King Sunny Ade Joins Hard Rock Hall Of Fame

King Sunny Ade Joins Hard Rock Hall Of FameMusic icon, King Sunny Ade, A.K.A KSA, has recently become the first Nigerian to receive a special honour by Hard Rock.

KSA has consistently wowed many with his music and dexterity on the guitar as well as showmanship that has endeared him to many, both home and abroad.

His beautiful performance has earned him two Grammy award nominations and three features in Hollywood flicks.

The multi-instrumentalist, today stands as a world music legend in his own right, making his induction into the Hard Rock Hall of Fame, something of little surprise.

At the ceremony which took place in Lagos, Mark Redguard, a curator, giving his citation said: “KSA who came to Lagos in 1963, bought his first guitar from Victor Olaiya, also a legend musician, for one pound and nine shillings.

“The journey had continued for over 50 years and still soaring, Redguard stated.

Sunny Ade donated one of his world cherished acoustic instruments, a Fender Telecast guitar to the Hard Rock Hall of Fame.

The guitar which is known for its commercial success dated back to the 1950’s.

According to him, he used the same guitar for his Synchro-System album in 1983, which nominated him for his first Grammy Awards.

Describing how priceless the instrument was to him, KSA said that he communed with it like a human and stated all musical desires to be accomplished by it.

Handing over the autographed vintage Fender Guitar to the Hard Rock Hall of Fame, he was supported by various Nigerian musicians such as Don Jazzy, Iyanya, Tiwa Salvage, film maker, Kunle Afolayan, and comedian, Bovi who equally eulogized him.

Redguard believes that all Sunny Ade’s past accomplishments landed him the first Nigerian to be honoured at the Hard Rock Hall of Fame among other notable mentions like Carlo Santana, Jimmy Hendricks, Michael Jackson, Elton John, and many more.

Falz And Simi ‘Love Up’ In New EP ‘Chemistry’

falz, simi, EP, chemistry, Music stars, Falz and Simi, who were both nominated in the Best Breakthrough Act category at the recently concluded MTV Africa Music Award, have released a joint EP titled ‘Chemistry’.

The release of the seven-track project on Thursday, was preceded by several ‘pre-wedding’ themed photographs, which caused a frenzy on social media, as many wondered whether they would confirm long-standing speculations of a romance between them.falz, simi, EP, Chemistry

One may say this comes as birthday gift from Falz to fans as the long-awaited EP collaboration with Simi was also released on the singer’s birthday.

Songs on the extended play include ‘Foreign’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Show You Pepper’ and ‘Enough’, among others.

JJC Denies Having Issues With D’Banj

JJCA Nigerian artist, Abdul Rasheed Bello, popularly known as Skillz or JJC, alleged to have told the media that he had issues with D’Banj before he came back to settle in Nigeria said that it was all media hype and that he never said there was an issue.

He said that the story was published by the media to gain readership being a celebrity.

“I see D’banj and we talk. We are all good and nothing is wrong with our relationship. If you read the article, I never said I was betrayed. It was just headline hype,” he said

Music seem to be all about money for most Nigerian artiste but for JJC, it is just for fun.

On Rubbin’ Minds on Sunday, the artiste that sang “We are Africans” said that he returned to Nigeria to do music just for the love of Music and not basically for money.

He, however, said that as much as music was fun for him, he sees it as a business which should also bring money. “As far as you love music, you should be able to make something out of it and be able to feed your family from it,” he said

JJC moved to Nigeria in 2011 from the UK and he said that he decided to come back to Nigeria after a visit some years before that time.

“When I visited, I noticed that a lot has changed.

“First I came to promote one of my projects and I noticed that the government here had done a lot of job by reducing the rate of crime. I felt safe. So I decided to come back.

There have been huge developments in the music industry in Nigeria and JJC said that it was a good time for music in Africa.

Though single, he said he has a son, who is 10 years old and that he his son has been a blessing to him.

Looking ahead, he said that he is working on a song with Don Jazzy, but did not give the date the song will be released.

On whether he has friends, he said “music is about permanent interest. There are no permanent friends or enemies”.

I am The Bruce Lee Of Music – Nosa

Chocolate City artiste, Nosa, has said he is the “Bruce Lee of music” and is hoping ‘gospel’ would be scrapped as a music genre.

Nosa, who was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise programme, on Saturday, said “to me, gospel is not a genre. I would scrap it from the list of genres”.

He explained that genres are based on the technical composition of songs and not because of the message the songs pass to listeners.

“If I have a genre called ‘rock’ (it is) because of how it sounds, (it is) not because of the message you put to it”.

The University of Benin engineering graduate, who sings different music genres, said “my music is the music of no style. I am the Bruce Lee of music”.

His songs, especially Pray For You, pushed him to limelight, with messages centred on life, love, God… “the gospel is my message”.

I Never Used Drugs, I had Spiritual Problems

Majek-FashekA popular Nigerian artiste, revered for his lyrical content, Majek Fashek, says he never used drugs, contradicting insinuations that he was introduced to drugs in the United States. 

On a Channels Television Sunday Programme, Rubbin’ Minds, Majek said  what he had was home problem and that it was spiritual. “I never used drug. If i used drug, you wont see my again. I would not be here. The problem I had was home trouble jealousy and that cannot be taken away from our continent and country,” he said.

He expressed satisfaction with the progress that the entertainment industry in Nigeria had recorded over the years

“I am impressed that Nigeria’s entertainment industry grew up, but the problem is the political industry.

He pointed out that he travelled to the United States because he got a contract with Sony Music and needed to take hos career to another level.

Majek listed some popular musicians he had had to work with while in the US to include, Jay-z and Missy Elliott amongst others.

The artiste who sang the popular ‘Send Down The Rain’ stressed the need for the music industry to continue to be developed, emphasising that ‘music gets the young people out of the street’. “I am proud of the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria.

I am happy with what I saw when I returned to Nigeria. People like D’bang, Davido and others have developed Nigerian music.

He pointed out that their songs were basically dance music, questioning “how an individual could be dancing where there is no food in his stomach?

Majek would be bringing out an 10-track album with some reggae tunes in July.

According to him, the album would contain songs that would address issues in governance and also speak to Nigerians.