Adamawa Governorship: Purported Stay Of Execution May Not Have Been Filed – Lawyer

Liborous Oshomah.A Nigerian lawyer has said that the stay of execution claimed to have been filed by the lawyer of the former acting governor of Adamawa State, Mr Umaru Fintiri, may not have been filed at all or was not filed at the right time.

Mr Liborous Oshomah told Channels Television on Friday that the stay of execution would have been adhered to if the counsel to Mr Fintiri had filed the request for stay in the court immediately the judgement was delivered.

After the judgement was delivered, Mr Fintiri said he had directed his lawyer, Mr Bayo Ojo, to file an appeal, a statement Mr Oshomah said showed that the appeal and stay was not submitted in court.

“The counsel to the former acting governor should have prepared his appeal and a request for a stay of execution in the court and served relevant persons before leaving the court. That would have made the swearing-in of Mr Bala Ngilari impossible.

“What some lawyers do is that they take their laptop to the court, draft an appeal and a stay of execution right there in the court. And then before the appeal, the election would have been held and the rest would completely be destroyed.

“Swearing-in the governor has destroyed the purported rest, but if the court of appeal rules that the governor had properly resigned and so the speaker remains the acting governor pending when a by-election is conducted, then Mr Fintiri will be reinstated,” Mr Oshomah explained.

Contradicts the law

On whether the court’s judgement was right, he stated that the court’s decision based on the Nigerian constitution was right, as the “law states that the deputy governor can only forward his resignation letter to the governor”.

The court had ruled that Mr Ngilari did not properly resign and had asked the former acting governor to vacate the position.

The said letter of resignation was collected by Mr Fintiri while he was the speaker of the State House of Assembly, a process that court says contradicts the provision of the law.

“If you also look at the whole issue, I have had cause to listen to the argument of the council that was here before me and the question you will ask is; if you intend to resign and rather than giving the letter to your boss you give the letter to your cook, will your cook now say because I have received the resignation letter that you have resigned?”

“If the law says the letter must be addressed to your boss and as at the time the letter was collected by the speaker, Mr Murtala Nyako, (the impeached governor) was still the governor of the state then the right process was not followed. If the letter is not addressed to you, you cannot act on it. The role of the speaker in all of this is that he ought to be a gate-keeper pending when an election is conducted,” the lawyer said.

He further said that there were underlying political intrigues in the issue, but insisted that he would not talk about them.

The lawyer, however, warned that if the issues were not properly handled, the masses would bear the brunt.

Legal Practitioner Calls For Restructuring Of Nigerian Constitution

A Lawyer, Liborous Oshomah has called for the restructuring of the 1999 Constitution to enable the country move forward and attain  “True Federalism” as practiced by the United States of Americavlcsnap-2014-04-30-09h25m22s96

He said that restructuring has to start from the constitution to ensure that power starts from the grassroots to the top and not from the top to the bottom.

Speaking on Channels Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Oshomah said that most of the issues surfacing at the ongoing National Conference are issues of revenue control and fiscal federalism,”most of these people sit in the confines of their houses without doing the work they are elected to do but rather dictating how revenues would be shared”, he said.

Mr. Oshomah emphasized the need for the constitution to be restructured, which he said is affecting the progress of the nation adding that the percentage of delegates clamoring for change are less while the ones enjoying the system are the same people that were selected to attend the conference.

He further stated that these recommendations made by the delegates at the end of the conference may not be achieved “some of these recommendations made at the end of the conference when given to the president, the president may say it would be used when the need arises which may lead to  waste of billions on just recommendation, he stressed.

Mr. Oshomah questioned the agenda of the delegates who are negotiating for revenue instead of negotiating for true federalism.

Lawyer says Call For Petroleum Minister’s Probe Is Malicious

Liborous-OshomahA Nigerian Lawyer, Liborous Oshomah, has described the call for the probe of the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison-Madueke, for waste of resources on the arbitrary charter and maintenance of a challenger 850 Aircraft for non-official use, as malicious and aimed at scuttling the second term ambition of the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

A member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Babatunde Adejare, had raised a motion seeking the probe of the minister. 

Mr Oshomah said that the way the motion was presented at the floor of the House showed that there was a motive behind the call for the probe.

He explained that, giving the nature of the Oil and Gas industry, which is not confined in an environment, the minister could make use of a charter plane to be able to meet the demands of the industry.

“Most politicians fly charted jet. The local wing of the Abuja airport has been reserved for private jets; about 45 of them. If you want to discuss the issue of private jet, the House should also focus on every individual using private jet in Nigeria and not just a ministry or agency.

“The way the issue is going, gradually, it will go the same way as other motions,” he said, referring to motions centred on corruption that have been raised in the House of Representatives before now.

diezani Madueke
Lawmaker says the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison-Madueke, is spending ministry’s resources on a jet used for private affairs.

The management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) had reacted to the purported charter of aircraft by the corporation for the personal use of the Minister, saying it did not chartered any aircraft for the exclusive use of the Minister of Petroleum Resources or any particular official of the Corporation.

The NNPC also noted that in consonance with the legal instrument which establishes the Corporation as a commercial entity to engage in the oil and gas sector, the NNPC in course of discharging its statutory and commercial functions engages third parties for the provision of services outside of its core business.

But the lawyer stressed that the NNPC comments showed there could be more questions for the corporation to answer, insisting that both the House of representatives and the NNPC should go beyond window dressing.

“NNPC is like ATM for government and that is why the government will not allow NNPC to run like other organisations,” Mr Oshomah said.

Suggesting what should be done to check the excesses of the corporation, he suggested that the government should make appropriate budget for the NNPC’s expenses to ensure that their expenses are checked.

He also suggested that the government should consider having a national carrier, pointing out that “if that was in place there would be no need for ministers to go chartering jets to take them to where they want to go to”.

He insisted that the minister was being witch-hunted and that the lawmakers should focus on the practice in the industries and not the minister.

“The allegations were just towards 2015 and anything that one can do to win the people’s support,” the lawyer stated.

Mr Oshomah further stressed the need for proper investigation into the allegation, saying that and that the minister should be punished if found guilty.


Analysts List Faults In Sanusi’s 5 Year Tenure As CBN Governor

Legal practitioners, Liborous Oshomah and Kenneth Odidika on Saturday listed what they found wrong in Lamido Sanusi’s five year reign as Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, while speaking on Channels Television’s Saturday breakfast programme, Sunrise.

Oshomah, who was of the opinion that the government fell out of favour with Sanusi, argued that the suspended governor’s tenure was characterised by crisis and inconsistencies.

While praising the former CBN Governor, Charles Soludo, for managing challenges without raising alarms, Oshomah stressed that many of the decisions taken by Sanusi, while in office, were controversial.

He also mentioned the issue of the banking crisis which resulted in several banks folding up and thousands of workers being laid off, stressing that banks are still unable to recover from it.

While commenting on the controversies exposed by Sanusi including the 25% allocation of the national budget to the National Assembly, and the NNPC missing money, Oshomah said the suspended governor waited until the near end of his tenure to hit the government he is a part and parcel of.

“If you want to be a critic of the government, it is better to be out of that government,” he said.

On the inconsistency which trailed the figures released by the CBN as NNPC missing money, Oshomah asked why it took Sanusi so long to raise the alarm and faulted inconsistencies in the figures disclosed, adding that, calculations should have been done privately before going public.

“I think all of this should have been done underground so when you come out with your figures, people would solidly believe you, stand behind you and say that look this man knows what he’s talking about. But the way he went about it showed that all of a sudden the amount went from 49 to 10 billion.

10 billion is much, I agree, but for somebody at that level, I think once you speak we ought to believe.”

Speaking on the powers vested on the CBN governor, Oshomah said the apex bank is not a sovereign on its own and faulted Sanusi for acting as if the CBN was a country on its own and he the president.

On his part, Kenneth Odidika described Sanusi as a “very brilliant man who seemed not to appreciate the enormity of the responsibilities of the office he occupied.”

Odidika went ahead to label the suspended governor a ‘talkative’ whose good diction and spoken English and “musical voice” is mere theatrics ‘from Hollywood.’

“For a central bank governor to be in every forum, talking both about the economy and all things that are not related about the economy, that was unbecoming of Sanusi, as Central Bank Governor. I could go as far as saying that Sanusi was irresponsible in discharging or not discharging his responsibilities as central bank governor.”

Nigerians Deserve an Apology From Our Leaders – Lawyer

A legal practitioner Liborous Oshomah has accused the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo of imposing a government on Nigerians, stating that till date “Nigerians have not recovered from all the misgiving”.

Mr. Oshomah was reacting to a letter reportedly written by the former president to President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said that Nigerian leaders should come before Nigerians and apologise for all of the problems.

Speaking on Channels Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Oshomah said that the issues raised were still topics for discussion but not new to the present government.

“These are issues that have been on ground even before 1999. These are the issues that were raised during Obasanjo’s regime and he called us names,” he said.

