Suspected Boko Haram Members Strike In Adamawa

Suspected members of the Boko Haram sect, on Wednesday night, attacked some communities in Adamawa State, including Kirchinga district, Michika, Shuwari and Shuwa.

The attack was the second in the week, following an attack on a Federal Government College in Yobe State, which led to the death of over 20 students and the destruction of the school.

In Adamawa, witnesses disclosed that the suspected terrorists gained access to Kirchinga district through the Sambisa forest and killed several settlers in Shuwari and Shuwa communities of Madagali Local Government Areas before attacking shops, residential houses and the First bank in Michika town.

Three catholic churches were set ablaze as well as a primary school in Shuwari town.

Apart from the three catholic churches burnt by the insurgents, the Saint Joseph Minor Seminary, Shuwa was also set ablaze as the catholic priest and students of the school ran for their safety.

The insurgents also destroyed the maternity health centre in Shuwa after taking away medical equipment of the hospital.

“Several cars and motor cycles were seized from people as innocent ones were killed while houses and shops were destroyed as well as confiscation of food items during the attack on the communities,” witnesses said.

Security officials are yet to confirm the incident but witnesses said military aircraft is presently hovering around the areas attacked by the hoodlums as several inhabitants are scattered in the bush.

President Goodluck Jonathan had on Wednesday night addressed issues of security during a national broadcast focusing on the Centenary celebrations.

He commiserated with families of the slain students in Yobe and assured the nation that Government “will continue to do everything possible to eradicate the scourge of terrorism” from the country.

Boko Haram: Let The President Resign; He Has Failed – Rotimi Fashakin

The Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress in Ondo State, Rotimi Fashakin, on Wednesday called on President Goodluck Jonathan to vacate his office for not being able to bring an end to the Boko Haram insurgency, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Nigerians.

“The security of this nation falls squarely on the laps of Mr President and if he’s not able to do it he should resign like Melvin Chamberlain, a prime minister of Great Britain in 1940, when he found out that he didn’t have the wherewithal to solve Britain’s problems during the Second World War.”

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Fashakin said: “Let the president resign; he has failed.”

There had been a renewed public outcry against the killing of over several students in a government school in Yobe State. Addressing this, Fashakin said: “It’s a sober moment for us as Nigerians that we are facing a very dire situation as this.”

He further commented that “we have never faced anything that threatened the security of Nigeria as much as this, even when we were under that 30 month old civil war.”

“It makes one’s heart to bleed indeed when you look at the innocent lives, including those of the soldiers that are unnecessarily wasted.

“You need to understand clearly that this is very unfortunate indeed.

The security situation in the country, he said, “calls for the entire management of our security to be looked at in a very wholistic manner.”

Fashakin expressed doubt that President Jonathan had shown “enough capacity at handling the humongous security challenge that we have in this country.” “He seems to have tried everything in the books and they don’t seem to be working from him.”

He stressed that there is lid above the president’s capacity to solve the problem. “If you don’t have it, you don’t have it.”

Asked what his suggestion was he said “Let the president resign; he has failed.”

He buttressed his position, saying that, “one key thing that we must not lose sight of is the fact that, for a war like this, intelligence and intelligence gathering is key to winning the war. When you have the security apparatus gathering intelligence used for mundane things as harassing citizens all over the place, rather than going after the people that are real threats to the nation; it shows you that we have gotten everything muddled up.”

He hinted that the SSS, which is supposed to be at the fore-front of gathering intelligence, is not doing its job. “If they are, we shouldn’t be where we are.”

While calling on the government and political parties to keep politics out of the security issue, he spoke on Borno Governor’s comments on the fight against the insurgency and lauded the governor’s courage to “tell it all.”

Fashakin further lashed out at “spin doctors in Aso Rock” including Doyin Okupe for their caustic reply to the governor.

Asked if the Governor of Borno State should also resign, Fashakin argued that “security is on the exclusive list. It’s strictly the problem of the Federal Government.”

“The security of this nation falls squarely on the laps of Mr President and if he’s not able to do it he should resign

On the call that sole military administrators should take control in the troubled states, Fashakin stressed that a State of Emergency was already in effect in said states.

“There is basically no sacrifice that is too much to ensure that Nigerians everywhere can sleep with two eyes closed,” he said.


