Iraq Violence: Dozens Dead In Baghdad Suicide Attack On Shia

iraqi At least 30 people have died in a suicide attack targeting Shiite in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Over 60 others were injured in the attack launched a tent in a crowded market in a northern district of the city.

Many Shia pilgrims are taking part in mourning rituals commemorating the killing of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, Hussein, in the 17th century. Reports say a militant detonated a suicide vest in the tent at lunchtime, when it was full of pilgrims.

Some people were also in the tent to mourn the death of a local resident, authorities said. The tent was set up in a crowded market in the city’s northern al-Shaab district.

No-one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Islamic State has carried out similar attacks in the past.

The latest attack comes as Iraqi forces prepare for an offensive in northern Iraq on Mosul, the last is-held major city in the country.

UN Condemns Saudi-Iran Dispute

SaudiThe UN Security Council has strongly condemned an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran by protesters angered by the execution of a Shia cleric.

Saudi Arabia has broken off diplomatic relations with Iran and is cutting trade and air links.

On Monday, some of Riyadh’s allies also joined diplomatic action against Iran.

Meanwhile, the Turkish government had urged both sides to calm their diplomatic row, saying the dispute will only worsen regional tensions.

Deputy Prime Minister, Numan Kurtulmus, said that the Middle East is “already a powder keg”.

He criticised attacks on Saudi missions in Iran and he also criticized Saudi Arabia’s execution of a Shia Muslim cleric, which triggered the dispute.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are respectively the key Sunni Muslim and Shia powers in the region and back opposing sides in Syria and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia had earlier criticised UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, who had spoken of his “dismay” at the executions, however, Mr Mouallimi described Mr Ban’s comments as “misinformed”.

Following the attacks on the missions, Saudi authorities announced late on Sunday that they were severing diplomatic relations with Iran. They said that all commercial and air traffic links were being cut and that Saudi citizens were banned from travelling to Iran.


Iraq Truck Bomb ‘Kills Dozens’ In Baghdad Market

iraqIt is a sad story in Iraq where at least 50 people have been killed after a truck bomb detonated in a crowded Baghdad market.

The bomb struck in Jameela market in Sadr city, a district in the north-east of the Iraqi capital.

Police and hospital officials say at least 58 people were killed and 89 injured.

Sadr city, a predominantly Shia area, has been the target of several blasts by the radical Sunni militant group Islamic State (IS).

However, no group has claimed responsibility for today’s attack.

Thursday’s bomb attack in Sadr City is one of the deadliest in the capital since Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, took office a year ago.

Gen Odierno, a retired US Army Chief of Staff, had earlier said: “I believe that if we find in the next several months that we’re not making the progress that we have, we should probably consider embedding some soldiers with them, and see if that would make a difference,” adding that he thinks it is an option that should be presented to the President.

Yemen Movement Announces Takeover Of Parliament

movementYemen’s Shia Houthi rebel movement has announced on Friday that it is taking over the government, dissolving the parliament and creating new interim assembly, a move that could ease a power struggle that forced the president to step down last month.

The rebel movement in a televised statement said that a presidential council would act as the government for an interim period.

The movement made it known in a television statement that the new assembly will elect a five-member interim presidential council to manage the country’s affairs in a transitional period of up to two years.

The Houthis has set a Wednesday deadline for political parties to reach an agreement on ending the country’s political turmoil, threatening to act unilaterally otherwise.

The Shi’ite Muslim movement, which is backed by Iran, had set a Wednesday deadline for political factions to agree a way out of the crisis, otherwise, the group said, it would impose its own solution.

The rebel movement took control of the capital Sanaa in September, forcing the resignation of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi last month.

Powerful Sunni and southern political parties have not recognised the takeover by the Houthis, who are minority Shia from the north.

Iran has been accused of alleged financial and military support to the Houthis, something both have denied.

Yemen has been in political limbo since President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the government of Prime Minister Khaled Bahah resigned after the Houthis seized the presidential palace and confined the head of state to his residence in a struggle to tighten control.

The Houthis, who became power brokers when they overran Sanaa in September, had been holding talks with main political factions trying to agree on a way out of the stand-off.

Car bomb kills 19 people in Baghdad

At least 19 people have been killed in two car bomb explosions in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The blast happened within minutes of each other at the central Shia district of Karrada in the afternoon.

The first bomb exploded outside a restaurant and a bakery in al-Andalus Square, and the second outside a court opposite a major police headquarters.

According to Ahmed Hassan (policeman) Clouds of black smoke rose above the centre of the capital on Tuesday after the latest bombings, which also injured more than 50 people.

“We were in a patrol when we heard the first explosion. The second explosion hit another square, and we went to help.
It was reported that at least five policemen were killed in the blast.

More than 240 people have been killed this month in militant attacks in Iraq.