Nigerian Authors Decry Social Media Addiction Among Students

Social MediaThe National President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Mr Abdullahi Denja, has raised an alarm over students’ over-dependence on the social media which is having adverse effects on child literacy and the reading culture.

Mr Abdullahi spoke at the inauguration of the new leadership of ANA in Benue State where a lecture on the effects of social media on school age children was held ahead of its literacy week.

The association holds the believe that if the trend of over dependence and addiction of social media by school age children is not curbed, the gains of school reading campaigns would soon be eroded.

The guest lecturer, Mr Sam Ogabidu also said that research has proven that over dependence on social media has negative effects like loss of neural comprehension.

Although, the national school reading campaign has been ongoing for some years now, articulating the campaign against social media addiction among school age children has not been given priority attention.

The first task set before the newly inaugurated leadership of ANA in Benue State, therefore, is to hold the school literacy and reading campaign across the state.

The new Chairman of ANA in Benue State, Charles Iornumbe, promised to increase the awareness campaign among teenagers.

Book Club Features Promoters Of Nigerian Literature, Reading Culture

This edition of Channels Book Club features two promoters of Nigerian literature, writers and books. Titilayo Oyinsan, host of ‘Titi’s on air book club’ on Inspiration fm and Chuma Nwokolo, publisher of African writing magazine both play important roles in promoting Nigerian literature and encouraging our reading culture.

Titilayo Oyinsan is a popular radio presenter with 92.3 inspiration fm, one of nigeria’s leading private radio stations. She is the host of ‘Titi’s On Air Book Club’ a program focused on promoting Nigerian books, writers and a reading culture. Titi is also the founder of Naija Women in Business Network which serves as a platform for women entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Chuma Nwokolo, Jr. is a Nigerian lawyer, writer and the publisher of African writing magazine. He is author of the poetry collection: memories of stone, the serial tales by conversation, and a few novels, including diaries of a dead African and the ghost of Sani Abacha.  He was writer-in-residence at the Ashmolean museum in oxford.

Tosin and Chuma joined us to share their observations and thoughts on what went down in 2013 in Nigeria as far as literature is concerned.

Channels Book Club Features Author Of June 12 Inspired Book

This edition of Channels Book Club features the author of ‘June 12: 1993 Annulment,’ a graphic novel, Abraham Oshoko.

Mr Oshoko who describes himself as a writer and an artist, speaks about his book and its genre, graphic novels, which he says is not common in Africa.

“If you want to get people who don’t like to read to read, you have to give them incentives,” which is why the book is colourful and also has pictures in it, he said.

The edition also features two social entrepreneurs who decided to reawaken the reading culture in Nigeria through their initiative,, a free publishing site.