Boko Haram Kills Five In Niger Republic

Niger Republic, Boko HaramSuspected Boko Haram militants have killed five people in a village in Southeastern Niger Republic close to its border with Nigeria.

The insurgents are reported to have ridden into the village on camels at night and opened fire.

However, the attack was repelled by a civilian militia in the commune of Toumour, about 75 km (47 miles) from the regional capital Diffa.

The attackers also burned houses and left several other people wounded.

Diffa region has been targeted several times by the insurgents who usually come on foot or in vehicles.

Most of the territories previously seized by the terrorists in the Northeastern parts of Nigeria have been liberated by the Nigerian military supported by troops from Niger and Chad.

Nigerien Troops Withdraw From Damasak In Nigeria’s Borno State

Nigerian Troops withdraw from Damasak after clearing Boko HaramSoldiers from Niger Republic have withdrawn from Damasak, a boundary town in northern Borno State, one of the states lately terrorised by Boko Haram.

The withdrawal of soldiers followed recent recapture of the town, considered one of the last strongholds of the outlawed terrorist group by troops of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF).

Troops of the Sector 4 of the MNJTF, with headquarters in Diffa of Niger Republic had successfully cleared and occupied Dutse Village last month.

Theatre Commander of the Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Lucky Irabor, visited the recovered town enroute Mobbar to congratulate and address troops of the 145 battalion for their exploits.

Irabor said the retreating Niger Troops would continue operation on their own side of the border.

“Where is left is only Abadam and Malanfatori.

“We are going there already the troops in Kangarwa are warming up. If not for the rain they would have been in Malanfatori.

“Very soon this operation would be over. All you need to do is keep the instructions we are giving to you,” Major General Irabor told the troops.

Troops of Operation Lafiya Dole first captured Kareto, another stronghold and thereafter linked up with troops of the MNJTF that captured Damasak which has now been occupied by the Operation Lafiya Dole Troops.

MNJTF Set For Counter Insurgency Trans-border War

MNJTFThe Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has collected 10,000 men from the four member countries to fight the counter insurgency trans-border war.

The MNJTF Commander, Major General Lamidi Adeosun, told reporters on Thursday that the collaboration was already yielding positive results.

The Commander cited the recent defeat of insurgents around Banki area of Nigeria, where two Cameroonian soldiers got killed and the mop up of Ndjamena/Gamboru axis as part of the successes recorded.

The task force consists of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger as components of the trans-border operations.

The MNJTF Commander is presently in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital with a team from the member countries, as part of an assessment tour of the various sectors.

The group has demarcated its area of operations into four sectors across the member states for operational purposes.

Sector one is located in Cameroon, sector two in Bagasola of Chad while Baga in Nigeria is identified as sector three, as well as Diffa in Niger Republic is sub sector 3, according to the commander.

Major General Adeosun also told reporters in Maiduguri that the MNJTF consisted of professionals, with regards for human rights and the Rules Of Engagement in line with best practices.

About 25 Dead In Boko Haram Raid In Niger Republic

Boko Haram-NigerNiger Republic military officials say about 25 people have been killed in a Boko Haram attack on a village in southern Niger and subsequent clashes between the militants and the Army.

Fighters from the militants killed five civilians in their initial attack on the village located in the Bosso District.

The Niger Republic military officials added that the soldiers drove back the militants, killing around 20 of them.

“The situation is under control and we are carrying out clean-up operations,” he added.

Boko Haram has ramped up cross-border attacks into Niger, Chad and Cameroon from its strongholds in northeastern Nigeria in recent months.

Almost a third of Diffa’s nearly 600,000 inhabitants have been displaced by the violence.

15 Killed In Nigerien Boko Haram Attack

Boko HaramThe terrorist group Boko Haram has attacked the town N’gourtoi, a Nigerien village, sharing borders with Yobe State.

A village head and 14 other civilians were reportedly killed in the attack.

Mr Hassan Ardo, an official with the Diffa State Governor’s Office, told journalists that the attackers burnt down 22 houses and wounded many other residents.

The region is said to have suffered deadly attacks by Boko Haram, a terror group linked to Al-Qaeda.

Niger is a part of a military coalition with Chad, Benin Republic, Cameroon and Nigeria, called the Multinational Join Task Force (MNJTF), to combat Boko Haram, which has waged a war against Nigeria since 2009.

