Nigeria Cannot Lead Africa With Bad Politics – Oshiomole

The Edo state Governor, Adams Oshiomole has said that for Nigeria to take his place as a leader in Africa, she must get her politics right.

To this effect, he disclosed that the African People’s Congress (APC) was formed to give Nigerians a robust platform for informed choice.

Governor Oshiomhole said this while addressing the Igbo Community in Edo State during a courtesy call at the State House.

He said if a democracy is not capable of bringing about change of parties that form government at all levels “that democracy is not on course”.

Using Ghana as a case stydy, Governor Oshiomhole said that the experience in the sister nation has shown that it is possible for the government to recognize the right of the people to determine who governs them.

“Nigeria cannot continue to play leadership of the African Continent if we don’t get her politics right,” he said.

The Edo State Governor while addressing the Ibos in the State said that his administration does not regard anyone or tribe as “settlers”. He added that the government has also decided to abolish all discriminatory policies in the State.

The Chairman of the Ibo Community, Chief Luke Abbas commended the governor for employing Ibos and accused his Abia State counterpart, Governor Theodore Orji of chasing non indigenes from the state.

APC Is Not Panadol – Akpabio

The Governor of Akwa Ibom state and chairman of the PDP’s Governors Forum; Mr Godswill Akpabio has described the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Alliance from the merger of some political parties as a substandard drug that cannot cure Nigeria’s ailments.

Mr Akpabio made this known during an exclusive interview on our breakfast progamme, Sunrise Daily in Uyo, where he likened the planned opposition party to a fake brand of the most popular pain killer drugs in Nigeria.

According to Mr Akpabio, “APC as a drug is our (PDP’s) model and that is why we brought out Panadol.”

“And if it is not panadol, it’s not the same as panadol” he stated using a popular line from an old advertisement of the pain killer.

He further affirmed that “APC cannot cure a lot of disease now and that is the simple truth” as he decried the party’s lingering crisis with the registration of the party’s name and acronym with the electoral body.

When asked if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is involved in the emergence of another APC, the African People’s Congress, Mr Akpabio replied, “it is all politics.”

“PDP does not have a hand in it but if PDP has a hand in it, I will say that is a good strategy because you (PDP) also have to make the opposition uncomfortable.”

“They are making you (pointing to himself as a PDP leader) uncomfortable, so why shouldn’t you make them uncomfortable” he asked cheerfully.

African Peoples Congress Seeks Court Order To Bar INEC From Registering APC

The African Peoples Congress (APC) has dragged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to a federal High Court in Abuja challenging the failure of the commission to register the association as a political party.

The party in the suit also prayed the court for an order to prohibit the electoral body from registering any other association with the acronym; APC as a political party pending the hearing and determination of the suit.

The merger of a number of opposition parties into the planned All Progressives Congress (APC) is locked in a bitter battle with the African Peoples Congress (APC) over the acronym being used by both parties.

In the suit filed on Tuesday by the acting chairman of the African Peoples Congress and 29 others, the party is seeking a declaration that INEC lacks the discretionary power to refuse registering an association as a political party having met the conditions for registration.

The suit is also seeking a declaration that the plaintiffs being the principal members and promoters of the association known as the African Peoples Congress have met all conditions of eligibility for registration of APC as a political party.

They also prayed the court for an order directing INEC to register the association known as and called the African Peoples Congress as a political party.

No date has been fixed for the hearing of the suit.

We’ll Continue Our Plans With Or Without INEC Registration – Rival APC

The Chairman of the African Peoples Congress (APC), Michael Ikeagwuonu on Wednesday said that the association will continue with its plans whether or not the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) registers it as a political party.

Mr Ikeagwuonu, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, accused the members of the merged political parties of conniving with the legal unit of INEC to pick holes in the APC’s application.

INEC had on Monday rejected the application by the APC insisting that the association breached Section 222 (a) of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended.

Mr Ikeagwuonu said his association had earlier raised the alarm that INEC had plotted to deny them registration with no reason and that they would resist any of such attempts and would also contest it even up to the Supreme Court level.

