Remain Unwaveringly Committed To Peace, Jonathan Tells Nigerians

jonathan-goodluck-Nigeria-PresidentPresident Goodluck Jonathan has urged all patriotic Nigerians to remain strong and resolute in defence of freedom, unity, law and order, peace, security and progress of the nation.

In a message to the nation on Saturday, as the Muslim citizens celebrate the 2014 Eid-el-Fitri, President Jonathan stressed the need for Nigerians to imbibe the Holy Prophet’s teachings of piety, love, justice, fairness, equity, peaceful co-existence with others, tolerance, honesty and dedication to duty for the benefit and greater glory of the nation.

He expressed sadness that the Holy Month was sadly tainted in parts of the country with the continuing atrocities of extremists and terrorists, but urged all patriotic Nigerians to remain unwaveringly committed to showing solidarity with the Armed Forces and security agencies, as they carry out counter-terrorism operations.

President Jonathan stressed the need to give the security agents the full support required to prosecute the war against terrorism to a successful conclusion.

“Brainwashed And Misguided Agents”

“I feel the pains and anguish of all our compatriots who have experienced the harrowing impact of terrorism unleashed on them by brainwashed and misguided agents of evil and disunity, but we must never throw up our hands in helplessness and despair as the terrorists and purveyors of anarchy want.

“I assure all Nigerians, once again, that we are totally committed to winning that war, putting the scourge of terrorism and insecurity rapidly behind us and giving the fullest possible attention to the urgent task of improving the living conditions of our people in all parts of the country.

“May the lessons and blessings of the Holy Month also permeate into us all, and positively influence our attitudes towards our fellow countrymen and women, irrespective of their religion or places of origin; and promote greater commitment to the peace, unity and stability of the nation,” the president said.

He further emphasised that his administration would not be deterred from its goal of positively transforming Nigeria into a strong, united, progressive, stable, secure and prosperous nation in which all citizens would live in peace in spite of immense diversities.


Ebola Deaths Surge In Sierra Leone, Liberia – WHO

ebola-outbreak-in-uganda_57500_600x450Ebola virus has continued to spread in Sierra Leone, Liberia and to a lesser extent in Guinea, with a combined 44 new cases and 21 deaths between July 6-8.

The latest figures released on Friday by the World Health Organization (WHO) brought the total in West Africa’s first outbreak of the deadly viral disease to 888 cases including 539 deaths since February, the United Nations agency said.

“The epidemic trend in Liberia and Sierra Leone remains precarious with high numbers of new cases and deaths being reported,” the WHO said.

Just one confirmed new case had been reported during the past week in Guinea, where the WHO said it was closely monitoring the situation.

There has been resistance among some communities to measures recommended to control the outbreak, such as precautions during traditional burial ceremonies.

Ebola causes vomiting and diarrhoea, impairs kidney and liver function and may cause internal and external bleeding. It kills up to 90 per cent of those infected and is spread by close contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected people. There is no treatment or vaccine.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) set up an Ebola solidarity fund at a summit in the capital of Ghana on Thursday in a bid to back a regional approach to the epidemic. Nigeria committed $3.5 million to affected states.

“We must do everything within our means and power to defeat this deadly disease. We must exercise vigilance and caution and avoid any panic or misinformation,” Ghanaian President John Mahama, who is chairman of ECOWAS, said in a speech in Accra.

Boko Haram: Former SSS Boss Supports Call For Amnesty

A former director of the State Security Service, Mike Ejiofor, has said that if what major stakeholders in the country want for the Boko Haram group is amnesty, then they should be supported.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Monday, Mr Ejiofor who is also a trained negotiator defended the rationale behind the offer of amnesty stating that several methods have been adopted in solving the challenge but have not yielded results.

However, he said that the call for amnesty by prominent leaders is surprising to him and asked if some of these people have made contact with the leaders of the sect.

Mr Ejiofor who said that normally “you don’t negotiate with terrorists’’ added that amnesty is supposed to be the last option. He further stated his position as advocating for negotiation.