NEW MUSIC: ‘The Other Room’ – Cobhams Asuquo Ft Ugovinna

the-other-room-editedNigeria’s quintessential musician, producer, and songwriter, Cobhams Asuquo has added a tongue-in-cheek and humourous perspective to the controversial #TheOtherRoom comments made by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The producer has teamed up with Ugovinna to release a song titled, ‘The other room.’

According to Cohhams, “‘The other room’ song is not an attack on the President or the Presidency.

Rather, the song is a present day representation of the Nigeria we know and love, and are very much concerned about.”

He said the song is lighthearted and “guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of listeners while underscoring very serious social issues.”

The artistes added that the song is also “a humorous recap of recent events that have been woven into the fabric of our shared political history as a nation.”

“We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it,” they added.




Omawumi Shuts Down Rumours Of Secret Wedding

OmawumiOmawumi Megbele has shut down rumours of a secret wedding in an exclusive chat with Entertainment News correspondent – Mayowa Ogundele – who caught up with her at the Genevieve Pink Ball in Lagos, over the weekend.

“Omawumi is engaged”, the mother of one said, adding that people “should try not to listen to gossip”.

News of a secret wedding in Warri, had gone viral several weeks back.

Omawumi’s BFF, Waje, a few other friends and family members were also rumoured to have attended the ceremony, which allegedly coincided with the singer’s late Dad’s 10th year memorial.

However, Omawumi stated categorically that “I’m engaged. I’m not married yet”.

In July, Omawumi, told Channels Television, that she would tie the knot with her lover sometime in 2015 but disclosed that very few would get invited to the ceremony, which would not be lavish.

This time around, the singer says she won’t make her wedding plans public.

“I’m not usually the one to let people know what I do, when I do it. So I’m sorry if you’re waiting for date from my mouth, you will not hear anything,” she said.

I’m Motivated More By Musicianship – Tosin Martins

Tosin MartinsInspirational musician, Tosin Martins, admits that Nigerian music had become more lucrative with the new generation of artiste but insists that standards and content must not be sacrificed.

Speaking on Rubbin’ Minds on Channels Television, the ‘Oloo Mi’ crooner admitted that he had sometimes wished his career emerged during the current era of big money deals in the music industry but would not compromise on certain standards.

While speaking on the need to pay attention to playing good music with a sense of sending a message, he said that music, for him, was about the arts and not the money or the classification of his genre, as he was asked if he was a gospel artiste or not.

“I sing love songs because I’m a man in love, I share my faith through my music because I believe in a person called Jesus and I follow him to the best of my ability. I’m an avid follower of current affairs with what’s happening in my nation – developmental issues, so I would talk about that; I would sing about Lagos, Nigeria, issues going on.

“I don’t know how to be labelled but maybe because people know you to be a Christian, the easiest category to put you under is gospel. I have no quarrels with what they call it but I’m an artiste, that’s what I know”, he explained.

Tosin Martins, at some point in his career, was signed to Storm Records but has since moved on and he admitted that although there were issues that necessitated a separation in the business relationship, they would remain as family.

He refused to give details of the circumstances that led to the breakup in his business arrangement with the record label but gave a hint that his music might have been too classic or vintage for Storm Records, adding that there was need for them to understand that “there is a market for every form of art.”

“My kind of music cannot be pushed or promoted the way you promote a Naeto-C for example and I have no quarrel with that. Anybody who is doing business and you feel that this is what is popping and this is what you need to push, it OK”, he said.

Tosin also spoke about the ‘Peace Concert’ his collaboration with music diva, Onyeka Onwenu.

He revealed that the project which was done in commemoration of Nigeria’s centenary celebration was done from his conscience, as he believed that Nigeria being together after 100 years, during which it fought wars, was a miracle which portends the possibilities of some benefits for the country.

“There’s more to lose than to gain in division…anything that’s positive, whoever is doing it, I’ll be part of it and I’ll honour relationships.

“If you call me to come and do something and I think it’s a decent thing to do, it does not in any way fall below a good name, I’ll do it.

“I have no personal contact or relationship with Government or any political association”, he said.