Two Chadian Army Helicopters Bomb Boko Haram Positions

Boko_Haram_Gombe_AttackTwo Chadian army helicopters bombed Boko Haram positions on Sunday, killing several dozen militants near a village on the border with Niger, a senior Niger military official told Reuters.

Niger and Chadian soldiers have been fighting the Islamist militants in a joint mission with Nigeria and Cameroon since March 2, in a bid to end Boko Haram’s six-year insurgency in north-east Nigeria.

The helicopters destroyed several vehicles and motorcycles carrying fighters in the village of Djaboullam, which lies east across the border from the Niger town of Diffa, the Niger officer said.

“Niger and Chad had received intelligence that a group of Boko Haram fighters had gathered in the border village,” the officer said.

The Niger military officer, who requested anonymity, said Boko Haram fighters had moved to Djaboullam after they were chased from other towns by the Nigerian army.

Militants were also gathering in other border towns from where they routinely launch mortar rounds into Niger, he said.

“We know they are massing in Malam Fatori, waiting for us to come,” he said, referring to another north-east town about three kilometers (2 miles) from Bosso, the nearest town across the border in Niger.

The regional offensive launched this year came as Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and biggest economy, prepares to hold elections on March 28.

The offensive has succeeded in driving the militants from several towns and districts they previously held. Chad and Niger forces captured the town of Damasak from the militants last week.

Boko Haram Remote-Control Bomb Kills Two Niger Soldiers

boko-haram-leaderA bomb planted and remotely detonated by Boko Haram militants near the southeastern Niger town of Diffa killed two soldiers and wounded a third on Wednesday, military sources said.

It was the first time Niger’s army has reported being attacked with such a device since it launched a campaign with Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria this year against the Islamist group.

The Boko Haram terrorist group has killed thousands it its bid to set up an Islamist state in its heartland of northeast Nigeria. It has also launched a series of cross-border incursions in recent months into Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

“We had two soldiers killed on Wednesday in a remote-controlled explosion. We took up the chase and killed the two militants responsible for the attack” near a bridge over the Kamadougou river, a officer from Niger said.

In a separate attack, armed men on a motorbike killed at least two people in Kerawa, in the Far North region of Cameroon, on Tuesday around 2 p.m. (1300 GMT), according to a Cameroon army officer who declined to be identified.

“We think it was a revenge killing. We suspect that a deal went wrong between the two people who were killed and Boko Haram. That’s the only way to explain their presence in that frontier zone,” the officer said.

Chad’s army, considered one of the best in the region and backed by a strong air force, first deployed to help Cameroon fend off Boko Haram and is now pressing southwest into Nigerian territory after re-capturing the border town of Gambaru last month.

Boko Haram Attacks Village In Chad

Boko HaramBoko Haram fighters attacked a village in Chad on Friday, the first known lethal attack in that country by the militant group, which killed several people including a local chief according to residents and security forces.

Dozens of militants arrived by motorised canoe at the fishing village on the shores of Lake Chad early in the morning, setting houses ablaze and attacking a police station.

“They came on board three pirogues and succeeded in killing about ten people before being pushed back by the army,” said a resident of the village of Ngouboua, about 20 km (12 miles) east of the Nigerian border.

A spokesman for the armed forces said that five Chadians were killed on Friday, including local chief Mai Kolle, a police officer and three civilians.

“We sent in our air force and they neutralised the three pirogues. We are still combing the area,” he said.

United Nations refugee agency spokesman, Adrian Edwards, told reporters in Geneva that residents have been fleeing the village and a Chadian humanitarian vehicle was attacked as it tried to escape.

In Niger, thousands fled the border town of Diffa this week after a wave of raids and suicide attacks.

Boko Haram insurgents, including a suspected female suicide bomber, also attacked one town and two villages in Nigeria’s Borno State on Thursday, killing several people according to security, hospital sources and witnesses.

Nigeria has postponed its presidential election, that had been due on Saturday February 14, for six weeks, citing the security threat from Boko Haram.

Chad’s army has joined a regional offensive against Boko Haram and says it has killed hundreds of fighters in the past fortnight.

In a bid to contain Boko Haram, which has killed thousands and kidnapped hundreds in its five-year revolt, President Idriss Deby’s government mediated peace talks between the Nigerian government and the group last October.

