I am The Bruce Lee Of Music – Nosa

Channels Television  
Updated September 6, 2014

Chocolate City artiste, Nosa, has said he is the “Bruce Lee of music” and is hoping ‘gospel’ would be scrapped as a music genre.

Nosa, who was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise programme, on Saturday, said “to me, gospel is not a genre. I would scrap it from the list of genres”.

He explained that genres are based on the technical composition of songs and not because of the message the songs pass to listeners.

“If I have a genre called ‘rock’ (it is) because of how it sounds, (it is) not because of the message you put to it”.

The University of Benin engineering graduate, who sings different music genres, said “my music is the music of no style. I am the Bruce Lee of music”.

His songs, especially Pray For You, pushed him to limelight, with messages centred on life, love, God… “the gospel is my message”.