pose a direct threat to the west.

“The sophistication, technology, money and all that are different. They are beyond just a terrorist group. They are tremendously well funded and it is beyond anything that we have seen so we must prepare for every thing by taking a look at it and get ready,” he said

This came after the US journalist, James Foley, was murdered on camera by an IS militant, whom the US, and UK say they are now close to identifying.

The US is now considering taking the fight against the militants into Syria.

Professor Edwin Smith is an expert on international peacekeeping, foreign policy and war powers.

Right now, he is with the University of Southern California.

He gave an insight to what is really going on in Iraq, and why we should all be concerned.