Drammy Krane Charged With Nine Counts Of Credit Card Forgery

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Updated June 21, 2017

Nigerian music entertainer Dammy Krane has been charged with nine counts of credit card forgery.

According to the Miami New Times, the police filed nine counts of credit card forgery and grand theft against him at the Miami Dade’s criminal court after he was found with seven fake credit cards on June 1.

The ‘Amin’ crooner was arrested at Opa-Locka Executive Airport in Miami-Dade, Florida, for using a suspicious card to book a private jet flight to Washington, D.C.

When he was searched by the police they found seven false credit cards in his wallet, the Miami New Times reported.
The 23-year-old singer’s misfortune started when agents from the mobile-phone booking app ‘TapJets’ notified the police after they discovered that the first card Dammy Krane presented was fake.

The company told Miami-Dade Police that Dammy Krane and his partner Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu had booked a $10,943 trip on a jet from Opa-Locka to Washington, D.C.

Police officers waited at the jet runway until Dammy Krane and Ilochonwu showed up then they searched them and found seven cards in Dammy Krane’s pants pocket.

When authorities checked the cards later, they had numbers on the face that didn’t match the numbers on the security strip on the back.

Police said the “Amin” crooner used one of those cards to book his flight and gave TapJet two other fake cards when he was asked for backup cards for the travel.

Police learned that his partner, Ilochonwu was out on bond on four other credit card fraud charges.

He had been arrested in April on felony charges stemming from a case in Miami Beach.

Dammy Krane who is now out on bail has tried to clear himself from the arrest mess, blaming “agents” and assuring his  fans he’s innocent.

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