Comedian, TheRealFemi Looks Beyond Instagram

Rejoice Ewodage  
Updated January 7, 2018

Instagram comedian, Femi Imokhai, popularly known as TheRealFemi, says he has plans to take his creativity beyond social media and on to television.

He said this on Sunday during an interview on Channels Television’s Rubbin Minds, while comically analysing major issues that shaped the year 2017 ranging from the Jollof rice war, rats invasion of the office of the President, whistle-blowing, flooding, among others.

While he is popular for his skits on Instagram and his photoshop skills, the comedian said he also has a professional (9-5) job, where he works as a systems analyst for a mobile operator.

However, speaking of his career path and plans for the new year, Imokhai noted that it had always been his dream to go into acting and that if the right opportunities come, he wouldn’t hesitate to pursue them.

“It is something that iv been thinking about a lot and I hope to appear in series or in sitcoms. it’s been my dream for a long time. I don’t think I can act to save my life, but I’ll try.

“I have been called to do an audition once, but I couldn’t make it at the time because I don’t live here but if I get an opportunity I wouldn’t mind,” he said.

He also added that he would mind relocating to Nigeria to pursue such a career if the opportunity comes.

“Definitely yes I’ll be willing to take that leap of faith to move into Nigeria.

“My plan for 2018 is just to keep entertaining and making light of serious situations,” he added.

See one of his skits below: