Infinix Empowers Young Talents, Breaks Records In Smartphone Market


Infinix is Empowering Young Talents, Setting and Breaking Records in the Smartphone Market.

As smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life today, consumers are actively searching for the best brand to suit their daily tech needs, thanks to technology’s growing advancement. Infinix mobility has been rolling out products ranging from mid-end to high-end devices with carefully crafted designs and unique selling points. With every new device rolled out being a step further in keeping consumers on-trend and up-to-date.

The brand set out to empower several young entrepreneurs in the #EmpoweredByInfinixNote8 campaign. The campaign winner won a million naira for business investment while other entrepreneurs had access to free business training programmes. This grant and initiative helped these young business owners upscale and brand their businesses.



Taking advantage of the Turn Up Friday Show to empower young talents once again, Infinix rewarded a dance challenge winner with the sum of ₦200,000.

                  WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 16.15.57 WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 16.15.57


As a way of rewarding fans for their loyal support through the years, Infinix rewarded fans in the Mega Jackpot Promo with amazing prizes from raffle draws after purchasing select models in their product range. The Mega Jackpot winner turned out to be a welder from Ilorin state who went home with a car worth 7 million naira.


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 16.15.56 (1) WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 16.15.56 (1)

The mobile market seems to be expanding, but Infinix is steadily setting the pace in Nigeria and even in Africa. In May last year, Infinix unveiled the Note 7 in a peculiar online launch featuring celebrities in the entertainment industry. The event was marked with humour and fun while still maintaining focus on the distinctive features of the phone. It was what you could probably call the best online smartphone launch in Africa.

Not too long after that, Infinix launched the first celebrity limited edition device with Davido Note 8 Limited Edition. The launch of this device was another record set as the device was the first to be launched on a celebrity talk show, Rubbin Minds with Ebuka, in Nigeria.




Infinix broke the Guinness World Records for the most people in an online rapping video relay towards the tail end of last year. It involved several entries from various rap enthusiasts across the globe displaying their talents and incorporating punchlines around Infinix in their lyrics.

              First celebrity Smartphone in Sub Sahara Africa: Davido’s special edition of Infinix NOTE 8 First celebrity Smartphone in Sub Sahara Africa: Davido’s special edition of Infinix NOTE 8


Shortly after the launch of Infinix Hot10, Twistberry Labarbian, the Storm X Infinix Hot 10 star challenge winner, topped with the highest number of votes in the social media challenge designed to discover and empower young musical talents. She featured the sensational music artist, Davido in her song and video titled “The Code”, as promised by the brand. The song was later used to promote the Infinix Hot10T challenge on social media, equally designed to discover young musical talents. Her song was well received by fans and gained a lot of traction with features on MTV Base, Beat FM, City FM, and Sound City FM.




The Note 10 series boasts of being the world’s first centre punch screen smartphone. Its online launch featuring favourite celebrities held in June of this year and was laced with exciting experiential booths that showcased the phone’s features. In short, the launch left all that were involved feeling utterly thrilled.

Following the first edition and unveiling the Hot10i (a partnership with Android Go), the Storm X 2.0 edition is ongoing with the hashtag #PowerYourFunWithInfinixHot10i.

The campaign is seeking 6 music talents to reward with ₦500,000 each.



Another way the brand supports the young generation is by employing young and youthful staff to join their workforce in fulfilling the brand’s mission. Infinix continues to show outstanding commitment to the young generation through their various activities all year round.


Picture 12


With Infinix gaining fast popularity, receptiveness, and more ground in the market, it is safe to say that the brand is living up to its promises of empowering users to own innovative technologies and experience intelligent lifestyles. Having this in mind, we’re keeping fingers crossed for what Infinix has for us in the coming year.

Mobile Phone Radiation May Be Killing Insects – German Study

Facebook To Pull VPN App From App Store Over Data Concern


Radiation from mobile phones could have contributed to the dramatic decline in insect populations seen in much of Europe in recent years, a German study showed Thursday.

