My Fans Made Me A Town Crier – Sound Sultan

Channels Television  
Updated October 15, 2014

Sound SultanJagbajantis star, Sound Sultan, has explained why he has not had any major song that emphasises issues bothering Nigerians recently.

The singer whose “2010”, a song about the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, was a major hit, told Channels Television’s Entertainment Correspondent – Mayowa Ogundele – that he still sings conscious music but that people don’t look out for those songs as they should and that they only wanted to use him as a town crier.

“That Sound Sultan is still here. He’s not gone anywhere. It’s the people that are listening that are no longer there anymore.”

He also complained that media stations, especially OAPs, did not play some of his conscious music, which is why his fans do not get to hear them.

“When the airplay reduces on conscious music, then people keep asking me – have I stopped it. No! I have a song Temporary Turn Permanent and that song – I shot a video to it but nobody played the video.

“I gave it (video) to them (media stations), the way I gave them other songs but you’ll never see it anywhere; Because I had inserts of the subsidy riot and everything, people said it’s too confrontational. I don’t feel it’s like that.

“If you start depriving the people of the truth, they will never get it,” he said.

He also explained that he had all kinds of music, including the feel-good ones on his album.

“You can’t be too predictable with your music. You need to be a little bit of everything. Even Fela (Kuti) had “Lady” as his song.”

He urged fans who want more of his conscious music to search for them because many of the OAPs (On Air Personalities) select which songs they like and give them prominence, relegating other songs on the album to relative obscurity.

“You should go and get that song. You should go and download it on iTunes,” he said, adding that artistes only get courage to shoot music videos when the songs have good airplay.

Sound Sultan also said he’s tired of being a mouth-piece because it makes people lazy to demand their rights.

“What I try to spark from people is individualism. For you to know that everybody is a part of that voice that those people (implying government) need to hear.”