APC Ondo Crisis: State Politicians Speak Against Imposition Of Leaders

A member of the Ondo chapter of the All Progressives Congress’ registration committee, Bola Ilori, on Saturday told Channels Television that the imposition of committee members was the root of the crisis rocking the state.

Speaking on Sunrise, he said that the trouble was being caused by external bodies who do not understand the internal workings of the state politics. “People that do not understand the history of the state, by the time they are at the driving seat of events, you will always have trouble. “

“This is a new party coming together, let the legacy parties be at the driving seat of events.”

A member of APC, Chairman of the Defunt CPC (Ondo state chapter), Olalekan Obolo, who was speaking on the duplication of positions, said the crisis is not about either one of the Chairmen but about the “propriety of the event that took place on the day when the inauguration of the state harmonization committee was going to be carried out.”

“It is clear by international standards that anyone who wants to lead a people must first of all seek the acquiescence of the majority

“We had a committee of 31 members and on the day of inauguration, 19 of us decided to stay away because we had issues with the composition of the committee and the process that led to its emergence.”

According to both Ilori and Obolo, the issues rocking the chapter are because members of the defunct CPC and ANPP are not well represented in the committee.

Asides from the statutory members including governorship candidates, chairmen and secretaries of the defunct parties, a total number of 9 persons are expected to be nominated into the committee.

The politicians stated that each part should have been given 3 slots each of the 9 slots available however, CPC and ANPP ended up with one each. The representatives were also handpicked without the knowledge of the members of the other parties.

According to Ilori, “Otunba Adebayo came up with a unilateral list without recourse to the defunct party secretariat.”

Responding to their arguments, the Interim Publicity Secretary of APC in Ondo state, Rotimi Fashakin said “the issue of merger is not for state chapters of the legacy party to decide. It was for the national body to decide.”

Although the other two guests questioned Fashakin’s involvement in the whole process, the Publicity secretary defended his position, saying that “the fact on ground is … I was the national publicity secretary of CPC… by the guidelines of APC, I am a statutory member of the harmonization committee.”

Mr Ilori further argued that an agreement had been reached at a party meeting which held in Lagos but was later disobeyed. “It was agreed that the three former chairmen of the legacy parties should be joined by 3 members from the senatorial districts to lead the party in the state and oversee the mobilization exercise.

He however blamed individuals who are not familiar with the local terrain of interrupting local politics.



APC Discredits Labour Party, Calls It ‘Toad’ To PDP’s ‘Frog’

The Publicity Secretary of the APC in Ondo state, Rotimi Fashakin, has discredited criticisms against the party’s ‘Block Budget Directive’ by the Labour Party (LP), labelling the LP as an appendage to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“When a party, like Labour Party, talks we know it’s like a toad,” he said, adding that “you know when you have frog and toad, when frog makes a noise, the toad makes a supporting sound.”

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Mr Dan Iwuanyanwu, had called out the APC for holding Nigerians to ransom as a result of the crisis in Rivers State. According to him, “there is no relationship between Rivers State, National Assembly and the budget” insisting that Nigeria’s economy will suffer if these directives are not resolved.

Speaking on Sunrise Daily, Mr Fashakin attributed the criticisms to politics, adding that “you would see a lot of politicking as usual on something you expect the entire nation to rally around and support.”

He further accused the LP of selling its mandate to the ruling party.

“In 2011, we had people like Dele Momodu that wanted to test their presidential popularity. Dele Momodu wanted to use the platform of that party to contest for Presidency. Labour Party refused him because they were reserving the position for President Jonathan,” he said.

He also warned that the crisis in Rivers State is capable of inciting military take-over and likened the Police Commissioner, Joseph Mbu to Bishop Eyitene, “who was the police commissioner in the old Anambra state.”

“He and Joesph Mbu were just like Siamese with the same kind of behaviour,” Fashakin said.

He continued by saying that when President Shehu Shagari was at the helm of national affairs, Sunday Adewusi was an Inspector General who gave a shoot on sight order.

“If it were modern times like this, he should be standing trial at the ICC for prosecution.”

“Bishop Eyitene wrecked so much havoc and was a pain in the neck for the then governor, Jim Nwobodo who was in NPP.” “He disobeyed 12 court orders and eventually, the military took over power in that republic.”