On top of pesticides and habitat loss, increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation is “probably having a negative impact on the insect world”, according to the study presented in Stuttgart, which is yet to be peer reviewed.

The analysis of 190 scientific studies was carried out by Germany’s Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) together with two NGOs, one from Germany and one from Luxembourg.

Of the 83 studies deemed scientifically relevant, 72 showed that radiation had a negative effect on bees, wasps and flies.

These effects ranged from a reduced ability to navigate due to the disturbance of magnetic fields to damage to genetic material and larvae.

Mobile phone and Wi-Fi radiation in particular opens the calcium channels in certain cells, meaning they absorb more calcium ions.

This can trigger a biochemical chain reaction in insects, the study said, disrupting circadian rhythms and the immune system.

“The study shows that we must keep our eyes open in all directions when analysing the causes of the dramatic insect decline,” said Johannes Enssle, head of NABU in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

“The subject is uncomfortable for many of us because it interferes with our daily habits and there are powerful economic interests behind mobile communication technology,” Enssle said.

Peter Hensinger of the German consumer protection organisation Diagnose Funk said closer attention must be paid to the possible negative effects of radiation on both animals and humans, particularly with regard to the introduction of 5G technology.

Networks equipped with 5G are expected to offer speeds 100 times faster than existing 4G networks, but the technology has been met with strong opposition from some quarters, especially among environmental campaigners.


Huawei Introduces HUAWEI P30 Lite To Nigeria Market




Triple-Camera Smartphone with a 48MP Main Camera help the photography enthusiasts capture the most endearing pictures.

Positioned as the stylish flagship line-up, the HUAWEI P Series recently welcomed a new entry to the family. Exuding the same classy design, the HUAWEI P30 lite is a real treat to the eyes. But it’s far from being just a charmer; powered by Huawei’s innovative technologies including a triple-camera system, HUAWEI P30 lite delivers a highly compelling user experience as well.

The HUAWEI P30 lite is equipped with a triple camera system that includes an ultra-wide-angle lens plus main and secondary cameras. The main camera is a 48MP camera with a f/1.8 wide aperture lens that allows for greater light sensitivity. The third, ultra-wide-angle 8MP camera supports a field of view of up to 120 degrees—twice of that of conventional cameras—allowing users to capture clearer photos and do so with a wider perspective. For less favorable lighting conditions such as when there is too much or too little light, or when the light source is illuminating the subject from the back, users make take advantage of Super Night Mode, which automatically adjusts the settings to compensate for the suboptimal lighting.

With it, users can chronicle their lives with their smartphones at any time of the day.

An Exquisite Look

The elegant design of the HUAWEI P30 lite represents Huawei’s commitment to understanding aesthetics. Every minute detail is meticulously engineered to perfection, and every facet is a reflection of the HUAWEI P30 lite’s understated, but absolute confidence. It is equipped with a 6.15-inch Dewdrop display. The unobtrusive, miniaturized notch gives the display a massive 84.1 percent screen-to-body ratio, and lets it naturally connect with the frame to form perfectly rounded edges that make caressing the device a true pleasure.



HUAWEI P30 lite also adopts a next-generation color manufacturing process. The gradient effect now gets a new mesmerizing sheen, making the device closer to an actual piece of art than ever before. Available in Midnight Black, Pearl White and Peacock Blue, HUAWEI P30 lite offers a choice of three colorways what invokes imagination of its users. Stunningly unique, the HUAWEI P30 lite is a category of its own, representing best-in-class industrial design.

A Marriage of Art and Technology

Since its inception, the HUAWEI P30 lite has always been about driving one message to consumers: A smartphone can be beautifully crafted, lightweight, while simultaneously provide an outstanding photography experience. HUAWEI P30 lite brings technology and art together to deliver a photography experience that rivals even DSLR cameras, without needing the assistance of external accessories.



