FA Cup Final: Arsenal To Maintain Pattern Of Play

Channels Television  
Updated May 30, 2015

arsenal vs aston villaAhead of the FA Cup final match against Aston Villa, Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger, has given the assurance that Arsenal would not change its pattern of play.

He is confident that his team knows how to cope with the pressure ahead.

Wenger said: “The best way to keep things calm is to focus on your game and keep your priorities right. It’s not because the environment is different that you should completely change your approach or your game, it’s still important to express your strengths on the day.

“The championship is a slow process but this is one game, it’s ‘show me that you can do it’. That intensity is very strong and you have to deal with that kind of stress, but this squad of players is exceptional and we have an opportunity to show that.

“I’m convinced that the players just want to go out and win the game. They don’t make statistics, they produce performances and they just want to win things. On the day, that’s what you want them to focus on, just on the performance of the day”.

Arsenal Midfielder, Mesut Ozil, has shown optimism that his team would win the game saying: “I’m looking forward to this year’s match. Everyone watches these games and we know that we have to bring our best performance on the day.

“We’ve prepared very well this week and when you look at our performance in the last game [against West Bromwich Albion], if we can replicate that, we’ll win the game.

“Our opponents will do all they can to win but we’re Arsenal and we’re convinced of our own ability. If we play to our potential, we’ll win the trophy for the second year in a row”.

Santi Cazorla also said, “I remember how loud they were last year; to see all those red shirts was really special and I’m looking forward to seeing all those Arsenal fans supporting us again”.