Channels TV Does Not Support Any Political Party – John Momoh

Channels Television  
Updated September 14, 2018


The Chairman/CEO of Channels Media Group, Mr John Momoh, says the station will remain committed to its principles of balancing news reports as well as ensuring accountability and transparency at all times.

Mr Momoh said this on Friday when the Minister for Information, Mr Lai Mohammed, visited the station’s headquarters in Lagos.

He said, “What we do here is to report all sides to an issue. At all times, we strive to do that.

“Secondly, when events happen around the country, it’s our responsibility to report. When it threatens national security, it’s our responsibility to make sure that such matters are kept in check so that we do not threaten our own national security.

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Mr Momoh explained that he, as well as the staff of the station, remains non-partisan.

He said, “Channels is a professional organisation. We do not support any political party.

“I, as the head, am not a politician. I belong neither to PDP, APC, ADC, ADP, any other party. I am, purely, along with my colleagues, a professional. I do not intend to join any political party.

“And we also must serve our watchdog role because that’s the essence of our being – the watchdog role of our society; and to make the people aware of their rights and responsibilities to the state, to the government.

“So, when people think that because we are reporting the opposition, we are part of the opposition, that’s a no-no.

“When people think that we are reporting government, so we are part of government or sympathetic to government, that’s a no-no.”