One of the most exciting features of the HUAWEI P30 lite is its 24MP AI Selfie Camera. With a HUAWEI P30 lite in hand, consumers command a professional team of virtual stylists, comprising makeup artists, gaffers and photographers, who will follow them wherever they go. Raise the HUAWEI P30 lite, and they can take studio-quality images with a tap of a button. From chiseled jawlines, bright eyes to tall noses, every selfie looks better with HUAWEI P30 lite’s 24MP selfie camera. Details are not lost regardless of magnification—anyone can look like a star through the lens of the latest HUAWEI P 30 lite smartphone.

Powerful Software and Hardware to Deliver Stress-Free Gaming and Entertainment.


Underneath its beautiful appearance, the HUAWEI P30 lite is equipped with powerful hardware and software. In terms of hardware, it features the Kirin 710 system on a chip and a massive 128GB storage device. As for software, the device runs on the EMUI 9.0.1 operating system. Combined, they ensure the smoothest, smartest user experience for any scenario.

Today’s youth are more dynamic than any of the generations that come before them. Aimed at catering to this audience, HUAWEI P30 lite offers a novel AI Video Ringtone feature. With it, users may set videos, as opposed to just audio, as their ringtones.

In view of the rise of mobile gaming, HUAWEI P30 lite also features an upgraded version of GPU Turbo. This groundbreaking innovation greatly enhances GPU performance while simultaneously lowering the power consumption of games. This means users can game with better, smoother graphics and for longer periods of time between charges.

HUAWEI P30 lite is Huawei’s third foray into triple-camera smartphones, following the HUAWEI P20 Pro and the HUAWEI Mate 20 Series. Featuring innovative AI technology, premium design and powerful performance, the HUAWEI P30 lite is a worthy new addition to the HUAWEI P Series.

Huawei understands that unique “Naija Swag” that make you standout and stay confident everywhere, that’s why the new Huawei is absolutely a worth-to-buy smartphone. The phone is defined by its top notch performance and trendy design. It offers you bleeding edge technology and also gives you the best qualities you need in a phone.
The HUAWEI P30 lite is now available for NGN99,000. Buy now and get a digital wristband and also enjoy the Airtel Double Data!
Exclusive to SLOT and Airtel

Low-Price, High-Specs: Meet the HUAWEI P30 Lite




With rumours and teasers arriving en masse over the past week, the smartphone industry is buzzing with news about the HUAWEI P30 lite. Huawei’s flagship P series has always been trusted to integrate innovation into every variant in each new generation of line, and this time is no different.



Premium features like stunning FullView Displays, impressive AI, unique gradient finishing and hyper-cutting edge chipsets have steered the expectations of the smartphone industry in recent years.

Huawei’s flagship Mate and P families have certainly helped drive this influence and continue to push the bounds of the industry.

This October, Huawei Nigeria officially announced the release of the New Edition HUAWEI P30 lite, not long after the budget brother in this flagship lineup – the HUAWEI P30 lite – surfaced in public.

Compared with the P30 and the P30 Pro, the P30 lite is aimed at an audience looking to spend a little less, but still have the flagship-level experience they deserve.

How does the HUAWEI P30 lite offer a flagship-level experience? Besides its notably trendy design, the phone’s camera functionality is one of the most attractive points.

The HUAWEI P30 lite is known for its photography chops, especially after the HUAWEI P20 Pro became the world’s first smartphone with triple cameras and Huawei quickly became known for being one of the best in the smartphone photography field. It sports a triple camera setup that is nothing but premium. The 24MP HD lens and 8MP wide-angle sensor altogether offer you a grand photography feast.



Although people have gradually got rid of the concept that pixel is the only element that affects photography quality, pixel size is still an important indicator of a sensor’s quality. The HUAWEI P30 lite features a large f/1.8, 24MP HD main camera with 6P’s 0.9 μm pixel size. What does this mean? Essentially, that every photo will be bright and crystal clear.

For daily use or travel, the HUAWEI P30 lite’s specifications are high enough to meet almost any requirement a customer might have. The light-sensitive HUAWEI P30 lite perfectly produce the sky and scenery in the daytime by adjusting white balance and aperture parameters.