He, however, shared his opinion about making songs for politicians, political parties and campaigns.

“Whether by foresight or by accident, if you believe in something be open about it, be bold about it. Jay-Z came out to let you know he believed in Obama. If I can vote for somebody, I can as well sing for the person.

“I don’t have a problem (with it) as long as I’m not in any way going to compromise my standards, my values and the ideals I believe in. Any candidate who is short of that, no”, he stated.

Tosin Martins has an album slated for release at the end of July 2014. The album, according to him features a lot of major artistes like Tiwa Savage, Waje, Vector and two other big names he would not like to reveal until the album hits the market.


Unionist X-rays Challenges Of Labour Unions In Nigeria

Peter EseleFor 6 years, Peter Esele was the President of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, the body set up to organise and unite all registered senior staff associations in Nigeria into a single entity.

Described as a fire brand unionist and a tough negotiator, Peter Esele finished his 2-term reign as the TUC President in June 2013 and has since gone back to his job in an oil firm.

Esele is our guest on this edition of ‘View From The Top’.

Money Laundering Charges: Judges’ Seminar Stalls Trial Of Lagos Speaker

Lagos Speaker IkuforijiThe trial of the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, was on Monday stalled as the presiding judge had to rise to attend a judges’ seminar.

Ikuforiji, had been standing trial before the Federal High Court, Lagos, for allegedly laundering over 339million Naira, charges brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The EFCC alleged that Ikuforiji and one of his aides, one Oyebode Atoyebi, accepted various cash sums on behalf of the State House of Assembly without going through a financial institution.

The suit, which was fixed for continuation of trial, could not go on as earlier scheduled, due to a judges’ seminar organised by the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

When the case was called, the Prosecutor, Godwin Obla, and the Defence Counsel, Wole Olanipekun, consented to an adjournment.

The defence counsel, however, urged the prosecutor to produce his remaining witnesses in court on the next date, to ensure speedy trial.

Justice Ibrahim Buba then adjourned the case till Tuesday, March 18, for continuation of trial before leaving for his seminar.

The EFCC had re-arraigned the accused persons on June 24, 2013, on an amended 54 count charge.

The offences are said to contravene the provisions of Section 18(a) of the Money Laundering (prohibition) Act 2011.

Both men had, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge, and were granted bail in the sum of 1 billion Naira each, with two sureties, each in the sum of N500 million.

Nigerian Embassies Abroad Are Doing Well At Protecting Nigerians – Amb. Adeyemi

Sunrise Amb. AdeyemiFormer Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Kunle Adeyemi, believes that many Nigerian embassies abroad are doing a good job of protecting Nigerians abroad to the extent that they are allowed by the laws of the host countries.

Sunrise on Channels Television hosted Amb. Adeyemi and presented him with statistics showing that as at December 2013, no fewer than 15,300 Nigerians were in various prisons abroad, with the largest number of about 750 in the UK alone.

On the reasons why Nigerians usually experience hostility in many countries, Adeyemi said that steps had been taken to fight such treatments making reference to the deportation of some South Africans as retaliation to an earlier treatment meted out to Nigerians.

He, however, noted that it has been discovered that many African countries were only jealous of Nigeria, citing events during the voting of Nigeria into the UN Security Council. He recounted how African countries adamantly voted against Nigeria and it took votes from outside the continent to give Nigeria victory.

He also cited the attitude of Nigerians in foreign lands as a major source of resentment against Nigerians. He condemned the domineering attitude of Nigerians in the business setting as one which locals in host countries would never be happy with, as he advised that “elbowing out” hosts is not a right attitude.

Ambassador Adeyemi admitted that indeed Nigeria has not been strong in forcing other countries as it was not in the culture of the country to engage in retaliatory actions against governments to drive its foreign policy. He attributed this to the “big brother” position of the country among other African countries.

He cited the instance of the presidential election in the Republic of Benin, and the role of the Nigerian Government in averting a planned annulment of the polls as an example of forms in which the country flexes its muscles positively.

He advised Nigerians planning to live abroad to start by getting proper information about their host countries right from the point where they pick up their visas at the embassy in Nigeria, as information was the best way to avoid being in trouble.

