FG Renegotiates Lagos-Calabar Rail Contract

Railway-NigeriaThe Federal Government of Nigeria said on Friday that it has renegotiated the contract for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Railway Project.

During a contract signing ceremony in Abuja, the Minister of Transport, Mr Chibuike Amaechi, revealed that the contract was reviewed for $11.117 billion from the $11.917 billion agreed with the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The reduction in contract sum is attributed to drop in prices of key materials such as steel among others.

On the funding of the project, the Minister said that funding would not pose any hindrance to the smooth commencement and final completion of the project.

The project was part of the controversial points during the budget impasse between the executive and legislature earlier in the year.

The executive had accused the legislature of removing the project from the budget but the legislators said the project was never added to the budget.

Senate, Reps Are United On 2016 Budget – Senator Abdullahi

2016 budgetThe Chairman Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Senator Aliyu Abdullahi, maintains that the Senate and House of Reps are united in their decisions on the 2016 budget and that there is no disagreement between the two chambers.

This is following the recent controversy on the passing of 2016 budget.

Speaking in an interview, the lawmaker said everybody agrees that the Lagos-Calabar rail line project is important and something must be done to address its omission in the budget.

“Overall, let me be very clear, we are very united on this subject matter, we are not averse to that project and we are in total support of that project.

“The question remains that yes its been omitted, what do we do? I think that is where we should begin to put our energy,” he said.

He gave the assurance that both the Senate and House of Reps are committed to ensuring good governance in the country.

“Nigerians shouldn’t think we are on different pages… We want to assure Nigerians that our successful working together within us first internally – within the chambers and between the two chambers, is key to the progress that can be achieved.

“Then the National Assembly and the Executive; our successful working¬†relationship is key to the progress that can be made and I think Nigerians should help us to promote that, rather than trying to throw issues that will rather create disharmony and divisions.”