The negotiations sought to secure the release of 200 schoolgirls from Nigeria’s Chibok but Boko Haram later said it had married off the schoolgirls to its fighters.

Chad is also the base for a French regional counter-insurgency operation “Barkhane” which provides intelligence and logistical support to the Chadian army.

Niger Army Repels Second Boko Haram Attack In Diffa

DESERT SHIELDThe Niger Army had on Sunday, repelled a second attack by Boko Haram on the border town of Diffa, a day before its parliament votes on whether to join a regional offensive against the Nigerian Islamist group.

Military sources said several people were killed during the furious early morning fighting, when Boko Haram gunmen made an unsuccessful attempt that was repelled by the army, to advance toward the town. Residents also confirmed hearing heavy weapons fire.

Some hours later, an explosion in Diffa’s market killed at least one person, left 20 injured but six of them in a critical condition, a Doctor in the town hospital reported.

Residents had initially said the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber. Nevertheless, the Defense Minister, Mahamadou Karijo, in a visit to pay homage to soldiers killed in Friday’s attack in Diffa, said the detonation was due to a stray shell.

“This morning, there was shelling by the terrorists but unfortunately, a shell fell on the market. There was one person killed and six wounded.

“The situation is under control and we hope that tomorrow parliament will authorize us to go on the offensive,” Karijo stated, accompanied by his Chadian counterpart.

An emergency services worker had earlier reported that at least five people died in the attack. Authorities imposed a curfew in the town from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. (1400 ET to 0000 ET).

Neighboring Chad had deployed some 2,500 troops to Niger’s southern border region and to Cameroon ahead of a planned military offensive by regional powers against Boko Haram.

Niger’s parliament would vote on Monday on a proposal to send its troops to Nigeria to help fight Boko Haram.

The governments of Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Benin and Niger had on Saturday, agreed to establish an 8,700 strong regional force.

Chadian forces already crossed into Nigeria last week to the south of Lake Chad to attack Boko Haram in the town of Gambaru, bordering Cameroon.

In several towns across Cameroon, tens of thousands of people came out to the streets on Saturday to show their support for the army in the struggle against Boko Haram.

The Islamist group has killed scores of civilians and soldiers in cross-border attacks in recent months, including more than 50 in the town of Fotokol last week in an obvious retaliation for the Gambaru offensive.

Boko Haram had seized territory in north-eastern Nigeria as part of a five-year insurgency to carve out an Islamist state on the territory of Africa’s biggest economy and top oil producer. About 10,000 people were killed last year.

Political analysts say the rebellion had been fueled by anger over government neglect of the destitute corner of the arid Sahel region, which has also been struck by severe drought in recent years.

Boko Haram Kills 15 In North Eastern Nigerian Town

Boko_haram1Suspected Islamist militants opened fire in a town in northeast Nigeria, killing at least 15 people, witnesses and a security source said.

The attack on Monday night targeted Kautikari, near the Cameroon border, just 10 km (6 miles) from the village of Chibok, where more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted in April.

“The were about twenty, well-armed. They came in four-wheel drive vehicles and some motorcycles. Initially, I thought they were soldiers,” survivor Jonah Umaru told Reuters News Agency by telephone.

“The man running behind me was gunned down as I was fleeing. Afterwards, there were 15 people lying dead in the streets.”

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnapped 172 women and children and killed 35 other people this month near the same area.

Violence by Boko Haram, which is fighting to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria, has killed 10,340 people this year, according to a count by the Council on Foreign Relations last month.

The five-year-old insurgency has also displaced more than a million people from the northeast.

Cameroon’s army said it had killed at least 41 Boko Haram militants as it fought off a wave of attacks along its border with Nigeria over the weekend.

Niger’s Interior Minister Hassoumi Massaoudou told the National Assembly on Tuesday the country is ready to negotiate with Boko Haram but did not know who in the group to address.

“We want this war stopped. If we can talk with them to stop what’s happening in Nigeria, why not,” he said, adding that one objective would be to secure the release of the schoolgirls.

Niger’s southwestern Diffa region, which borders Nigeria’s Borno State at the heart of the insurgency, has seen the arrival of more than 87,000 refugees since May of last year, according to Niger authorities.