The Military That Conquered Nigeria In 1966 Still In Effective Control – Opadokun

Akinola Ajibola  
Updated December 12, 2019



Elder statesman Ayo Opadokun has faulted governance in Nigeria following the recent development in the country.

Opadokun, a prominent activist of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), gave his view on the journey, challenges, and future of human rights of the Nigerian people during his appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

He believes the effect of the military is still evident in the governance of the country, despite 20 years since the return to civilian rule.

“We don’t have democracy, what we have is civilian governance. The totality of the thing is that the military that conquered Nigeria in 1966, they are still in effective control,” Opadokun said on Thursday.

The elder statesman added, “Nigeria has been so pauperised by the prolonged military dictatorship and you will have elements who are not well-meaning, I dare say, who will tell us you now have 20 years of so-called democracy, I don’t share that.”

Elder statesman, Ayo Opadokun.


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He stressed the need for Nigerians to hold their leaders accountable for their actions and remind them always that they won’t be in office forever.


Fight For Your Rights

The elder statesman recalled how some democrats in the country under the aegis of NADECO fought the battle to return Nigeria back to the civilian rule.

According to him, this was not achieved overnight and a lot of prices were paid while some members of the coalition were forced to go on exile.

Opadokun, however, called on Nigerians to take their stand and live up to their responsibility of making their voices heard when they notice any wrongdoing by the government.

He said, “Nigerians have stopped realising the fact that every day of your life, you must fight for your rights. The day you stop fighting for your rights, those who are misgoverning will continue to seize the moments out of you, to supress you.

“It is a life struggle. It is as if election is everything; election is not everything. Nigerians are not ready to take their destinies into their hands, to make sure and enforce the attitude of those who are in governance to be responsible, to be responsive to the yearning and aspirations of the people.”

“They (the leaders) are there for a time and they must perform in accordance to the promise that they made to the people, they are not doing that,” the elder statesman added.