He said, “Whether there is Kangaroo policy or aberration of the constitution, I want to say that anybody who thinks that by denying us this registration at this point in time has thrown the door open for anybody to take our party, or to take our name, or take our acronym is displaying complete arid naivety.”

APC Berates INEC Over Non-registration

The African People’s Congress has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of complicity in its non-registration as it has not tendered any cogent reasons for not doing so.

The party said that despite INEC’s intent to frustrate the APC by not registering it, the APC will go ahead with its plans to conduct its first party primaries and also support a candidate for the Anambra State elections in 2014.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja on Monday, the interim chairman of the party, Chief Michael Ikeagwuonu accused INEC of truncating the party’s effort to get registered without giving any reasons for its action.

Chief Ikeagwuonu said the party would not be bullied into submission but will rather fight for its registration even if it means getting to the Supreme Court in the legal fight.

Merger Party’s Fate On Brink As African People’s Congress Unveils Manifesto, Constitution

The fate of the much publicized proposed merger, All Progressive Congress (APC) has been called to question following the official unveiling of the logo, slogan, manifesto and constitution of a new party, African People’s Congress with the same acronym.

The African People’s Congress (APC), has celebrated the public unveiling of the political party, and the official opening of the National headquarters of the party in Abuja.

Officials, members and supporters of the party, gathered at plot 983 Garki, opposite the main gate of Apo legislative quarters, where the national head offices of the party is located.

The party official red colored flags and emblem could be seen on the building as party members also wore red face caps and red mufflers.

In a prepared speech, the acting chairman of the party, Onyinye Michael Ikeagwuonu described the merger of major opposition political parties, ACN, CPC, ANPP and others as “simply an amalgam of people that must rule.”
He added that “they are largely part of the same over-recycled crop of power mongers that have plagued Nigeria with their abysmal misrule and maladministration.”

“The corruption in these parties often rubs off on their legislators in the National Assembly, with clear reflection on the quality of legislation churned out from our hallowed chambers,” he added.

Later in an interview with journalists, the legal adviser of the party, Kingsley Nnadi, said the fulfilment of the African People’s Congress in submitting its intention to register the party after passing other requirement of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), put to rest any controversy over the acronym (APC), of the Party.

According to him, “I believe the unveiling of the party has finally put to rest the contention of over the acronym APC. We are waiting for their response within thirty days, because we have fulfilled every stipulated requirement in the electoral act.”

He refused to answer question on the fake office address submitted to INEC in their application to register the party, responding that, “are we not here now at the head office of the party?”

He claimed that the party has offices in 26 states of the federation, and more offices were being opened and also said they were not in any way affiliated to the ruling PDP

Questions are rife on the minds of many over the sudden appearance of this party, complete with a constitution and manifesto as to whether this is an orchestrated attempt to cripple the success of the proposed merger and who are the real powers behind this new party. But with 2015 still ahead, this is seen to be just the beginning of interesting events to unfold

INEC Is Misleading Nigerians On African Peoples Congress Application – ACN

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of misleading Nigerians and engaging in bare-faced lies with the manipulation of facts by claiming that a ‘phantom African Peoples Congress has applied to the commission for registration.

The ACN in a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, stated that claim by the spokesperson of INEC Chairman, Mr. Kayode Idowu, on the application of the African Peoples Congress as a political party is false and not supported by the relevant sections of the Electoral Act because the party has “only written a letter of intent, which has not even been discussed by INEC, not to talk of the commission taking any decision on it.”

The INEC official had stated on Monday that the African Peoples Congress has applied to the electoral body to be registered as a political party with the acronym APC which clashes with the planned political merger of a number of opposition parties. The merger; All Progressive’s Congress also bares the same APC acronym.

The opposition further adds that the phantom party is being sponsored by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in connivance with the electoral body to thwart the merger plans of the merging political parties.

According to the ACN, which is one of the merging parties, “no party today with the acronym APC has applied to INEC to be registered, adding that even the phantom African Peoples Congress – which is being sponsored by the PDP to lay claim to the acronym – has only written a letter of intent, which has not even been discussed by INEC, not to talk of the commission taking any decision on it.

