Expert Recommends Upgrade In Nigeria’s Market Security System

Expert Recommends Upgrade In Markets Security System

A Security Consultant, Captain Umar Aliyu (Rtd), has called for an upgrade in the security system of markets in Nigeria.

Speaking on Sunrise Daily on Thursday, Mr Aliyu expressed worry over the current situation in which markets in the northeast have become easy targets for suicide bombers.

“There will be incidents like that, depending on what you know and what you have done about what you know.

“If you juxtapose the positions and took the side of a suicide bomber, I have been able to see across these major incidents of Kano Central Mosque, Kano Motor Park, the last one and all of the major ones. I have been able to see that they actually exploit loop holes that we look at as trivial,” Aliyu said.

He also decried the rate at which the Boko Haram insurgents use girls and women to carry out the nefarious acts, calling for measures to curtail such incidents.

“The frequency with which girls are being used now is such that at any security post, a young woman, a female in hijab should start blinking red. I hear people say they came in SUV, they were four or six, they dropped two; that shows you that something happened and people took note up till the time they came.

“They even know the car that bought them, who dropped them, but then, how would we not have done something that should have informed of if they were carrying something or not?” Aliyu questioned.

Criticizing the poor state of market security in the country, he said, “Basically, we are looking at a situation where the markets have to actually need to upgrade.

“We run our market pretty much how it was run probably when my grandmother was a trader, nothing has changed but do not forget that the crime trends have upgraded,” he said.

He called for security measures that would be driven by traders in the markets, adding that law enforcement agencies would be regulators.

The security expert’s statement came after a suicide bombing killed 11 in Kano and another blast in Yola killed 34, while 80 others were left injured.

President Muhammadu Buhari subsequently stressed the need for increased vigilance among the civilian population to help ward off suicide terror attacks on soft targets around Nigeria.

Nigerian Military, Foreign Assistance And Corruption: Security Experts Discuss Issues

Military-Nigeria2Security experts, Ona Ekhomu, Dare Ogunlana and Captain Umar Aliyu (Rtd), on Saturday discussed the issues surrounding terrorism in Nigeria, examining the agitations concerning the capability of the Nigerian military to rescue 234 abducted schoolgirls, combat and overcome the Boko Haram insurgency, the suspicions over foreign aid provided by America and other countries and alleged corruption in the Army.

Mr Ona Ekhomu, who commended the on-going search and high level investigation, said the Army should be assessed based on progress made since the foreign experts arrived, noting that there was no progress made before then.

“The security problem is the unknown location of the girls. You have to find them first making rescue a secondary activity,” he said, adding that technical help from foreign assistance will help locate the before the soldiers are sent in for the rescue.

On suspicions that the foreign assistance given by the international community, especially America was an excuse to take over the country’s military apparatus, Ekhomu said the Americans are not to take control of the security apparatus and the Nigerian military is in the driver’s seat.

He stressed that the foreign experts were offering technical help which Nigeria lacked.

On his part, Dare Ogunlana, said “we have everything, that capability of stopping the insurgency and conducting the search” for the missing girls but regarded it as unwise to reject the offer of the international community.

He insisted that the nation had failed, for so long a time, to put the right peg in the right hole, question the Army on how it spends the security vote and deal with alleged corruption within the Army.

He however maintained that the various issues concerning the Army would not affect the search but added that some level of dialogue with the insurgents would be needed for the rescue mission to succeed.

“If we want to get these girls alive, it is important also to use diplomacy,” he said.

He called on President Goodluck Jonathan to be mature in tackling the issue of terrorism. “As a Commander In Chief, you have to be able to motivate your men”.

Meanwhile, Captain Umar Aliyu (Rtd), commented on the shooting of a General Officer Commanding by his subordinates, disclosing that the incident did happen.

According to him, there were internal battles in the Army that the Americans cannot fight, an example of which is the act of mutiny by the soldiers.

Contrary to Ekhomu’s belief that shooting was an emotional outburst from the soldiers and was not as a result of corruption and ill-treatment in the military, Aliyu said the foot soldiers, who are at the end of the event chain, made a statement by shooting at their commander.

“The soldiers may be tried for mutiny but the commander has questions to answer,” he stated, noting that the soldiers were being shortchanged and their welfare not taken care of adequately.

“Those boys need to have better toys to fight with but they don’t.” he said, maintaining that the government may keep running away from the issues, but there are a lot of things that need to be in order at the Defence Ministry level.

On the attacks by villagers against Boko Haram members, Aliyu said it was evidence of citizens losing trust in the government and warned that such a trend has its downside.

Mandela Did Not Die, He Ascended – Captain Aliyu

Following the news of South Africa’s hero, Nelson Mandela, passing away at the age of 95, a security consultant, Captain Umar Aliyu (Rtd), on Friday said that the anti-apartheid champion did not die (spiritually) but only ascended.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, he described the late icon as “the greatest African man I know” and added that he “has ascended.”

“I won’t accept the use of the word dead. He ascended.”

Nelson Mandela had been at the fore-front of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and following the victory of the crusade, he emerged the first black president of the nation.

Speaking about his popularity in the world, Mr Umar said Mandela was more popular than the South African Rand.

“I don’t even believe he is dead. Not in the spiritual sense.

Some people just transcend death. Some people rubbish death.

He will be more popular in death than when he was alive as “he cannot die”.

Mr Aliyu said that Mandela gave account of all the 95 years he spent on Earth and added that those who are privileged to live for almost a century, should be able to do something significant.

“He stood for peace, truth and equality.”

He praised Madiba for refusing to be South Africa’s President for Life but choosing to rule for one term after emerging as the first black president.

Hope For A Nigerian Madiba

While praising Mandela’s attributes, Mr Aliyu expressed his desire to see more selfless leaders in Nigeria, adding that, “it is my heart’s song that somewhere among our leaders, we should also be able to bring about a Mandela.” “Selflessness became his (Mandela) brand name.”

Making a comparison between the kind of politics Mandela played and the kind Nigerian politicians play in contemporary times, Umar said “in my opinion, our politics has been tending more towards comedy than anything else.”