Mr. Oshomah emphasised the need to be focused on the issues disturbing the country, by pushing aside all complaints and look for new leaders that would address those issues.

He added that the letter was “a way of diverting the attention of Nigerians to a certain ruling class that they are the messiah to come. This is just the foundation and there are more to come”.

He advised Nigerians to learn how to empower themselves by finding a way of reducing the issues, because the issues have lingered for a long time. “If we say these problem were created by these ruling class should we still continue to contain these ruling class?” he questioned.


Other nPDP Members Yet To Decamp For Fear Of Irrelevance – Oshomah

A legal practitioner, Liborous Oshomah, on Wednesday said that the reason some members of the nPDP are yet to decamp to the APC is because they are afraid they would end up losing out in the struggle for power.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Oshomah averred that the cross carpeting of some PDP governors to the APC would have no political consequences as the Federal Government controls everything including INEC.

He added that elections in Nigeria had not been proper conducted and that majority of the governors were elected through the influence of a god-father.

Oshomah also said that “politics in Nigeria is starved of ideology, as politicians are fond of hopping from one party to another, hence the alliance is not about ideology but about personal interests.”

He stated that the crisis in the ruling party was nothing new as the PDP had always been the PDP’s opposition.

Speaking about the reason some aggrieved members of the PDP are yet to decamp, Oshomah explained that they were aware they would cease to be relevant once they no longer wield power.

Ikorodu: Some Will Benefit From Okada Rider’s Death – Oshomah

A legal practitioner, Liborous Oshomah, has alleged that certain persons of the Nigeria Police will most likely benefit from the death of a young commercial motorcyclist, Olalekan, who was shot dead on Tuesday by a policeman in Ikorodu, Lagos state.

“The issue is nobody is talking about compensation for the family,” but rather people will benefit from the mishap as “committees will be set up to investigate this. Some people will be sent from Abuja, a special squad to investigate. They would stay in a hotel. They would be paid estacode, out of office allowance and all of that and at the end of the day the report will not see the light of day.”

He said this while speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, adding that such incidents happen in other parts of the country regularly but they are hardly made public, probably due to minimal-media presence.

“In other states, it’s happening daily, hardly spoken of.”

Responding to the Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko’s call to aggrieved colleagues of the murdered okada rider to adhere to traffic laws and keep calm, Mr Oshomah said ‘human life’ is the main issue and not traffic laws.

“That’s to tell you the value this people place on human life,” he added.

He also accused the government for placing low value on the lives of citizens which is why the people “find it very convenient these days to put our hope and our lives in the hands of pastors because government has failed in all sectors,” he said.

“The government is culpable” in this case, he said, decrying the public conduct of police officers who in his opinion, should be examined psychologically and trained appropriately before they are empowered with ammunition.

He implied that the policeman assigned to enforce law on the street needs no gun to accomplish it.

The murdered motorcyclist, Olalekan, the only son of his parents was survived by a wife, three children and siblings.

State Police & Nigeria’s Legal Structure

[highlight]With so much uproar from the issue of State policing, notable Nigerians have expressed divergent views on the issue.[/highlight]
Analysts, Liborous Oshomah and Fred Nzeako were on Face Off to take a look at the pros and cons of allowing State Police In Nigeria.

Lawyer Says Confidence In Nigerian Judiciary Is Down, Not Nose-diving

A lawyer, Liborous Oshomah on Wednesday said the confidence of Nigerians on the Judicial system is completely down and not ‘beginning to nosedive’ as the Chief Judge of Nigeria (CJN) Alooma Muktar had asserted.

Mr Oshomah, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, said confidence on a judiciary that had two alleged corrupt principal officer – former Chief Judge of Nigeria, Justice Dahiru Musdapher and President of the Appeals Court, Justice Ayo Salami – can only be said to be down.

Speaking at a refresher course on how to write judgments organised for judges and Khadis by the National Judicial Institute (NJI) on Monday, the CJN said public confidence in justice delivery was beginning to nosedive.

She said: “Let us not deceive ourselves, the public confidence and trust in our work as judicial officers is beginning to nosedive.

“This is partly borne out from judgment emanating from our courts which the public or some section of it feels is rather unconscionable.”

Mr Oshomah however said, “Nose-diving is like begging the question. It is like trying to paint it in an appealing way. When you say nose-diving it means it is going down; it is already down.”

Local Content Policy: Local Businesses should be given more encouragement

The local content policy act which became an act in 2010 with a purpose of increasing the local businesses in Nigeria was a topic to look into on Sunrise Daily today.

Legal analyst Liborous Oshomah was on ground to dicuss with the crew on the local content policy.