With this capability shortcomings of image quality, like an overexposure or darkness are considerably improved. Meanwhile, thanks to the 24MP sensor, pictures taken by the HUAWEI P30 lite are still satisfactorily clear when zooming in.



The consumer who chooses the HUAWEI P30 lite is often elegant, trendy and international. They love to be the spotlight and live for the bustling nightlife of the city. While taking photos in low light was once a struggle, until Huawei’s smartphone-exclusive Super Night Mode and 4-in-1 light integration technology changed the game forever. With the HUAWEI P30 lite, the memories of your fantastic nightlife can be saved with clear and beautiful pictures.

Memories are precious, and photography is one of the best ways to ensure you keep them forever. With the HUAWEI P30 lite’s 8MP, 120-degree Ultra-Wide angle camera, all the details of your fantastic life can be locked down. Remembering everything from magnificent architecture to grand natural scenery is a little easier when a 120-degree Ultra-Wide angle lens is handily recording them.



This Ultra-Wide angle lens also acts to improve image deformation, allowing the HUAWEI P30 lite to achieve camera effects of a 103-degree wide-angle lens. This kind of lens can record 2.4x the content that a 78-degree wide-angle lens can. Considering this device has a 24MP HD sensor on top of this 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, it’s obvious the HUAWEI P30 lite will provide a majorly powerful zoom performance.

With hardware like this, you’ll love looking back at your brilliant life on the HUAWEI P30 lite’s stunning 6.15-inch Full View screen.

HUAWEI’s P30 lite remains a critical example of the company’s innovation, born to showcase the very latest in research and development. Although the HUAWEI P30 lite doesn’t have the specifications to match the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro, it keeps up with the relevant smartphone developments to provide the ultimate experience for even the trendiest users.

When you think about capturing those amazing landscapes on your trip across Nigeria or taking stunning selfies with friends and loved ones, the HUAWEI P30 lite with top-notch performance is the most affordable smartphone to help you achieve all that and more.

The HUAWEI P30 lite is now available for Pre-Order, priced at N99,000. Pre-Order the HUAWEI P30 lite and get a digital wristband, an electric toothbrush (only for pre-order) and also enjoy Airtel Double Data.

Exclusive to SLOT and Airtel.


S.O.N Seals Off Mobile Phone Shops In Abuja

S.O.N Seals Off Mobile Phone Shops In Abuja Its end of the road for dealers of fake mobile telephones in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja as officials of Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) have begun sealing off shops that sell substandard handsets.

The Assistant Chief of Standards at the agency, Mr Mamza Irimiya, who led the operation, advised mobile phone marketers to desist from selling phones that are not of standard.

During the operation, officials of the Standards Organizations of Nigeria interrogated some of the traders and asserted that the phones had health and environmental implications.

Although some of the shop owners disagreed with their claims, from one shop to another, they moved, determined to seal as many shops perceived to have erred.

Their action met resistance from some shop owners who asked the SON to beam its searchlight on the companies that supply them the phones and not vendors in this market.

This scenario reoccurred at different markets but the SON officials were not deterred as more seizures were made.

Meanwhile, the SON has said that further investigation would be conducted on the seized goods, before the sealed shops are reopened.

LG launches Android-based Optimus G to rival Apple and Samsung

LG Electronics launched on Tuesday its new flagship smartphone which will have to compete against a flurry of new products from rivals Apple and Samsung who currently dominate the global market.

The South Korean electronics giant said the new gadget called Optimus G, would hit domestic stores next week before sales begin in Japan in October and other countries including US in November.

The launch comes days after Apple unveiled the much-anticipated iPhone 5 which garnered more than two million orders in just 24 hours.

Once having claimed the world’s third-largest handset maker, LG slid to the world’s No. 5 mobile phone maker during the three months ending in June as China-based ZTE Corp. gained ground in low-end smartphones.

LG has added new video-related features to the Optimus G, such as multitasking while playing videos.

Samsung Electronics, which has sold more than 20 million of its Galaxy S III smartphone launched in late May, is set to introduce the newest version of its popular oversized Galaxy Note smartphone in the market soon.