Consumer Rights Protection Day: Protecting Nigeria’s Telecom Subscribers

Sunrise Consumer Advocates
L-R: Deolu Ogunbanjo and Sola Salako

The Founder of the Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria, Sola Salako, said that Nigerian subscribers remain highly frustrated even after many years of the GSM technology in Nigeria.

Executive Secretary of the Consumer Rights Project, Onu Uche, blamed the situation on the general lackadaisical attitude of Nigerians and the lack of laws to protect Nigerian consumers. He commended the Lagos State Government for passing the Consumer Protection Law, which he said was a step in the right direction.

Sunrise Consumer Onu
Executive Secretary of the Consumer Rights Project, Onu Uche,

Both were guests of Sunrise on Channels Television in a special interview to mark the Global ‘Consumer Rights Protection Day’.

Salako admitted that the challenges faced by Nigerian telephone users were global but she believed that the gaps for exploitation were wider in Nigeria than it was in many other countries. She said that most of the laws were ancient as they cannot cater to the Information Technology world that has become an integral part of the country’s economy and the people’s lifestyle.

National President of the National Association of Telecom Subscribers, Deolu Ogunbanjo, who was also on the programme, said that the regulators were trying in the sense that they were beginning to introduce features that make the subscribers more comfortable. He cited the number portability introduced by the Nigeria Communication Commission which allows the user to choose as laudable.

He, however, noted that more still needed to be done, as the subscribers remain victims of many issues like bad service, hidden charges, irregular billings and many more.

The theme for the 2014 Consumer Rights Protection Day was “Fix Our Phones Right” and this explains why the discussion focused on the Nigerian telecom sector.

Educating Nigerian subscribers about their rights was also identified as one of the major factors to be sorted out. Salako believed that the idea that Nigerians do not know their rights was wrong as they knew how to complain. She said that the major challenge was that Nigerians grumble rather than channel their complaints through the right medium.

Ogunbanjo added that “when there is an issue you complain first to the operator through their customer care line and then they refer them to the website for further pursuant of their rights” but he asked, “how many Nigerians have access to the computer?”

He called for a new system whereby Nigerians are able to make their complaints via the SMS service and also asked for the enforcement of the right for telecom users to have access to their call records.

Mr Uche advised Government and telecom operators to come up with policies that would ensure that the subscribers’ welfare is protected. He noted that the subscriber is always on the receiving end of polices they make and therefore should be considered before they introduce any new ideas.

Ogunbanjo noted that Nigerian telecom subscribers have lost about 730billion Naira to poor quality of service, and for the sake of patronage it is not too much for the telecom providers to give back at least 5,000 Naira every year as “we are patronising them and keeping them in business.”

Salako was of the opinion that customer service must first be improved, as it is not right for anyone to be kept on the line while trying to lay complaints, as that is frustrating. She also said that it should be made a law that for every credit loaded there would be a percentage bonus added, in order to make up for all the instances of poor services suffered by the subscriber and this should be so until services improve in the country.

Nigeria Is Home Once Again – Jide Chord

Jide ChordUK based Nigerian Juju Musician, Jide Akinwunmi popularly known as Jide Chord has taken his music back to Nigeria.

He made this known while appearing as the ‘Guest of the Week’ on Channels Television’s Sunrise. He noted that he decided to take his trade to the United Kingdom because he felt the home turf was saturated and he had a better chance of making it abroad.

He admitted that the audience was smaller in the UK and he was aware of the risk in his decision but he was able to follow his heart because he had alternative skills like music production and entrepreneurial skills that would help him balance things out.

Jide noted that 40% of his audience were Nigerians and about 60% were other nationals. He revealed that the secret to his ability to capture a large non-Nigerian fan base could also be linked to his radio audience and his performances at Jazz events with predominantly non-Nigerian audiences.

Jide’s education and vast knowledge of the Nigerian and European cultures also contributed to his rise and ability to take his music to many countries of the world. He revealed that asides performances, he has also written and presented academic papers on African Music at tertiary institutions overseas.

