Nigeria Needs Unified Communication To Defeat Insurgency

Innocent-ChukwumaA criminologist has recommended a review of the communication strategy being used in Nigeria’s war on terror.

Mr Innocent Chukwuma was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, March 1, and he considered Nigeria’s efforts to contain the activities of the Boko Haram insurgents in the northeast.

He said that the fight against the insurgents had been carried out as “something security forces alone do” while other citizens go on with their normal lives.

“The whole country should be involved in all of these and it is not something you respond to by simply increasing the capacity of security forces.

“You also have to address the socio-economic underpinnings of the crisis. A lot of people have talked about a comprehensive strategy in response to terrorism that includes protection of civilians, addressing educational needs and economic foundations of all of these crises,” he stressed.

Mr Chukwuma, who works with the Ford Foundation, believes that the economic challenges facing many Nigerians and the inequality in the access to quality life were major factors responsible for the security challenges.

He admitted that the situation was complicated, emphasising that the Nigerian Government was facing a major challenge. The criminologist also insisted that their efforts needed to be complimented by a communication strategy that would tell Nigerians what was truly happening.

“This is not something you put a deadline to how soon you can solve it because you really do not control all the variables,” he said.

Mr Chukwuma spoke further on the progress made by the Nigerian military and gave more recommendations on winning the war against Boko Haram.

Criminologist Challenges Federal Government To Tackle Insurgency Fast

Femi OdekunleA criminologist, Femi Odekunle has challenged  the Federal Government to tackle the prolonged issue of insurgency disturbing the country fast.

This is following the recent attack on the students of the Government Senior Science, Secondary Sch, Potiskum, Yobe state.

Mr. Odekunle stated that if the government does not take immediate measure in tackling these insurgency, such incident may occur again.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Mr. Odekunle mentioned that some international bodies might have a hand in the attacks, adding that Adamawa used to be part of Cameroon and Chad is also close to the borders.

Mr. Odekunle also noted that the “government should have declared total war so that Nigerians and the world will know that Nigeria is at war, this should have been done two years ago”.

He expressed dissatisfaction at the government’s effort in fighting insurgency, and questioned if the borders are properly monitored.

Mr. Odekunle advised the government to put as much effort and resources it has used in the forth coming 2015 general elections to stop the menace and to give adequate backing to the military, by providing them with equipments in fighting the war.

Decaying Police College: Criminologist Calls For Soul-searching

A Nigerian criminologist and member of the Cleen Foundation, Chukwuma Innocent, has said that the deplorable state of the Nigeria Police training center calls for ‘soul searching’ on the part of the Government.

Mr. Chukwuma, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast show, Sunrise Daily, aired his views about President Jonathan’s visit to the Police College, the first of its kind in 70 years.

He stated that the deplorable condition of the infrastructure raises questions about what is made priority in the country.

Mr. Chukwuma who described this period as ‘soul-searching’ for the government advised that the Government should visit its records and retrace its steps to determine where things went wrong. In his words, “this is not a time for witch-hunting … or pointing fingers at imaginary enemies.”

He expressed his hopes about the Government’s attention and said that “this should be a threshold below which we should not fall below again as far as training and preparing critical institutions of state to perform effectively.”

He also mentioned that the shocking state of the institution will have impact on the coming elections and that this is a time for the Jonathan-led administration to deliver on its promises.

Quality Of Policing Is Determined By Government — Criminologist

A professor of criminology from the University of Jos, Etannibi Alemika has said  that the quality of governance in a country is what determines the quality of police and policing available in a society.

Professor  Alemika who has been a member of one of the police reform committee since 2006 said the police cannot be reformed independently without reforming the polity as the security body is derived from the polity

‘The starting point for us should be, we cannot reform the police independent of the polity because the direction for policing is derived from the polity, and the quality of governance determines the quality of policing and police in the society”


Watch complete interview for more details.


Expert says FG not serious in equipping Police to fight Boko Haram

A criminologist and member of the Cleen Foundation, Innocent Chukwuma on Tuesday said the Federal government is not serious in equipping the police with the required arsenal to combat crimes and terrorism in Nigeria.

Mr Chukwuma, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, wondered why it is taking the Federal government so much time to produce a white paper on the report of the Presidential Committee on the Reorganisation of the Nigeria Police which was submitted on Tuesday August 14, 2012.

He said: “While the committee is sitting to draw up the white paper, we saw last week Wednesday and Thursday, the Minister of Police Affairs brought in Accenture Management group to come up with some fancy slides about road map in reforming the police.

“We are asking on what basis is this map since the white paper has not come out. Could it be that because the Ministry was recommended for scrapping in the Perry Osayende report that he wanted to come up with a parallel thing?”

The criminologist said this move by the Ministry of Police Affairs gives a hint that there is no coordination and seriousness by the government in fighting crime and terrorism in Nigeria.

The Police Force must be remodelled – Criminologist

The Nigeria Police Force needs to be remodelled, to be able to perform to expectation.

This was the suggestion of Mr. Innocent Chukwuma, a Nigerian criminologist, who was a guest on our breakfast programme Sunrise Daily.

According to him, there are several agencies in the country that have duplicated functions of the police force and “these agencies tend to perform better than the police itself because they are better catered for”, hence the urgent need to remodel the nation’s security outfit.

He called for the setting up of a committee to address this anomalies and the criminologist also threw his weight being the creation of state police.