Delta State Begins Water Test And Analysis

The Delta State government through its Ministry of Water Resources has begun a state-wide testing and data analysis of all water production sources in the state. … Continue reading Delta State Begins Water Test And Analysis

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water scarcityThe Delta State government through its Ministry of Water Resources has begun a state-wide testing and data analysis of all water production sources in the state.

According to the state Commissioner for Water Resources, Mr Fidelis Tilije, the test and analysis are intended primarily to wage war against water borne diseases in the state through preventive mechanism thereby abiding by the principle of “Prevention is Better Than Cure”.

Over 60% of Deltans depend on groundwater (boreholes) whose quality may not be quite safe for domestic, industrial or agricultural uses.

Experts say , unfortunately today, groundwater contrary to earlier belief is no longer safe as water pollution and microbial water-bound contaminants such as Salmonella Typhi ( typhoid) Amoebiasis (Amoeba) Hepatitis B Virus Vibrio (cholera) and other micro-organisms can dissolve under favourable conditions in water.

In an open address, Mr Tilije enumerated the dangers associated with bad water and also explained that the programme would enable the gathering of water data, enumerating the location of all water sources in the state including riverine areas.

“Most killer diseases are either waterborne or airborne. Most water sources in the states are affected by pollution which brings about Cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, cancer. This dangers, which could have been more in our rural areas, are even more serious in our cities because boreholes are located near household grave yards, septic tanks and filling stations,” he said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Emani Global Network Limited, Mr Emmanuel Osiegbu, stressed that the need to test water was critical in order to help reduce the rate of water borne diseases among our people

“l believe that a healthy nation is a productive nation and Delta State is one of the states in this nation that has embarked on this policy.”

Represented by the Chief of Staff of the government, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, reiterated his administration’s commitment to providing sustainable water scheme for Deltans to ensure a healthy living for all.

“The state government could not afford to ignore the obvious health implications of the consumption of unwholesome water by its people and the resultant bills our citizens spend on water borne diseases, hence the state-wide water testing and analysis programme will help to determine the status of the quality of our water sources, particularly of boreholes which most of us now depend on” he said.

He added that the programme would assist in the reduction of incidents of waterborne diseases stressing; “our water needs to be regularly tested whether for domestic or industrial use and if found wanting, it would be treated to the required quality for drinking water. Indeed, water experts recommend that all water boreholes must be serviced at least once a year”.

Water they say is Life! And so for the experts, the only way to ensure a safe water supply is to have a periodic laboratory water test and data analysis from all sources of water preferably once a year.