“It’s inevitable for these flagship products to compete head-to-head … but we are expecting very significant and surprising figures for this product,” Park Jong-Seok, head of LG’s mobile unit, told reporters.

He refused to elaborate on the sales target.

The new phone, powered by Google’s Android software is equipped with a new quad-core processor made by Qualcomm that helps run applications about 40 per cent faster than the existing quad-core processors.

About 13.2 centimetres (5.2 inches) long, 6.9 centimetres wide and featuring a 4.7-inch touchscreen, Optimus G allows users to zoom in on moving video images and takes photos by recognising voice words like “cheese” or “smile.”

It can also simultaneously display overlapped images of two applications, for instance allowing users to exchange chat messages or search the Internet while watching a video played in the background.

“Smartphone users spend a growing amount of time watching videos, so this can be a really helpful feature,” Chang Ma, vice president of marketing in LG’s mobile unit, said.

The new gadget also automatically adjusts bell sounds based on noise level around users to help prevent missed calls, he added.

The World’s number two flat-screen TV producers and the fifth biggest phone maker, LG has struggled for years in the rapidly-growing smartphone market.

The firm’s cell phone business – a segment LG has flagged as a strong pillar of growth — bled for years as sales of its Optimus smartphone series lagged far behind Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S phones.

LG’s mobile unit once showed signs of recovery by posting profits in the fourth quarter of 2011 and the first quarter this year but swung back to a loss in the second quarter.

The reversal was blamed on high marketing costs for promoting its new handsets and squeezed margins due to the weaker euro.

Park said the firm’s earlier goal to sell 80 million mobile phones this year was still valid, with the Optimus G helping to drive sales beginning in the third quarter.

Google launches Gmail SMS in Nigeria

Google has rolled out a new service in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya that lets Gmail users send and receive emails using the built-in SMS features of their mobile phones.

The implications of this are pretty big, as it means mobile Internet access isn’t required, and users don’t need a new-fangled smartphone with 3G or WiFi capabilities either. For emerging markets, where iPhone and Android uptake may not be what it is in the Western world, not to mention limited Web access, Gmail SMS (available locally) is an interesting launch.

As long as you have a basic mobile phone with voice and SMS capability in these three African countries, you’ll now be able to do all your emailing by text message through activating a simple setting on your Gmail account.

How it works

“Gmail SMS automatically forwards your emails as SMS text messages to your phone and you can respond by replying directly to the SMS,” says Geva Rechav, Product Manager of Emerging Markets at Google. “You can control the emails received by replying with commands such as MORE, PAUSE and RESUME. Additionally, compose a new email as an SMS and send to any email address recipient – who will find your message in the right email conversation thread.”

So, how do you set yourself up with Gmail SMS?

First of all, you’ll need to log-in to your Gmail account, and click on your profile at the top of the page and then hit Account.







Next, you’ll have to access your settings in the “Phone and SMS” section:





You will then have to link your mobile phone number to your account to be able to send and receive emails from your handset:












When you click to send a verification code to your mobile phone, you then enter that number you receive into the box on the set-up page.

While the Gmail SMS service itself is free, you will of course still be charged whatever your local SMS rates are.

It’s not yet clear if it plans to open up this service to the rest of the world, but it seems that it likely will make this available in other key emerging markets across Africa and Asia, with Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya the test-beds for this initial launch.

We’ve contacted Google for further comment here, and to establish what its longer term plans are for Gmail SMS.

Nokia ramps down mobile money services

Nokia President and CEO Kallasvuo talks during the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
Nokia said on Monday it has decided to close down Nokia Money, a financial service targeted for emerging markets, as it focuses on the phone business and location-based services.

Nokia opened the financial service across India only late last year and was planning to expend to several other emerging markets.

Financial services are seen as one of the major business opportunities in the wireless sector, but so far have become a big business only in Kenya and the Philippines, as tight regulations and the lack of a business model have restricted takeup elsewhere.

Nokia is in the midst of revamping its operations under Chief Executive Stephen Elop, who was hired in September 2010 to turn around the company.