”The statement credited to Mr Idowu is therefore reckless and provocative” ACN laments as it further alleges that it “clearly betrays INEC as truly having merged with the PDP to frustrate the merger of the progressives under the banner of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC).”

“One wonders who the spokesman is speaking for and what interest he represents. He should therefore be called to order before he sets the country ablaze” the statement warned.

In order to debunk INEC’s claim that the phantom African Peoples Congress has applied for registration, ACN quoted Section 78 (1) and Section 78 (2) of the Electoral Act that are relevant to party registration.

-Part V Political Parties of the Electoral Act, Section 78 (1) says: “A political association that complies with the provision of the Constitution and this Act for the purposes of registration shall be registered as a political party, provided that such application shall be duly submitted to the Commission not later than 6 months before a general election.”

-Section 78 (2) which says: “The Commission shall on receipt of the documents in fulfilment of the conditions stipulated by the Constitution immediately issue the applicant with a letter of acknowledgement stating that all necessary documents have been submitted to the Commission”

”In this case the applicants on behalf of the phantom African Peoples Congress, the clients of Legal World Chambers, have not submitted any of the documents stipulated by the Constitution to the Commission. They have only written a letter of intent and therefore INEC could not have issued them any letter of acknowledgment, not to talk of starting the process of verifying the documents.”

”At this point they cannot even be regarded as applicants. Why then did INEC through its spokesperson gleefully go to the media to proclaim that another political association has applied to be registered as African Peoples Congress using the same acronym APC?” ACN asked.

The party further called attention to Section 78 (6) of the Electoral Act, which says “an application for registration as a political party shall not be processed unless there is evidence of payment of administrative fee as may be fixed from time to time by the Commission”

ACN said it is aware that the applicants in question have not even paid any administrative fees and therefore INEC could not have commenced processing their application, because there is no application before INEC as they have only written a letter of intent.

”The INEC spokesperson who announced to the world that another political association has applied to be registered as APC is therefore definitely being paid by the PDP to mislead Nigerians, subvert extant regulations and scuttle the proposed merger of the ACN, ANPP, APGA and CPC. He should immediately be called to order before he sets the country ablaze,” the party said.

He said what has emerged over the registration issue is that INEC is in cahoots with the PDP to stampede the merging parties to commit errors and also intimidate them to drop the acronym APC.

It however stated that ”as of today in accordance with the provisions of S. 78 (2) and S. 78 (6) of the Electoral Act as explained above, there is no applicant on record for the acronym APC, contrary to the deceit being spread by the INEC spokesman.”

INEC’s Knowledge of Merger Plans

ACN also alerted Nigerians to the fact that INEC has had a constructive knowledge of the merger plan and the existence of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for a long time, going by statements credited to the INEC spokesman both in the print and the electronic media.

On Feb. 17th 2013, Mr. Idowu was quoted and reported to have said that the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) remained a political association, even though it is yet to be recognized by the commission.

“By law, we do not expect APC to come to INEC. The political parties that are fusing into another party will individually and respectively come back to INEC, notifying us that they are fusing into a party with a new identity,” ACN quoted Mr. Idowu to have said told a newspaper.

”The same Idowu also told TVC news on Feb. 8th 2013 that INEC was expecting the leadership of the All Progressives’ Congress to apply for formal documentation. With these statements, it is clear that INEC has always had a constructive knowledge of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) since the merger plan started, and that the emerging party did not have to do anything until all the component parties have held their conventions and ratified the constitution, manifesto and logo of the APC.”

”We are therefore using this medium to assure the millions of our supporters within and outside Nigeria that there is no cause for alarm. The merger process is on course. The All Progressives’ Congress that is the legitimate people’s APC will berth safely and deliver Nigerians from the oppressive yoke of the PDP.”

It however called for vigilance on the part of all progressive forces across the country, ”especially because we have it on good authority that a top official of INEC has boasted that the emergence of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) will be frustrated at all costs”.