Gambia Extends COVID-19 Measures By Three Weeks

Channels Television  
Updated May 20, 2020



Gambian President Adama Barrow has announced a three-week extension to anti-virus measures, saying they protected thousands of lives.

In a televised address late Tuesday, Barrow said health experts had forecast that some 180,000 people — in a nation of around two million — could be infected “if the right measures are not taken”.

“This will result in an estimated death toll of over 9,000 people,” Barrow warned.

Authorities in the former British colony have recorded 24 coronavirus cases to date, with one fatality.

But as with other poor countries in West Africa, there are fears that the tiny state is ill-equipped for a large outbreak.

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The Gambia closed air and land borders in March and has also restricted public transport and shut schools and markets.

In his address, Barrow said the government “is very much aware” of the disruption caused by the measures, but “handling COVID-19 is a matter of survival and saving lives first”.