He, however, revealed that his major challenge was not getting bookings but the staff that worked with him. He noted that the typical Nigerian attitude to time became a major issue as many Nigerians in UK has many career commitments and lacked the time managements skills to combine these jobs with their role as members of his band.

At what point did Jide decide to check out of Nigeria? The guitar maestro, who was trained as a journalist and also worked in banking, said that he left Nigeria to seek greener pastures in 1988.

Jide Chord, who once left home to live with renowned Nigerian Magician, the late Professor Pellar, also revealed that during his years of struggle he had once practiced Magic and shared fond memories of that part of his life.

Jide concluded by saying that he indeed found those greener pastures on his sojourn abroad but said that he was back in Nigeria because now the grass was greener in the country.

Funke Akindele, Desmond Elliot, Others Shine As Nominees Of AMVCA

Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) is less than a month away and nominees of the prestigious and well-celebrated awards have since been announced to the delight of fans, who still have the opportunity to vote for their favourites.

The 1st edition, which held in 2013, had the likes of O.C Ukeje, Mercy Johnson, Tunde Kelani and other notable movie stars as winners of different award categories.

According to organisers, this year promises to be even more exciting as there are speculations as to which celebrities will win in the different categories.


Nominees List:


Stephanie Wilson – Living Funeral (3A)
Veronica Waceke – Higher Learning (3B)
Nse Ikpe-Etim – Journey To Self (3C)
Nkiru Sylvanus – Kiss And The Brides (3D)
Ivie Okujaye – The Volunteers (3E)


Juma Rajab Rashid – Siri Ya Mtungi (2A)
Majid Michel – Somewhere in Africa (2B)
Hlomla Dandala – Contract (2C)
Majid Michel – House of Gold (2D)
Tope Tedela – A Mile from Home (2E)


Obi Emelonye – Last Flight to Abuja (6A)
Edwin Maina Kariuki – Nairobi Half Life (6B)
Udoka Oyeka & Orode Ryan – Living Funeral (6C)
Frank Rajah Arase – The Price (6D)
Frank Rajah Arase – Groom’s Bride (6E)
Chris Eneaji &  Jumafor Ajogwu – Murder at Prime Suites (6F)


Hlomla Dandala – Contract (7A)
John Okafor – Return of Sheri Koko (7B)
Osita Iheme – The Hero (7C)
Osita Iheme – The Fighter (7D)
Chinedu Ikedieze – The Hero (7E)


Funke Akindele – The Fighter (8A)
Funke Akindele – The Hero (8B)
Funke Akindele – The Return Of Sheri Koko (8C)
Mary Ogbonna – Clinic Matters (8D)
Jackie Appiah – Cheaters (8E)
Yvonne Okoro – Contract (8F)


Uche Jumbo – Lies Men Tell (9A)
Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Yvonne Okoro & Ken Attoh – Contract (9B)
Elvis Chucks – A Wish (9C)
Martins Onyebuchi Onyemaobi – The Fighter (9D)
Martins Onyebuchi Onyemaobi – The Hero (9E)



Tunde Kelani’s ‘Dazzling Mirage’ Gets New Trailer Ahead Of Premiere

As the countdown to the premiere of the movie ‘Dazzling Mirage’ continues, veteran director; Tunde Kelani has released a second trailer and new photos for the movie.

In the movie, Lala Akindoju leads as a sickle- cell sufferer who strives to overcome social stigma, prejudice and low self-esteem, determined to achieve success, marriage and motherhood.

The movie also stars Kunle Afolayan, Taiwo Ajayi Lycett, Tosyn Bucknor, Bimbo Manuel, amongst others and was written by Olayinka Abimbola Egbokhare.

Watch the trailer and see photos below.

Femi Kuti Releases First Video In Over A Decade

Afro-beat maestro Femi Kuti has finally released the video for his hit single “The World is Changing”, his first since Beng Beng Beng.

His album set for release, titled “No Place For My Dream”, is directed towards corruption and injustice in several parts of Africa, particularly Nigeria.

Femi formed the Positive Force in  1986 and has since created his own movement, which is not far from that of his late legendary father Fela Kuti, who was very radical in the fight against corruption.