‘Stop Checking Phones On The Road’, Force PRO Warns Policemen


Authorities of the police have once again said that its personnel have no right to check people’s phones arbitrarily on the road. 

Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, reechoed the notice on Tuesday during an appearance on Sunrise Daily.

“Stop checking phones on the road. You can’t check somebody’s phone. It is his personal property. You cannot do it,” Adejobi said of an activity which Nigerians have repeatedly accused policemen of doing.

The Force PRO was commenting on the activities of the police, recent disciplinary actions taken against some policemen for assaulting Nigerians, among other issues.

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Asked if the police are taking steps to prevent more policemen from violating the rights of Nigerians, he said efforts were in place, stressing that in every organisation and society there will be deviants.

He said, “In the Police, we have those who are deviants. There is no policeman who doesn’t know that you must not dress improperly, you must not smoke while on duty, you must not slap the Nigerian, you must not use cutlass to flog.

“There is no Nigerian police personnel who will tell me today that they are not aware because, in the training school, it’s part of our manual; they must have taught you all these things.”

Stressing that the police force operates based on laws, the police spokesman said the Force will continue to take necessary disciplinary actions against errant officers.

“So, if a policeman has done something wrong, every offence — disciplinary offence or criminal offence — has its punishment. If it is reduction in rank, we give it to you; if it is dismissal, we give to you; if it is severe reprimand, we give to you…

“But it is clear, how can a policeman stand on the road and be collecting money? It is not a disciplinary offence, it is a criminal offence. Corruption is a criminal offence. If you flog somebody, you assault somebody, it is a criminal offence,” CSP Adejobi opined.

Lithuania Bans Use Of Phones In Streets


Lithuania’s phone-addicted pedestrians will have to do without mobile devices when they cross streets under a new regulation approved on Wednesday as the Baltic country seeks to curb traffic deaths.

“Pedestrians must not use mobile devices before stepping onto the street or walking across it,” Transport Minister Rokas Masiulis told a cabinet meeting that was broadcast live.

Starting next month, crossing the street while talking on or checking a phone could cost Lithuanians a fine of up to 40 euros ($46).

Honolulu introduced a similar law last year, though the state capital of Hawaii only banned viewing a mobile device during crossings, not talking on the phone.

Last year, 68 pedestrians were killed by cars or motorcycles in Lithuania, a eurozone member of 2.8 million people.

The rate of Lithuanian pedestrian deaths is the third worst in the European Union, after Romania and Latvia, according to the latest official data.

Oyo Police Reassures Commitment To Crime Free State

PoliceThe Oyo State Police Command says it remains committed to a crime free and functional society where mutual respect between communities and law enforcement agents become the norm.

The Commissioner of Police, Adeleye Oyebade, made the statement while expressing the determination at the Eleyele Headquarters of the command.

He told reporters that the latest feat achieved by the command was possible because residents in the state were more responsive to the Police by providing valuable intelligence on strange activities.

The Police Commissioner disclosed that a total of 15 arrests were made with an overwhelming exhibits which included eight unregistered assorted cars and seven registered vehicles snatched at gun point.

He added that assorted arms and ammunition, motorcycles, phones and electronic gadgets were among items recovered from the suspects.

Mr Oyebade expressed appreciation to the public for providing information and sued for greater collaboration, assuring them of protection of their identities.

Interactions between journalists and the suspects revealed that some of them were second time offenders re-arrested by the Oyo State Police Command while some have been at it for long before the longer arms of the law caught up on them.

Galaxy S III smartphone sales now over 30 million – Samsung

Phone manufacturing company Samsung has announced that it has sold more than 30 million flagship Galaxy S III smartphones in about five months, making it one of the fastest selling smartphones in the world.

Samsung Electronics Co, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker made this announcement today and it launched the smartphone at the end of May, months before competitors began shipping the latest versions of their top phones.

When Apple Inc., unveiled the iPhone 5 in September, Samsung launched an advertising campaign poking fun at the new iPhone.

The South Korean firm said the S III is selling at a much faster rate than its predecessor announced a year ago, the Galaxy S II. The S II took 14 months to hit 30 million sales. Sales of the Galaxy Note II, which fills a market niche between smartphones and tablets, surpassed 3 million in 37 days, Samsung said last week.

The runaway demand for high-end smartphones fuelled record profits at Samsung in recent quarters while other consumer electronics firms were hit by the global economic downturn that dented demand for TVs and personal computers.

Research firm IDC ranks the South Korean firm as the world’s top smartphone seller in the last three quarters. In the latest July-September period, Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones versus Apple’s 26.9 million, IDC said.

Samsung, which also makes TVs, home appliances, semiconductors and display panels, got almost 70 per cent of its third-quarter operating profit from the division that makes mobile devices, cameras and computers.

Nomura Financial Investment in Seoul forecasts that Samsung will sell 67 million smartphones in the October-December quarter. That would be about 10 million units more than Samsung’s smartphone sales in the previous quarter.

Samsung does not disclose its quarterly smartphone sales figures, but analysts and research firms say the company sold a record 56-58 million smartphones in July-September.

Nomura, which is more optimistic about Samsung’s prospects than other forecasters, says Samsung’s mobile communications business will post 5 per cent growth in fourth quarter profit from the third quarter, thanks to the high-end phones – the S III and the Note II.

Drop in Desktop PC sales linked to increase in Tablet users

It has been reported that there’s been a 10 per cent year-on-year slump in desktop PC sales to business users during the first two months of Q3.

A Market Watcher, Context tracked sales of desktop PCs through distribution across Western Europe and blamed the decline on the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets.

Sales of the devices were down by more than 20 per cent in Switzerland and Finland, while the UK, Germany and France suffered single digit declines.

UK PC sales, in particular, were down 3.4 per cent on the same period last year, but were reportedly buoyed by a series of large-scale enterprise purchases towards the end of Q3.

A PC market analyst said desktop PCs are falling out of favour with business users that want to take advantage of mobile working.

According to research, Notebooks now have the same power as most desktop [PCs] while other portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, continue to offer enterprise users more personalised features via app eco-systems.

Despite the lacklustre performance of the desktop PC market, it was predicted by a market analyst that all-in-one devices will become more popular with business users as time goes on.

Coolpix S800c: Nikon unveils its first Android-powered camera

Nikon; the camera making company has ended so many speculations as it officially launched its first Android-powered digital camera, the Coolpix s800c last night.

The Gingerbread-powered point-and-shoot features a 16-megapixel sensor, 10x optical zoom, and can shoot 1080p video to boot. And afterwards stores date for use in the 3.5-inch LCD touch panel on the camera’s rear end, which allows users to fire up apps and browse the web with an embedded Wi-Fi radio.

Smartphone producers like Apple and HTC have been pumping up the cameras in their devices because they know their users are going to be carrying the things around anyway. Giving potential customers a solid way to capture the moments that unfold around them and it has also been a made a major selling point for most smartphones.

What Nikon seemed to do here was go in the opposite direction — it’s like the company’s product development team looked at their crop of cameras and pondered how to make them more like those new-fangled phones everyone’s always clamouring over. The end result seems to work well enough on a technical level (Imaging Resources has a great write-up of their time with the S800c).