Sam Adeyemi To Older Generation: Get Nigeria To Work, Youths Won’t Keep Silent For Long

The cleric and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre (DCC) spoke on Tuesday, attributing it to youths' access to information. 

Pastor Sam Adeyemi on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, January 2, 2024.


Pastor Sam Adeyemi has called on the older generation to work for the betterment of the country, saying the youths will demand accountability from them. 

The cleric and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre (DCC) spoke on Tuesday, attributing it to youths’ access to information.

He said leaders from all sectors must therefore work together to make the country better in the face of issues affecting Nigeria.

“The elite class – those of us who belong to this class – need to begin to discuss among ourselves and honestly, we need to act with urgency and I need to plead with those of us in the elite class and I am talking about everyone who has been able to walk their way to the top and fairly comfortable and I am talking about people of the highest level in the political class at the National Assembly, the governors, state house assembly and so on. I am talking of those of us in the business sector and those who are heads of religious institutions,” he said on Channels Television’s breakfast show Sunrise Daily.

“It will be in our self-interest to get Nigeria to work now because the younger generation is more enlightened and have access to more information and they are not going to keep silent for long. It will get rougher and rougher to lead because they will demand accountability and good leadership.”

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Pastor Sam as he is often called, also said the country needs to evaluate its moral values. This, he noted is key to restoring Nigeria. According to him, every nation grows on certain values which are inculcated in citizens.

He also rued Nigeria’s out-of-school number and said the development leaves much to be desired. According to him, with millions of children on the streets, many of them become easy targets for criminals to recruit.