Kremlin Condemns Donald Trump Pre-election Clip For Demonizing Russia

donald trumpThe Kremlin on Thursday hit out at a pre-election video promoting U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump at Hillary Clinton’s expense, complaining that it demonized Russia.

“I saw this clip. I do not know for sure if (President) Vladimir Putin saw it. (But) our attitude is negative,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a teleconference with reporters.

The video attempts to cast doubt over Clinton’s ability to deal with Putin, whom it casts as a U.S. foe.

Presenting what it suggests are America’s toughest opponents on the world stage, it shows the Russian leader easily throwing an opponent in a judo bout before cutting to footage of Mohammed Emwazi, the late Islamic State executioner nicknamed “Jihadi John”.

It then cuts to a clip of Clinton in which sounds resembling a dog barking have been overlaid. Putin is then shown laughing.

“It’s an open secret for us that demonizing Russia and whatever is linked to Russia is unfortunately a mandatory hallmark of America’s election campaign,” said Peskov. “We always sincerely regret this and wish the (U.S.) electoral process was conducted without such references to our country.”

Russian state TV, which usually closely reflects the Kremlin’s world view, has generally been more positive about Trump than the other presidential candidates.

However it has complained about what it says is the anti-Russian tenor of the overall campaign, criticizing almost all of the candidates for statements they have made on Russia.

The United States accused Russia of not bombing Islamic State targets in Syria with the same ferocity or frequency as it targeted what Washington said were more moderate groups opposed to President Bashar al-Assad.

The Kremlin has denied that charge, declaring Islamic State a dangerous threat to its own security. It has bristled in the past at any Western attempts to liken the threat Russia purportedly poses to the West to that represented by Islamic State.

ISIS Confirms Jihadi John’s Death 

Jihadi JohnThe Islamic State has confirmed the death of Jihadi John in a drone strike in November 2015.

The group published an obituary for the British militant, whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi, in its online magazine, Dabiq.

In November, the US military said it was “reasonably certain” it had killed him in the ISIS-stronghold of Raqqa.

Emwazi appeared in beheading videos of victims including UK aid worker, David Haines and taxi driver, Alan Henning.

He was a computer programming graduate who grew up in London before he was radicalised .


Jihadi John: Pentagon Air Strike Targets IS Militant In Syria

Pentagon Air Strike Targets IS Militant In SyriaIt seems justice may have caught up with Jihadi John as the US forces carried out an air strike targeting him.

John is the Islamic State (IS) militant who appeared in several execution videos dressed in a black robe with a black hood covering his face.

Also known as Mohammed Emwazi, the Kuwaiti-born British militant, was the target of an attack near Raqqa, in Syria as it was believed that there was at least one person in the vehicle.

According to BBC, the UK government said it was “working hand in glove with the Americans” to “hunt down those murdering hostages”.

While a US official said Emwazi had been “tracked carefully over a period of time”, another source maintained that there was a “high degree of certainty”.

The Pentagon says it is still assessing whether Emwazi had been killed in Thursday’s attack.

A worldwide hunt had been launched for Emwazi after he was seen in videos of the beheading of western hostages.

ISIS ‘Jihadi John’ Named As Mohammed Emwazi

isThe masked Islamic State IS militant known as “Jihadi John”, who has been pictured in the videos of the beheading of Western hostages, has been named as Mohammed Emwazi.

Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born British man in his mid-20s from west London, He is a British computer programming graduate from a well-to-do London family.

Emwazi first appeared in a video last August, when he apparently killed the US journalist James Foley.

He was later thought to have been pictured in the videos of the beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff, British aid worker, David Haines, British taxi driver, Alan Henning and American aid worker, Abdul-Rahman Kassig also known as Peter.

The black-clad militant brandishing a knife and speaking with an English accent was shown in videos released by Islamic State IS, apparently decapitating hostages including Americans, Britons and Syrians.

The 26-year-old militant used the videos to threaten the West, admonish its Arab allies and taunt President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron before petrified hostages cowering in orange jump suits.

Emwazi’s name was first disclosed by the Washington Post, citing unidentified former associates, but two U.S. government sources who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed to Reuters that investigators believed Jihadi John was Emwazi.

Jihadi John became a menacing symbol of Islamic State brutality and one of the world’s most wanted men.

Hostages called him John as he and other Britons in IS had been nicknamed the Beatles.

Emwazi who was born in Kuwait, came to Britain aged 6 and graduated with a computer programming degree from the University of Westminster before coming to the attention of Britain’s main domestic intelligence service, MI5