Soldier Commits Suicide After Killing Colleague

Channels Television  
Updated November 12, 2017
Director, Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Sani Usman,

The military authorities on Sunday confirmed the death of two soldiers in Borno state, North-East Nigeria.

Director of Army Relations, Brig-Gen Sani Usman, in a press statement, said its 26 Brigade received a report today of the soldier, who was reported to be drunk.

The statement read in part, “At about 12.50pm today, the unit received a report that a Staff was seen to be drunk and misbehaving to civilians.

“An officer was dispatched to the scene with a view to bringing him back to base. The officer did his best but the SNCO refused several entreaties to calm him and be disarmed by the superior officer.

“Unfortunately, the Staff Sergeant shot the officer dead and then killed himself. Their remains have since been evacuated to a military facility.”

Although Usman said a board of inquiry has been put up to unravel the circumstance surrounding the unfortunate shooting, he, however, noted that the board had been given a week to submit its report.

It was said that the deceased soldier was until his death, a Senior Non-Commission Officer who allegedly killed an officer said to disarm him, owing to his drunken state.