China Tianjin Explosions: Nearly 100 Still Missing

Channels Television  
Updated August 16, 2015

china blastReports says nearly 100 people, mostly fire fighters, are still missing, four days after multiple blasts in the north-eastern port of Tianjin, China.

At least 112 people died in the explosions which occurred in a warehouse containing hazardous chemicals and hundreds have been hospitalised.

Rescue operations are still ongoing at the site of the deadly blasts.

As the authorities continue to manage the situation, families of the missing fire fighters are demanding answers.

On Saturday, the Chinese Government ordered the evacuation of residents within a 3 kilometre radius of the blast site over fears of chemical contamination.

The Chinese Government also ordered officials to make nationwide checks on dangerous chemicals and explosives and to “crack down unwaveringly on illegal activities to ensure safety”.