Fashakin argued that “when APC came with that, it was a good democratic solution to the terrible things that the President and his party are doing in Rivers State.”


The APC IS Not Wooing Obasanjo – Fashakin

Rotimi FashakinA senior member of the All progressives Congress (APC) has dismissed rumours that the political party’s visit to a former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, was to woo him to join the party.

Rotimi Fashakin said that the visit was basically for consultation and aimed at generating Obasanjo’s panacea to the myriad of issues militating against Nigeria’s progress.

He told Channels television on Monday that Nigeria’s situation needed a broad-based approach that would cut across tribal religious and political lines.

“There was absolutely no invitation to APC in the meeting. There was nothing about telling Obasanjo to come into APC. Obasanjo even gave a disclaimer in the beginning of his statement, saying he is a card carrying member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)” he said.

He, however, pointed out that if Obasanjo was disgruntled about the PDP he could join another party.

“There is nothing that is cast in stone that you must die a PDP. If things within the PDP are no longer conducive for him, he can decide the party to join,” Mr Fashakin said.

The visit he said was “for the sake of salvaging the Nigerian state from the ruinous, precipitous governance under the PDP government”.

Critics have condemned the acceptance of former PDP governors as members of the APC; saying that the APC was apparently absorbing members of a party it had said was corrupt.

He also dismissed the insinuations, saying that politics is meant to achieve a particular purpose.

“When you join a political party, you believe that you have the inalienable right to aspiring to whatever position.

“There are many reasons someone may become disenchanted with his party.

“No human being is intrinsically bad.  We know that the ambience in the PDP now is not conducive for constructive engagement; we provide the right ambience for the disgruntled PDP members.

“Democracy is about the game of numbers and when you are not able to stimulate that number well, you run into problems like the one the PDP is having now,” he stressed.

A government’s spokesman, Doyin Okupe, had described the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), one of the political parties that merged to form the APC, as a spineless party that lacked leaders.

“They scout for members that they would present as candidates when an election is coming. That is what they are also doing now” Okupe had said while commenting on the defection of the PDP governors to the APC.

But Mr Fashakin flawed Okupe’s claims, insisting that if the ACN was spineless, it could not have taken over the leadership of Ogun State from the PDP.

He bemoaned the way the PDP had handled situations in Nigeria.

“In the last three years we have seen the most noxious spectacle of ethno-religious bigotry exhibited at the height level of governance in Nigeria.

“The security situation that we have in this nation is traceable to the handling and the way the administration has conducted affairs.

On the Monday morning breakfast show of Channels Television, Sunrise Daily, he also said that President Goodluck Jonathan did not do polemical justice to Mr Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to him.

He said that the response the president gave to the alleged training of snipers was not polemical.


APC’s Problems Are Infinitesimal – Fashakin

Former CPC spokesman, Rotimi Fashakin, has said that challenges the newly registered All Progressive’s Congress (APC) is likely to face are ‘infinitesimal’ compared to the hurdles it has had to surmount in its quest to become a registered political group in Nigeria.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, he said that what the party means by calling itself an alternative is that it is coming on board “with a view to right the wrong” made by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

In a counter response to comments made by Professor Femi Otubanjo, he said the pundit has a ‘compartmentalised view of ideology which tends to “concept of socialism and capitalism”.

“The world has moved away from that,” he said.

Professor Otubanjo had stated that “the APC is not an alternative” but “it’s just a different party” because it is not offering an ‘ideological alternative’ different from that of the ruling PDP.

Mr Fashakin, in his reply said the “PDP’s rule over Nigeria has been a scourge on the Nigerian people”.

“So when we say we are an alternative to PDP, we know what we are talking about,” he said.

Reacting to Professor Otubanjo’s prediction that the APC will soon encounter problems of dissatisfaction by members, Mr Fashakin said that registration is to commence in earnest.

There is no group registration and everybody is coming at ‘equi’ (the same) potential, he said, adding that the bulk of Nigerians that would be in the APC would be enough to push PDP out of power.

There would be challenges of being big but “the impediments that are ahead are too infinitesimal compared to those that we had surmounted in the past, in the course of our coming together as a political party,” he said.

He revealed that a new group called “APC progressive governors”, made up of 11 governors under the umbrella of the merger, has been formed.