#EndSARS: For Some Of Us, SARS Has Been Beneficial – Gov Sule

Emmanuel Egobiambu  
Updated October 18, 2020


Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State believes the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was helpful in tackling insecurity in some parts of the country. 

The notorious police unit was last Sunday dissolved by the Inspector-General (IGP), Mohammed Adamu after days of protests calling for its scrapping.

But Governor Sule says a reformation of the unit would have been a better option and admitted that every system has its bad sides.

Throwing The Baby And The Bathing Water

“What the northern governors are saying is: for some of us, SARS has benefited us,” the governor told Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.

“So, what is going to be the replacement for SARS now that you have discarded it? Even in some of these southern states, there were so many other places where SARS had been useful. But just like any other part of our system, you would find the bad eggs that have done something wrong.”

According to him, “that is why some governors were asking for the reforming of the SARS. Instead of throwing the bathing water and the baby, go ahead and reform what is wrong.”

The protest is calling for a reformation of the police.


Buttressing his point, the governor explained that SARS officials were handy in combating armed robbery in Nasarawa State.

“I got to understand that the SARS officers were actually well-trained officers to be able to face armed robbers and to be able to face those kinds of crimes which other policemen will not be able to do,” the governor who contested and won the seat under the All Progressives Congress (APC) explained.

Legitimate Action

He defended the #EndSARS protesters for exercising their rights, admitting that protests are an essential ingredient in a democratic setting.

“Let me clearly tell you, none of the governors, including all the northern governors, is against the protests,” he added.

Gathering Steam

A file photo of #EndSARS protesters.


The #ENDSAR protests, now over 11 days, has continued to gather steam in several parts of the country.

Despite the scrapping of the infamous SARS arm of the police force, the protesters have resolved not to leave the streets until the government back their words with actions.